+68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV) with ParcelPanel

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+68, 000%
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EUNORAU (pronounced u-nor-rou) is a global electric bike company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The EUNORAU product range covers e-bike accessories, conversion kits, and ready-to-ride models: fat tire MTBs, heavy-duty cargos, and foldable, among other products. 

EUNORAU has specialized in electric bikes since 2009. The family-operated business began as an effective solution to help tackle global warming, as the owners knew that gas-powered vehicles were (and remain) a significant contributor to substantial air pollution and global warming. Their primary focus has consistently been on producing and selling high-quality e-bikes at affordable prices. Their slogan, “Get back to nature,” is a reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors. EUNORAU operates and sells across the United States, Australia, Europe, and North America. The company has also built after-sale service centers to support local partners.

+68,000% ROI upsell and increase (LTV) with ParcelPanel


The customer mindset is essential to EUNORAU, which has demonstrated high-quality performance in customer service before and after-sales. The organization built many after-sale customer service centers to help its local partners and customers, contributing to the EUNORAU brand and customer loyalty. However, the company received many poor reviews for its handling of delivery-related inquiries, as the EUNORAU team could not offer real-time order information to customers. EUNORAU realized a solution was needed to improve its customers’ post-purchase experience.

“The customer asked the most frequently asked questions: ‘Where is my order?’ and ‘How long will it take for the order to arrive?’ Because they have to take the time to answer these common and simple questions, our staff and e-bike experts do not have enough time to answer all the complex and professional questions related to e-bikes they receive.

                                   EUNORAU Team

Recommending the right e-bike accessories can generate many more sales and ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their e-bike. Before working with ParcelPanel, EUNORAU emailed its customers twice a week with accessory recommendations and promoted these products on social media. That did not work well, evidenced by the low conversion rate. Therefore, EUNORAU wanted to retarget customers to grow its sales.


EUNORAU turned to ParcelPanel to perfect its customers’ post-purchase experience and to improve its customer engagement and customer service via the ParcelPanel tracking system.

The upsell features included in the branded tracking page and shipping emails enable EUNORAU customers to click on a product recommendation to make repeat purchases.

EUNORAU was anxious to use ParcelPanel’s tracking system to address its shipping-related inquiries. By implementing the ParcelPanel tracking system, EUNORAU reduced “where is my order” questions, freed up its customer support team from tedious work, and assisted customers by providing invaluable subject matter expertise.

“After working with ParcelPanel, our customer support team has enough time to offer some valuable tips and answers to e-bike questions. In addition, our delivery-related inquiries have dropped dramatically.”

                                                                 EUNORAU Customer Support Team

EUNORAU integrated the upsell features into its branded tracking page and shipping emails to generate additional revenue. Through these features, the company made product recommendations and provided helpful information based on customer orders, which potentially scaled its business and increased its profits.


EUNORAU has seen a vast improvement in its post-purchase service and sales, improving the overall buying journey and enhancing customer engagement. Using ParcelPanel’s intelligent analytics, EUNORAU can check the shipping and upsell performance, which provides sound advice for the company to use to optimize delivery and information recommendations.

“ParcelPanel helps us perfect our delivery service, which contributes greatly to our brand and business. Thanks to its upsell features, we have seen a high conversion rate and a great increase in sales.”

                                                             EUNORAU Team


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