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Business Profile

Depology is a Korean beauty brand, and as Korean beauty has become more popular worldwide, they have increased in popularity. Depology specifically aims to bring consumers the best, most effective, and most innovative skincare solutions available on the market.

Brand: Depology

Industry: Beauty

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: Korea

Year Founded: 2021

Usage: Since June 2022

Carriers: 20+

Integration: N/A

Brand Introduction


Challenge: A spike in WISMO tickets

Founded in 2021, Depology has grown rapidly in two years, becoming a Shopify Plus merchant and top DTC beauty brand with over 65k followers on Instagram and a favorite of many magazines such as US Magazine, Illuminate Labs. As a fast-growing brand, they also encountered a difficulty that all fast-growing DTC brands face: a spike in customer service tickets, with 63% of those questions being about WISMO. Not only did the customer service team become overwhelmed, but customer satisfaction started to decline. The Depology team realized they had to take immediate action to replace repetitive manual labor with automation as soon as possible.

“Efficiency is very important to us when we’re moving fast, and all the repetitive labor that can be replaced with automation needs to be switched as soon as possible.”

Shin Jae Lee, Co-founder


The solution: A tool that is both functional and cost-effective

Depology, in a period of rapid growth, needed to find a tool that was both functional and cost-effective. After conducting research, they determined that the tool needed to meet the following criteria:

  • High tracking accuracy: They are using 20+ carriers to ship their products to 70+ countries. They needed a tool that could support tracking from all carriers with high tracking accuracy. Otherwise, it would affect their customer satisfaction.
  • Auto-notification: They need this tool to automatically send email notifications to customers based on changes in order shipping status, which not only provides a better service experience for customers but also reduces the workload of the customer service team.
  • Shipping analytics: Ideally, this tool would also allow them to monitor the shipping performance of all carriers so that they can follow up and optimize their shipping services based on the data. If all shippers’ shipping data can be monitored in one dashboard, it will save their time and effort a lot, and they no longer need to count all shipping data manually.
  • High cost-effectiveness: As a rapidly expanding and growing DTC brand with a lot of money to spend, they had to make sure that every expense was calculated to get the highest ROI.

After a bunch of research and comparisons, they finally settled on ParcelPanel, which could fulfill all their operational needs while being cost-effective.

“We need a tool that is both functional and cost-effective.”

Shin Jae Lee, Co-founder


The results: Higher CSAT with less cost

Fortunately, their choice proved to be the right one. After using ParcelPanel, Depology has:

  • 1000h saved in customer service per month: Customers can now check the shipping information of their orders directly inside the store, greatly reducing the workload of the customer service team.
  • 5% increase in CSAT: Through automated shipping notification, customers are proactively notified of parcel information updates in a timely manner, which reduces customer anxiety while waiting for parcels, and customer satisfaction has increased as a result.
  • 1 day decrease in avg. shipping time: With ParcelPanel’s intelligent analytics panel, the Depology team was able to comprehensively monitor parcel shipments from all carriers and follow up on abnormal parcels in a timely manner, reducing the average parcel shipping time.

“ParcelPanel is the best choice for all merchants who have targeted the DTC brand from the beginning.”

Shin Jae Lee, Co-founder


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