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What is WISMO and How to Reduce WISMO Calls?

Cheryl Song | Mar 27, 2023 | Order Tracking


Let me guess: you’re a retailer who’s crushing it in the pre-purchase stage, getting customers excited to buy your products. But then comes the post-purchase stage, and the WISMO calls start pouring in. It’s a common problem, and if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on your brand’s customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

The good news? You can reduce those pesky WISMO calls by effectively managing and tracking customer orders. In this article, we’ll break down the concept of WISMO from scratch and share tips on how to minimize such inquiries for smoother business operations.


What is WISMO? 

WISMO is short for “Where is my order?”, which refers to customer inquiries about the status of their order. These requests are typically the most common and can make up a significant portion of customer service queries. Customers can make WISMO inquiries through various channels, including email, phone, social media, chatbot, live chat, and SMS.

For retailers, managing a high volume of WISMO requests can be challenging and time-consuming. These inquiries are often low priority but still require attention, which can take away valuable time from addressing more critical issues. Furthermore, customer service agents may not have the tools to answer WISMO questions and must direct customers to the carrier’s helpline.

Reducing WISMO calls is crucial for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Retailers should aim to provide real-time communication and updates on order status to reduce the number of requests coming in from customers. Failure to address WISMO inquiries adequately can lead to frustrated customers and negative online reviews. No one wants that.


8 Causes of WISMO Calls


WISMO calls can be frustrating for both retailers and customers alike. It’s essential to learn the causes of these calls and address them promptly to avoid damaging customer experiences. Below are eight causes of WISMO calls that you should be aware of:

1. Limited access to tracking information

Customers may become anxious when they don’t have access to accurate tracking information about their orders. Lack of visibility into the status of their orders can lead to unnecessary WISMO calls. Offering clear and up-to-date tracking information is key minimizing delivery anxiety and order-related calls from customers.


2. Delayed shipping caused by long processing time

Long processing times can cause shipping delays, leading to WISMO calls from customers who are concerned about their orders. To combat this, try processing orders as quickly as possible to minimize shipping delays and avoid unnecessary WISMO calls.


3. Delivery exception notice from the shipping carrier

When shipping carriers encounter an exception during the delivery process, they may notify customers of a delay. This can cause WISMO calls from concerned customers who want to know why their order has been delayed. You can prevent this issue by communicating any exceptions promptly and proactively to your customers.


4. Inaccuracy of estimated delivery date

If the estimated delivery date provided to customers is inaccurate, it can lead to confusion and unnecessary WISMO calls. Consider giving regular updates to customers if there are any changes to the delivery schedule.


5. Your message failed to be noticed by customers

Sometimes customers may not receive important messages about their orders, leading to WISMO calls. Ensure your messages are clear, concise, and sent through multiple channels, such as email and SMS.


6. Long customer service response times

Long wait times for customer service can be a significant cause of frustration for customers. Investing in customer service training and technology can help ensure efficient and effective responses to customer inquiries.


7. Rising parcel delivery scams

Parcel delivery scams, such as phishing emails or fraudulent delivery notifications, can cause confusion and concern for customers. Fortunately, educating customers about how to identify and avoid such scams can have a big impact on your WISMO rate.


8. Customers’ expectations for retailers and brands

Customers have high expectations for retailers and brands when it comes to delivery and customer service. Retailers should prioritize customer service and provide a seamless delivery experience to meet and exceed customer expectations, thereby reducing WISMO calls.



Severe Impacts of WISMO on Ecommerce Businesses

WISMO inquiries can have severe impacts on ecommerce businesses. These inquiries can take away time from other critical tasks, such as marketing and improving the customer experience. Plus, they can lead to:

High customer support cost

One of the most significant impacts of WISMO is the high cost of customer support. It can cost anywhere from $6 to $10 to resolve a single WISMO inquiry, which can add up quickly for businesses receiving a high volume of these requests. This cost includes the time and resources required to investigate the order status and communicate it to the customer.



Low customer lifetime value

Another impact of WISMO inquiries is the low customer lifetime value. Retailers who leave customers in the dark about their order status only fuel frustration and delivery anxiety. This can lead to decreased loyalty and a lower likelihood of repeat purchases, which can ultimately lower the customer lifetime value.



How to Reduce WISMO Calls?

So, how can retailers reduce WISMO calls and improve the post-purchase experience? Here are ten strategies we recommend:


1. Provide accurate estimated delivery dates

One of the primary reasons customers contact retailers for WISMO inquiries is that they want to know when their package will arrive. Providing accurate estimated delivery dates can significantly reduce the number of WISMO calls. It is crucial to set realistic expectations for delivery dates to avoid disappointing customers. Retailers should leverage data from previous deliveries to forecast and provide reliable delivery dates.


2. Set up your tracking page

With customers wanting to track their packages in real-time, setting up an online tracking page is a no-brainer. For example, Shopify businesses can choose an order tracking app like ParcelPanel to create a branded tracking page easily. The page should offer complete visibility into the delivery process, including real-time updates, delivery timelines, and any exceptions. Plus, it can also be used to upsell and cross-sell via AI-powered product recommendations.



3. Send automatic email notifications

Another effective way to reduce WISMO calls is to send automatic shipping notifications via email. Retailers can use customer data to send personalized updates about the delivery process. ParcelPanel provides instant shipment notifications that can be customized to include branding and marketing messages. With automatic email notifications, customers are kept informed about the status of their package, which reduces the need for WISMO inquiries.


4. Make tracking services accessible on mobile

eCommerce customers are typically knowledgeable and prioritize mobile accessibility. To accommodate this trend, ensure that any tracking tool or solution you’ve implemented is compatible across multiple web and mobile platforms. This way, your customers can effortlessly track their deliveries with just a few clicks, resulting in a smooth post-purchase experience.


5. Create FAQ about shipping concerns

Creating a shipping FAQ that is both comprehensive and easy to understand can effectively fulfill the informational requirements of your customers. This can encompass basic logistics such as package tracking, along with troubleshooting advice. This is important since, for the majority of consumers, reaching out to a customer service representative is typically a last-ditch effort.



6. Proactively address delivery exceptions

When packages encounter delivery exceptions, it can lead to a surge in WISMO inquiries. To address them, analyze your delivery data to identify patterns in the most common exceptions. From there, you can create a plan to address these issues before they happen. Plus, consider using an order tracking page that offers real-time delivery statuses, including exception status, to keep customers informed and up-to-date.


7. Use customer service software

Integrating customer service software with chatbots and automated responses can provide instant assistance to customers’ queries, reducing the number of WISMO tickets. Chatbots can quickly provide order updates, tracking information, and answer frequently asked questions. This way, customers can get real-time assistance without the need to wait for a customer service representative to answer their call or email.


8. Improve order fulfillment process

Improving the order fulfillment process can help reduce WISMO calls and tickets by ensuring that orders are accurately processed and shipped on time. This can include streamlining warehouse operations, improving inventory management, and implementing quality control measures to prevent errors or delays. By reducing the likelihood of issues with order fulfillment, customers will be less likely to reach out to customer service for assistance or updates on their order status.


9. Offer same-day or next-day shipping

One of the most effective ways to reduce WISMO calls is to offer same-day or next-day shipping options. With the rise of e-commerce, customers have come to expect faster delivery times. Make sure to provide that option while setting realistic expectations. Be transparent about your shipping options and estimated delivery times to avoid disappointing customers.



10. Adopt delivery experience management

Delivery experience management is the process of managing the end-to-end delivery process, from the moment an order is placed to the moment it is delivered. For example, you can provide customers with real-time updates on the status of their delivery, allow customers to choose convenient time slots to receive their packages, use an all-in-one order tracking system to flag delivery issues and automatically trigger support tickets.

All these can help customers feel more informed and in control of their delivery, reducing the need for WISMO calls. Besides, you can also ask for delivery feedback in the end to improve the error-prone logistics process to make improvements accordingly.



Reducing WISMO inquiries is crucial for online retailers. Think of it this way: WISMO is like that annoying friend who texts you every five minutes asking when you’ll arrive at the party. ParcelPanel offers retailers a simple solution to improve their post-purchase experience and reduce the number of WISMO tickets.

Through ParcelPanel, merchants can provide customers with instant shipment notifications, fully customized branded tracking pages, and end-to-end visibility on their orders,. By implementing these innovative solutions, retailers can significantly improve the overall post-purchase experience for customers.

In a cutthroat ecommerce landscape, keeping customers satisfied and happy should be the top priority for merchants. Offering WISMO tracking is just one way to achieve this, and ParcelPanel is the friend who’ll help you do it – without being annoying!

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