WISMO Down 79% for USA Nutrient Health Brand Ka’Chava

WISMO Down 79% for USA Nutrient Health Brand Ka'Chava


less time spent on WISMO


Increase in CTR


Increase in customer engagement


Fueling and nourishing your body is always important. Ka’Chava’s business has increased dramatically, as most people are now focusing more attention on their physical and mental health. Many newcomers visit the site and buy the appropriate nutritious food to support a healthy lifestyle. However, the staff at Ka’Chava knew they had a responsibility to provide high-quality products to their customers and offer helpful content to gain their customers' trust to motivate these shoppers to come back for more.

WISMO Down 79% for USA Nutrient Health Brand Ka'Chava

Reducing Tracking-Related Complaints

Ka’Chava’s website provides evidence of its numerous loyal customers, as many of them have posted videos and written comments expressing their love for Ka’Chava on the site’s reviews page.

“I might like the chocolate better than the vanilla, but both are good. I love how everything you need is in one product. I wish it were cheaper. I would buy more often if it were more affordable.” 

Ka‘Chava's customer- Hawks C

Ka’Chava’s products and services have earned a stellar reputation among the nutrient health community. However, the company was frustrated by shipping-tracking inquiries and had significant difficulty communicating with customers on tracking-related questions, particularly on holidays.

“We used to get a lot of questions about packages. Now that we are partnering with ParcelPanel, we don't receive shipping-related inquiries very often.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Head of Brand Strategy on Ka’Chava

During the last Black Friday weekend, Ka’Chava experienced a huge spike in sales but did not have enough staff available to handle the hundreds of order information updates. As a result, the company failed to offer excellent customer service and subsequently received an onslaught of negative feedback. The Ka’Chava team realized that its customer support staff were having difficulty dealing with the massive number of inquiries as the business continued to grow. To help eliminate this pain point and perfect the support team's workflow, Ka’Chava decided to partner with ParcelPanel. Once the company began using ParcelPanel, the “where is my order” questions dropped by 79%.

Customizable Areas Help Grow Their Business

The ParcelPanel's branded tracking pages simplified Ka’Chava’s business processes and offered additional traffic channels to support its growth. Some customized areas are included in the branded tracking page and shipping notification email, which allows the company to recommend products and content that may appeal to its customers, such as 5 Nutrients That Build Strong Bones & Support Healthy Joints.

The improved services helped Ka’Chava develop a loyal customer base and generate many more sales, helping the company to spread its brand awareness, extend its business, and attract more customers to its website. Ka’Chava will continue to optimize its order tracking and delivery experience to help customers and the company succeeds.

“ParcelPanel helped to automate the post-purchase process—tracking, email notification, smart analytics—enabling us to build a better customer experience. Our partnership with ParcelPanel has also helped us promote brand consistency and engage with our customers after checkout.”

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