Branded tracking page

3.7X lookups per order, bring customers back to your store to make more sales.

No need to answer "Where is my order?"-image

No need to answer "Where is my order?"

Customers visit tracking page an average of 3.7X per order, no need to answer "Where is my order?".

Estimated delivery time

77% of customers seriously want to know when they can receive their orders.

Estimated delivery time-image
Drive traffic & enhance brand-image

Drive traffic & enhance brand

Bring customers back to your store's branded tracking page instead of third-party tracking websites.

Boost additional sales

Engage customers to repurchase through personalized or AI-powered product recommendations.

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Your brand, not ours-image

Your brand, not ours

SEO friendly (under your store domain), automatic translation & multilingual, custom shipment status, map coordinates, and more.