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Business Profile

The Ka’chava brand was founded in 2012. It all started with an inspiration: Many plants on earth can nourish our bodies. What if we could combine all the best superfoods and nutrients into a single, ready-to-go meal? So they embarked on a passionate journey to create a superfood to give people access to nature’s most powerful plant-based ingredients in one easy-to-enjoy drink.

Ka’chava’s vision is to reconnect humans with the natural world. In addition to focusing on optimizing recipes and innovating with new products, they are also committed to protecting the earth’s environment. They have been partnered with Rainforest Trust to protect rainforests and endangered wildlife since 2017 and have protected over 100,000 acres to date!

Brand: Ka’chava

Industry: Food & Drink, Health

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: USA

Year Founded: 2012

Employees: 30-50

Usage: Since Aug 2022

Carriers: 20+

Integration: Klaviyo, Zendesk


WISMO Down 79% for USA Nutrient Health Brand Ka'Chava


Why did Ka’chava consider looking for a tracking solution to replace Aftership?

After the spring peak season of 2022 passed, Jessica Morrison, the Marketing Operation Executive, was analyzing the marketing data and realized that this year, the team’s ROI was not only not up compared to last year but also showed a slight decrease. However, this year, the team achieved even better results than last year in terms of ad placement, social media operations, and email marketing, in which case the drop in ROI was an anomaly.

After detailed analysis, they found that the problem lay in the expenditure on post-purchase service. Ka’chava team previously used Aftership’s order tracking service to provide customers with a better post-purchase experience. As the order volume of Ka’chava increases day by day, the expenses spent on Aftership become increasingly crazy and have even become a major obstacle to revenue growth. On top of that, Aftership’s order tracking accuracy has always been disappointing, which makes their expenditure on this even more unreasonable.

“It became clear to me that we have to find a more cost-effective order tracking solution than Aftership. Then, I discovered ParcelPanel, which exceeded my expectations.”

Jessica Morrison, Marketing Operation Executive


ParcelPanel provided Ka’chava with a solution that exceeded expectations

The Ka’chava team selected ParcelPanel after conducting research and surprisingly found that ParcelPanel not only supported all the features they needed but also saved them 6x the cost compared to Aftership. In addition, ParcelPanel also brings them a higher level of service experience:

  • Seamless migration experience: Complex processes can be intimidating. In order to ensure a seamless user experience, ParcelPanel has always adhered to the “Keep It Simple” principle in product design, providing 24/7 online customer service, and for Shopify Plus merchants, professional customer success services are also provided. 
  • Dedicated order tracking rules: Ka’chava works with more than 20 carriers worldwide to support their international business. When using Aftership, their order tracking performance in some niche carriers was always lacking, but unexpectedly, ParcelPanel perfectly helped them solve this problem. Understanding Ka’chava’s difficulties, Lexie, Customer Success Specialist, proposed a solution by setting up special order tracking rules for Ka’chava in the backend, which successfully helped them improve their order tracking accuracy.
  • Excellent customer success service: Customer success specialist Lexie has been maintaining close contact with the Ka’chava team to ensure that all their issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Alex said: “Lexie really supported us and made sure the lines of communication continued even after the integration. Sometimes Lexie would even notice anomalies happening before us and notify our team in time, which was a huge help.”

“ParcelPanel created a seamless migration experience for us at every possible touch point, from massive order synchronization to integration with other apps.”

Alex Yatsuk, Technical Assistant



The results: Ka’chava’s post-purchase service cost dropped by 83.3% using ParcelPanel

  • 83.3% reduction in post-purchase service cost: After migrating to ParcelPanel, Kachava had a year-end peak season, and the operational figures for this season were very encouraging. 
  • 99% order tracking accuracy: By setting up dedicated order tracking rules, Ka’chava’s order tracking accuracy increased from 90% to 99%.
  • 78% drop in WISMO tickets: The number of WISMO tickets received by Ka’chava’s customer service team dropped significantly, saving them time and costs and improving customer satisfaction.

 “Switching from Aftership to ParcelPanel’s order tracking solution is the most correct operational decision I made in the second half of 2022.”

Jessica Morrison, Marketing Operation Executive


The future: ParcelPanel will continue to support Ka’chava’s journey around the world

As people’s health awareness increases, more and more people choose Ka’chava’s superblend to nurse their bodies. To take care of the health of more people, Ka’chava is developing its own European business territory. They opened two new European stores and chose ParcelPanel without any hesitation to provide their customers with the most outstanding post-purchase experience. ParcelPanel will continue to help Ka’chava on their journey around the world in the future.


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