Beautiful Earth Boutique Boosts Repeat Sales by 21% with ParcelPanel



Surge in Sales from Tracking Page


Uplift in Customer Satisfaction



Business Profile

Brand: Beautiful Earth Boutique

Industry: Jewellery

Platform: Shopify Plus 

Country: UK

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: 11-50

Usage: Since July 2020

Carriers: 10+

Integration: Gorgias


Beautiful Earth Boutique, a London-based brand, isn't just another jewelry store. With a unique collection of nature-inspired designs, they've won over customers in 60+ countries. Founded by a team with diverse expertise, they knew from the outset that a top-notch post-purchase service system was crucial. 

Seema P, the Founder and COO, remarked, "Our vision was always about more than just selling jewelry. It was about the entire customer journey."


The Challenge

Catering to a global audience comes with its set of challenges. With customers in over 60 countries and multiple carriers to manage, ensuring accurate package tracking was a significant hurdle. Moreover, the team wanted to enhance their live chat service, powered by Gorgias, to offer real-time order updates. Recognizing the potential of the tracking page as a potent marketing tool, they sought a solution that could amplify this channel.


The Solution

ParcelPanel emerged as the perfect ally for Beautiful Earth Boutique. Its robust package tracking capabilities and seamless integration with Gorgias meant customers could receive real-time updates directly through live chat. 

Seema P noted, "ParcelPanel transformed our post-purchase experience. It wasn't just about tracking; it was about engaging our customers even after a sale."


The Results

  • Boosted Engagement with 4.3 Average Lookups: Customers were not just tracking their orders; they were engaging with the brand, checking their order status an average of 4.3 times.
  • 21% Surge in Sales from Tracking Page: By strategically recommending products on the tracking page, Beautiful Earth Boutique saw a 21% boost in repeat sales.
  • 6% Uplift in Customer Satisfaction: Proactive shipping updates and the seamless live chat experience led to a 6% increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • 76.8% ROI through ParcelPanel's Marketing Channel: Seema P said, "The ROI we achieved was beyond our expectations. It validated our decision to integrate ParcelPanel."

For Beautiful Earth Boutique, ParcelPanel wasn't just another tool; it was a game-changer. As they continue to dazzle customers with their jewelry, they're confident that their post-purchase experience is second to none.