+68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV) with ParcelPanel

+68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV) with ParcelPanel


drop in “Where is my order?” inquiries

+68, 000%

ROI upsell and increase (LTV)


click-through rate (CTR)


EUNORAU (pronounced u-nor-rou) is a global electric bike company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The EUNORAU product range covers e-bike accessories, conversion kits, and ready-to-ride models: fat tire MTBs, heavy-duty cargos, and foldable, among other products.  

EUNORAU has been specializing in electric bikes for over ten years, since 2009. The family-operated business began as an effective solution to help tackle global warming, as they knew that gas-powered vehicles were and still remain a major contributor to substantial air pollution and global warming. Their main focus has always been to produce high-quality e-bikes offered at affordable prices. Their slogan, “Get back to nature,” is a reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors. EUNORAU operates and sells across the United States, Australia, parts of Europe, and North America. They have also built after-sale service centers to support local partners.


  • Lack of adequate customer visibility into when their purchases would be delivered

+68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV) with ParcelPanel

EUNORAU believed that checking out was not the end of the shopping journey for their customers. Rather, it was the beginning of deepening their relationships with customers and building brand loyalty. However, 42% of EUNORAU customers were displeased with the lack of visibility into their order delivery status—they could not easily determine if their orders would arrive on the promised date, and there was no option to track the delivery status on demand. As a result, customer satisfaction was harmed, and recurring orders were reduced. 



Concentrating on marketing the site had been the EUNORAU team’s top priority. While they believed post-purchase service was equally important, it needed to be as simple as possible. ParcelPanel offers a one-stop tracking solution that solved this problem perfectly. ParcelPanel controls core post-purchase functions, such as order tracking inquiries, real-time email notifications, and cross-sell product recommendations, which helped EUNORAU
create the ultimate post-purchase service experience. There was no longer any need to spend valuable time on such tedious questions as “Where is my order?” EUNORAU users can receive real-time status updates on their orders that bring them back to the site as well as personalized product recommendations based on the products in the order that meet users’ needs and improve customer lifetime value (LTV).


After implementing ParcelPanel, the numbers spoke for themselves. Within months, the revamped strategy achieved:

  • 92% drop in “Where is my order?” inquiries
  • +68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV)
  • +42% click-through rate (CTR)

ParcelPanel helped EUNORAU create the ultimate post-purchase experience with a one-stop tracking solution, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced LTV, helping to expand the Eunorau brand from the US to the world.