ParcelPanel vs Aftership
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Both Aftership Tracking and ParcelPanel specialize in helping retailers and brands with shipment tracking and upselling. They pull real-time tracking information updates from over 1,000 carriers worldwide to enable businesses to provide transparency and deliver a remarkable post-purchase experience to build trust and loyalty while relieving pressure on the customer service team. Although Aftership's post-purchase solution is more comprehensive, you may find the plans too restrictive. In contrast, ParcelPanel provides a more flexible and affordable solution for Shopify & WooCommerce merchants, especially those who run a dropshipping business or fulfill orders by themselves. Moreover, Aftership's integrations with third-party e-commerce platforms or apps are mostly via Webhook or API, whereas ParcelPanel's integrations boast out-of-the-box usability. In this regard, Aftership is more suitable for entreprises with technical strengths, while ParcelPanel caters to businesses aiming for cost reduction.
What is ParcelPanel?
ParcelPanel was initially a dedicated order tracking app for Shopify merchants. Thanks to accurate real-time parcel tracking capability, a vast network of 1,100+ carriers, comprehensive functionality, competitive pricing and top-notched customer service, ParcelPanel has become Shopify merchants' favorite order tracking app. ParcelPanel is now readily available for WooCommerce businesses, too. ParcelPanel automatically helps you grow profit by turning your branded tracking page and shipping notification emails into sales & marketing machines. ParcelPanel is an optimal choice for businesses all over the world to effectively reduce WISMO inquiries, improve the post-purchase experience and foster customer loyalty.
What is Aftership?
Aftership has developed an all-inclusive post-purchase software that allows businesses to monitor shipments, ensure shipment visibility, and proactively update customers on their package status and delivery time to improve the customer experience. Aftership was founded in 2012, and its post-purchase solutions cover multi-carrier tracking, returns, buyer protection, estimated date of delivery, and carbon footprint reports. Notably, its order tracking service accounts for the largest share of its revenue. Nevertheless, Aftership's order tracking is not the best choice for any e-commerce business.
Discover how ParcelPanel compares with Aftership
Here's a complete comparison between ParcelPanel and Aftership.
Standardized Order Statuses
Facilitate order lookups and management of delivery exceptions
Carrier Integrations
Carrier Auto-Detection
Automatic Tracking Information Sync
Import orders & tracking numbers automatically from e-commerce platforms
CSV Import
Import orders & tracking numbers by uploading CSV files
CSV Export
Export CSV files containing detailed order & tracking information
Dropshipping Mode
Hide information about related carriers & Chinese addresses
Custom Order Status
Add shipment statuses before shipping to avoid order cancellation
API & Webhook Access
Included in the professional plan, for connection with systems such as ERP, WMS, etc.
Branded Tracking Page
Order Lookup Widget
Supports CSS & HTML, with code examples available
Product Recommendations
AI-powered (essential plan), product collection (essential plan)
AI-powered (premium feature), product collection (pro feature), manual selection (pro feature)
Estimated Delivery Date
Display on the tracking page to manage customer expectations
Flexible timeframe setting, advanced settings based on destinations, automatic correction with tracking information from carriers (Essential feature)
AI predictive (premium feature)
Shipping Information Translation
Powered by Google Translate
Powered by Microsoft
Tracking Page Languages
Tracking Detail Replacement
Replace certain keywords in customers' order tracking information
SEO Title & Description
Make your tracking page more SEO-friendly
Tracking Page URL Changes
Define the suffix of your tracking page URL
Tracking Page Variations
Set different tracking pages for segmentation
Pro feature
Redirect from Shopify Order Status Page
Replace the track button URL that directs customers to Shopify's order status page
Shipping Notifications
Notification Types
Email, SMS (additional charges will apply), Facebook Messenger notifications
Delivery Status Triggers
Info received, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, exception, failed attempt
Info received, in transit, out for delivery, available for pickup, delivered, exception, failed attempt
Pre-Built Email Templates
Email Template Languages
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch
Editor Type
Visual editor & HTML code editor
Visual editor
Email Sender
Third-Party Integrations
E-Commerce Platform Integration
Shopify, WooCommerce
Shopify Flow Integration
Website Builder Integration
PageFly, Flits
Email Marketing App Integration
Klaviyo, Omnisend, OrderlyEmails, UpOrder
Klaviyo (via Webhook), Omnisend (via Webhook)
Review App Integration
Loox,, Trustoo, Stamped
Loox (via Webhook), (via API), Stamped (via Webhook)
Live Chat App Integration
Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, Willdesk
Gorgias (via API)
Loyalty App Integration
Shipment Report
Notification Report
Order Lookup Report
Product Recommendation Report
On-Time Shipments Report
Premium feature
Transit Times Report
Premium feature
Coupon Usage Report
Customer Support
Remove the "Powered by" Message
Just contact ParcelPanel support
Premium feature
Help Center
24/7 Live Chat Support
Trusted by 40,000+ E-commerce brands
All-In-One Tracking
Real-time sync & tracking to save your time about focusing on other important things.
Shipping notification
Engage customers through proactive & timely notifications.
Branded tracking page
3.7X lookups per order, bring customers back to your store to make more sales.
Smart analytics
Get powerful insights into your shipping & upsell performance.
Boost additional sales
Engage customers to repurchase through personalized or AI-powered product recommendations.
Seamless integrations
Take the guess work out of integrations and pass the savings on to you.

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