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Every customer needs proactive communication regarding the status of their shipment. They must be assured that their order is being handled and that their deliveries will surely arrive. This will put their minds at peace. An order tracking page will enable your customers to keep track of their shipments and also help you provide an unforgettable post-purchase experience. What’s more, eliminating customer order-related queries will take some burden off your support team.


But first, what is an order tracking page, and how do you develop a great page? Read through for this and much more.

1. What Is a Track Your Order Status Page? 

This page allows customers to track their orders on your store without the need to go to a third-party website. Once a customer has placed an order in your store, Shopify sends them an order confirmation email with a tracking number. Customers use this tracking number to check the status of their order on the track order status page. This assures them of their order delivery.

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2. What’s Shopify’s order status page? 

This is the last page of a store’s checkout that allows customers to track their orders on your Shopify store without the need to go to a third-party website. This page allows customers to

  • View real-time updates on the location of their shipment
  • Check the status of their shipment without the need to contact you.
  • Click to make repeat purchases from your store.
  • Re-order products
  • Subscribe to offers and news from Shopify via email.Shopify order status page - ParcelPanel

3. How Can My Customers Track Their Orders on Shopify? 

There are different ways that customers can use to track on Shopify. These include

  • Through the Shopify order tracking page: This page displays the order tracking information, including current order status and much more
  • Shopify app: This shows the same information as the Shopify order tracking page
  • Through the shipping carrier: This allows customers to track their orders by entering their tracking numbers into the carrier’s website search bar.

4. Why Do You Need the Shopify Order Tracking Page?

Good customer experience is essential for any e-commerce business. It can help you improve your customer retention and boost your sales. Having a Shopify order tracking page can help you enhance your customer service. The following are some of the reasons why you need a Shopify order tracking page:

  • Save your customer support team’s work

Having a Shopify order tracking page will help you reduce order-related questions. Rather than having customers constantly call your support team, they can check the status of their order for themselves. This will give you and your team more time to concentrate on more productive tasks.

  • Improve customer service and retention

A Shopify order tracking page helps keep customers updated on the status and exact location of their shipment. This eliminates their anxiety and boosts customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are likelier to stick with your store and become loyal customers. Additionally, a Shopify order tracking page will make your store appear trustworthy and professional, which improves customer service and boosts retention.

  • Encourage repeat purchases

A track your-order page will keep customers returning to your store to know the status of their orders. This increases their likelihood of returning for more purchases, consequently boosting your sales and revenues.

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5. Signs Your Order Tracking Process Needs Work 

The primary goal of having an order-tracking app and a tracking page is to ensure that you provide excellent customer service and make work easier for your customer support team. If your tracking system does not result in this, it could indicate that it’s ineffective. These are some of the signs that your order tracking process needs work:


  • Too many order-related customer support calls

Order-tracking apps and pages help keep customers informed on their orders’ status. It allows them to track their orders instead of calling you or your customer support system. In addition to reducing customer anxiety and giving them peace of mind, an order-tracking process reduces the customer support team’s workload due to the reduced order-related queries. This gives them more time to concentrate on other important activities.

If your customers are constantly calling to get updates on where their packages are, it means that your tracking process is ineffective. Consider getting a great order-tracking app and coming up with an excellent tracking page to ease this problem and keep your customers satisfied.


  • Your customers are jumping through hoops

A good order-tracking app should help keep your customers’ minds at ease. It should help assure them that their shipments are being handled. However, if your customers can’t seem to relax but want to be involved in every stage of order shipping, it may show a lack of trust in your order-tracking process. It could be because your system does not give them adequate information about the status of their order, or your process could be complicated.

You should thus have a relook at your tracking app and pages and design them to ensure the process delivers what it’s meant to an excellent customer experience.


  • Maintaining a consistent brand experience is a struggle

Your order tracking process should reflect your brand. Your order tracking page should be designed to portray your brand’s values. At every step of the shipping process, right from ordering to delivery, your customers should be able to feel your brand. 


If you are having difficulties consistently portraying your brand in customer interactions, you’ll need to relook at your order tracking process.


6. Why do People recommend the Order-Tracking Page?

The post-purchase experience is an excellent opportunity to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and sales. When customers place an order with your store, they expect an update with all the information about their order status. This assures them that their orders are being handled. 

By keeping your customers informed on their order status, you’ll ease their anxiety and help build their trust in your brand. This will boost customer satisfaction which will, in return, improve your customer retention.

An effective order tracking page will help you deliver an outstanding customer experience that keeps them returning for more purchases. Additionally, this page allows you to upsell for more sales.


7. What’s in a Great E-commerce Order Tracking Page Must-Have?

Your order tracking should not only be good but outstanding. It must give your customers all the information they need about their shipments. The following are some of the things that a great order tracking page must have.

  • Comprehensive shipping details

An excellent order tracking page must provide customers with all the information they need about their order status. It should include the order number, order tracking number, details of items in the order, shipping date, expected delivery dates, billing shipping address, and tracking link.

  • Products review section

Providing a place where customers can leave reviews about your products is a simple and excellent way of sending them back to your e-commerce store’s main page. It helps to keep your customers on your tracking page for longer.

  • Customer recommendation for additional products

Including a section where your customers can see other customers’ product suggestions is a great way of helping you gain extra customers and boost your sales. This is not only an excellent way of marketing your featured products but also a good way of making customers aware that they are joining a community of like-minded shoppers.

  • Company branding, marketing, and social media

A good tracking page should be customized to suit your brand. It should be reflective of your brand in every way. It should include your company branding, appealing graphics, links to your social media accounts, and FAQs, instructions, or other relevant product information.

  • Exclusive discounts and offers

Add a call-to-action for any seasonal sale or exclusive discount campaigns on your order tracking page. This is a good way of boosting your sales as customers are attracted to discounts.

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8. Don’t forget the post-purchase upsell opportunity

You can take advantage of a tracking page to upsell your products. This platform provides an excellent opportunity to expose or suggest higher versions of the products your customers purchased. 


This is a good strategy for marketing your products and boosting your sales. It’s a perfect way of increasing your customers’ lifetime value. It’s also a way of making your customers aware that you have the products. This will prevent them from looking for items from other stores. Besides boosting your sales, this is a great way of improving customer retention.

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9. 3 Great Examples of E-commerce Order Tracking Pages 

Check out some of the best e-commerce order tracking pages below.

01. Goldbelly

  Source: Goldbelly

Goldbelly order tracking page Parcelpanel

From its design, features, colors, and tone, this Goldbelly’s order tracking page proves more is good without becoming overbearing. It includes a moving map and manages to slip in an interactive feature to the page before getting to the actual call-to-action, the “Earn Belly Rewards.” 


This is a clever way of enticing customers to remain on the store’s page and keep coming back for more purchases translating to more revenues for the business. Besides being aesthetically appealing, Goldbelly’s order tracking page is designed to promote customer retention by including a rewards program.


02. Wayfair

Source: Wayfair

This tracking page is designed to portray a perfectly aligned tone with the Wayfair brand. Besides including all the necessary shipping and tracking information, this brand adds an additional infographic outlining what the customer can anticipate on the day of delivery. This assures the customers that what they ordered is what they will get and gives them peace of mind.

wayfair tracking page parcelpanel

Moreover, this brand keeps its page clean and attractive by including simple visuals that make it easy to navigate. With this order tracking page, Waifair’s customers are guaranteed of awesome post-purchase experience.


03. Victoria’s Secret

Source: Victoria’s Secret

What makes this order tracking page outstanding is its ability to provide all the essential information that the customers need to be at peace without going overboard. With its well-planned breakdown of the order shipment steps, Victoria’s Secret tracking page addresses your queries and concerns before you can even speak them out.

Victoria’s Secret order tracking page Parcelpanel

This page is designed to provide the assurance and satisfaction that customers need from any business. This builds customer trust in the brand, boosting customer retention.


10. Parcel Panel Order Tracking Example: 

ParcelPanel is an order-tracking tool that’s designed to help you give your customers a branded post-purchase experience that promotes customer loyalty and increases sales. This app integrates with over 1000 shipping carriers all over the world. This app gives you a comprehensive overview of your shipment status to help you identify any unusual deliveries. This will help you develop appropriate strategies to correct the issues before customers know them. 


  • Branded tracking page: This allows you to automatically generate a branded tracking page that sends your customers back to your store for more sales.
  • Great for dropshipping: Parcelpanel integrates seamlessly with all dropshipping apps like AliExpress tracking, YunExpress tracking, and ePacket tracking, as well as all popular couriers.
  • Real-time shipping notifications: This lets customers stay up-to-date with their order status with built-in shipping notifications, Shopify native email, and SMS notifications.


Best for

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Dropshipping


  • Can hide order country of origin in a single click
  • Integrates with most shipping carriers
  • It’s easy to use

How to set up

This is how to set up the Parcelpanel tracking app

  • Go to Shopify admin, select online store, then click Navigation
  • Select a menu you prefer to add the tracking page to
  • Click ‘Add Menu item
  • Copy this:/apps/parcelpanel
  • Fill in the Name field, paste the code to the link field 
  • Save the changes.



Having an order tracking page will help keep your customers updated on the status of their shipments and deliver an unforgettable customer experience. This will help boost your customer retention and increase sales.

A well-crafted order tracking page must have a detailed shipping information product review section and reflect the brand in every aspect. So, how good is your tracking page?

Follow our tips and the examples above to develop an effective page that will boost your sales and propel your business growth.

Let us know what you think.


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