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Business Profile

Founded in 2020, xTool is an innovative brand dedicated to designing and producing laser engravers. Meanwhile, it offers software, materials, and tutorials to inspire creative ideas and simplify creation in the real world. xTool is an amazing rising star that switched its mother company’s focus from STEAM education to laser-cutting machines within half a year of its establishment.

Brand: xTool

Industry: Industrial Machinery

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: China

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: 400 – 499

Usage: Since May 2022

Carriers: 10+

Integration: Klaviyo


In the early of May 2022, xTool was full-fledged, based on the last 20 months’ development. Its large audience was anticipating getting hands-on experience with the new-generation xTool laser engraver, xTool D1 Pro, equipped with the world’s first 20W diode laser for increased efficiency and ultra-fine precision in engraving. As xTool’s marketing team plunged into advertising across a variety of channels, the renowned laser engraver manufacturer witnessed huge increases in website traffic and spikes in pre-orders. 


The challenge: Bombarded with WISMO tickets due to pre-orders & split shipments

The xTool customer support team was bombarded with WISMO tickets every day from the enthusiastic customers who placed pre-orders of the xTool D1 Pro laser engraver. They came back to the xTool official website regularly to check whether their long-awaited creation tool had been shipped and kept asking for shipment updates.

xTool’s increased investment in marketing also drove the sales of other products. Notably, split shipments were commonplace, especially if a customer bought accessories and materials along with the desired laser engraver.

From the customers’ perspective, high-value merchandise necessarily comes with top-notch post-purchase experience – they deserve full shipment visibility and timely updates. The xTool’s team was well aware that no delays were allowed to make improvements in post-purchase experience.


Looking for the order tracking app that fit

Although xTool had hundreds of tech-savvy engineers in the R&D team, developing an order tracking app was a daunting task, and the project would definitely cause too much distraction. On second thoughts, xTool’s CTO, CMO, COO, and customer service manager decided to look for a suitable order tracking app to meet xTool’s special needs. 

First of all, they analyzed the customer support tickets to identify commonly asked questions associated with orders and shipments. After exchanging opinions, they concluded that the must-haves of the ideal order tracking app for xTool were as follows:

  • Pre-Orders Sync & Updates: Since not all products are in stock – some are under production, customers who have placed a pre-order might need to wait for a long time. The ideal tracking app should synchronize pre-orders that haven’t been fulfilled and provide real-time updates from the date of shipping.
  • Split Shipment Tracking Across Various US, Canadian, Australian Couriers: Because laser engravers are heavier, not shipped with accessories and materials, one order is often associated with multiple shipments and different couriers. Thus, providing a convenient way to track split shipments is an essential way to avoid confusion and complaints.
  • Further Customization: xTool has a set of UI standards, and all designs must conform to the brand style guide. The order tracking page and email content should fit xTool’s branding.
  • Easy Integration with Klaviyo: The marketing team wished to incorporate shipping and tracking information in email campaigns to get higher open rates, click rates, and ROIs due to the fact that customers are concerned about their orders, and marketing to loyal customers promises high conversions.

The directors at xTool bore all these points in mind and used them as standards when evaluating order tracking apps available in the market.


The solution: Deliver on-brand experience at every step with ParcelPanel

Having compared different order tracking apps for Shopify thoroughly, including ParcelPanel, Aftership, and TrackingMore, xTool’s team decided to proceed with ParcelPanel.

This was partly because of ParcelPanel’s distinguished order tracking – as soon as an order is created, it will be synced to ParcelPanel immediately and customers can access the order tracking page and get reassured by the “Ordered” status. What’s more, split shipments are all traceable here. These two features greatly help to reduce WISMO tickets.

xTool’s choice was also associated with ParcelPanel’s excellent customer service. Upon onboarding, ParcelPanel’s technical support team responded to xTool’s branding needs by adding custom CSS code to the tracking page in no time and instructing xTool’s specialist to edit the content of the shipment notification emails step by step. Plus, xTool’s team was also assisted by ParcelPanel’s local support team in China to better leverage ParcelPanel in post-purchase. 


The results: 450x ROI, 5x while managing to cut email marketing costs by 75%

“With ParcelPanel, our customers feel taken good care of after purchases. To our surprise, order cancellation rates were much lower. In this regard, xTool’s business was propelled to a record high. Within 2 months of D1 Pro’s launch, we registered 5x increases in orders. Among all marketing channels, ParcelPanel-assisted sales take up a significant share, and the ROI is the highest – up to 45000%.”

— Luna Li, Sales Manager

“ParcelPanel is an impressive order tracking solution that consistently helps us achieve amazing results in customer engagement. With ParcelPanel’s automatic shipment notifications, we not only reduce email marketing costs by 75% but also get incredible ROIs.”

— Kai Ma, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Here’re xTool’s achievements since partnering with ParcelPanel:

  • 450x ROI in Order Tracking: Customers are constantly exposed to AI-powered product recommendations embedded in the branded tracking page and emails that target their interests. Coupled with the high price tags of xTool laser engravers and support for interest-free installments, conversions and the average order value (AOV) on the tracking page and emails are particularly high.
  • 5x Sales Growth within 2 Months: xTool’s marketing team increased ad spending on xTool D1 Pro, and pre-orders soared drastically. xTool Selected accessories and materials also experienced surges in sales.
  • 75% Reduction in Email Marketing Cost: With ParcelPanel to take care of shipment notification emails, xTool doesn’t need to spend extra money to maintain customer interaction – every shipment notification is an extraordinary marketing opportunity.


The future: Expand into more markets while keeping customers first with ParcelPanel

xTool launched many other country-specific Shopify stores last year. ParcelPanel Order Tracking app was chosen as the order tracking app for all these stores as well as Makeblock’s Shopify store to offer customers top-notch post-purchase experience while empowering different teams to reduce costs and achieve business goals easily.

“We opened 5 different Shopify stores in a row last year, hoping to help more people worldwide bring ideas to life. Customer experience is of utmost importance. That’s why, without exception, we’ve chosen the post-purchase solution that has been supporting us so far to satisfy customers’ needs better.”

— Kai Ma, Senior Digital Marketing Manager


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