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Business Profile

Founded and run by the power couple Regina and Dwight, PowerInBlack is a Georgia-based Afro-centric apparel brand. The company designs and prints T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, tracksuits, and tank tops. PowerInBlack’s creative inspiration is major holidays, community-uplifting messages, and social movements. Its apparel range caters to men, women, and kids, focusing on trendy, comfortable, high-quality pieces. The brand is a subsidiary of AMJ Screen Printing and ships all over the US and around the globe.

Brand: PowerInBlack

Industry: Apparel

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: USA

Year Founded: 2014

Employees: 11-50

Usage: Since July 2022

Carriers: <5

Integration: Klaviyo


Since its founding almost a decade ago, PowerInBlack had steady growth that saw it expand its design and apparel range organically. In 2020, the business saw record-high traffic to its website, corresponding with an increase in orders. That only lasted a short time, though, as in the months after, the traffic reduced rapidly, yet the brand kept releasing new designs. This turn in fortunes prompted the brand to seek ways to boost business and encourage more site visitors who convert.


The challenge: How to reduce WISMO tickets and boost repeat sales

The decrease in traffic coincided with a time when many of PowerInBlack’s customers had voiced their concern over the lack of an elaborate way to track their orders once placed. The increased number of “Where is my order?” (WISMO) tickets pointed to a disjointed after-sales process that left many customers anxious and at the mercy of different courier track and trace tools that often failed to fetch real-time order tracking information.

PowerInBlack’s shipping policy did not improve the situation. The brand shipped after 7-10 days in the US and up to three weeks for international orders. Many customers lost patience and frantically tried contacting PowerInBlack’s customer support. This escalation made the brand aware that it needed to resolve the shipment visibility issues faced by its customers.


The search: Leaning on technology to enhance post-purchase experience

The wake-up call to change how things are done came to PowerInBlack after analyzing the WISMO tickets received by their customer support team. The company realized it needed to improve order tracking convenience to the same extent.

Customers still had to visit the websites of different carriers that PowerInBlack partnered with for last-mile delivery. This process was long – customers needed to jump through hoops to get the latest shipment updates; what’s worse, it denied the company a clear opportunity to engage its customers after purchases.

PowerInBlack has a limited team of creatives with little experience developing order tracking technology. Hence, the company sought to implement a third-party solution that packs the following features:

  • Estimated Delivery Day (EDD): Domestic orders take 7 to 10 business days to ship, while cross-border orders can take 2 to 3 weeks. Having an EDD feature in the order tracking solution would help customers know when to expect their orders to be delivered and get ready for delivery.
  • Integration With Klaviyo: Klaviyo is PowerInBlack’s go-to email marketing platform. The brand wanted an order tracking solution that could easily integrate with Klaviyo to trigger customer email notifications automatically based on shipment status updates.
  • Marketing Feature On The Tracking Page: With order quantities taking a nose-dive, PowerInBlack sought ways that could help the brand recommend more of its products on the tracking page to boost repeat sales and increase customer lifetime value.

The owners and marketing staff at PowerInBlack made the above list of necessary features for any order-tracking solution before they could consider its implementation on their website.


The solution: Driving conversions through the tracking page with ParcelPanel

PowerInBlack’s search for an order-tracking solution that meets their needs necessitated communication with the sales teams of several tracking solutions, including TrackingMore and Aftership. They tested the features of each vis-à-vis their list of must-haves and eventually settled on ParcelPanel as their order tracking partner.

The decision to settle on ParcelPanel was driven by the tool boasting an efficient EDD feature, which allowed the brand to display the estimated delivery day for customer orders on a branded tracking page. Furthermore, the tracking page letting them upsell their customers contributed to their decision. 

Lastly, ParcelPanel easily integrates with Klaviyo, which PowerInBlack has been using to create and disseminate email marketing campaigns. The smooth integration meant they could now personalize their emails to appeal to individual customers while updating them on the status of their orders.

ParcelPanel’s dedicated customer support team was also available around the clock to help the PowerInBlack staff implement the order tracking solution, which helped streamline the process for the brand.


The results: 28% of customers convert from the tracking page with WISMO tickets down by 64% and a 128% ROI

“Shortly after implementing ParcelPanel, the number of customers complaining about lack of visibility of the order whereabouts shrunk by 64%. This reduction lifted the pressure off our customer support team and allowed us to focus on offering better and more personalized customer service for buyers that needed it most,” opined Dwight, co-owner of PowerInBlack.

Head of Marketing at PowerInBlack, Tasia, added, “We were targeting some repeat sales by enabling AI product recommendations on the tracking page. While our forecast was between 5-8%, ParcelPanel blew our minds away. Up to 28% of customers ordered another product when tracking their shipment. Looking back at our investment, we have a 128% return.”

PowerInBlack experienced the following success after partnering with ParcelPanel.

  • 128% ROI: PowerInBlack first tested ParcelPanel on the Free plan before upgrading to a custom Professional plan that allowed tracking tens of thousands of orders per month. The first month saw PowerInBlack make a decent profit, representing a 128% ROI.
  • 28% Repeat Sales from Tracking Page: With an order tracking page now in place and powered by AI product recommendations, PowerInBlack noticed an increase in customers ordering products from the tracking page. Data showed that the brand got 28% repeat sales from the tracking page alone during the first few months.
  • 64% Reduction in WISMO Tickets: The strain on PowerInBlack’s customer support team was largely due to an influx of WISMO tickets from anxious customers who could not track the whereabouts of their orders. ParcelPanel’s order tracking page gave the customers a way of monitoring the progress of their shipments every step of the way, resulting in a 64% drop in WISMO tickets.


The Future: Fully embrace black culture while enhancing the post-purchase experience with ParcelPanel

The answer to whether PowerInBlack will continue growing is an emphatic yes, as evidenced by the expansion of its design range. The brand has increased its themed T-shirts and apparel designs to highlight more Afro-centric events and celebrations, including the recent commemoration of Hip Hop music’s 50-year excellence.

“We continue to incorporate more black designs into our creative process to appeal to more black people and give them a voice and empowerment through the outfits they wear. We plan to continue optimizing the post-purchase experience with ParcelPanel,” shared Regina, co-owner of PowerInBlack.


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