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DX Delivery is a UK- and Ireland-based parcel delivery courier. ParcelPanel supports real-time DX tracking, allowing you to automate DX Freight tracking & DX Express tracking and send automatic notifications to update customers.
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About DX Delivery

DX Delivery is a UK- and Ireland-based parcel delivery courier that is relied upon by both public and private organizations for day-to-day delivery. The company, DX Group, was founded in 1975 and has grown to become one of the most effective courier companies, covering almost 100% of Ireland and UK residential and commercial addresses thanks to 107 depots scattered across the region.

DX Delivery company offers a wide range of delivery services catering to various sectors. The company's primary services are DX Freight and DX Express delivery services, which cover almost all parcel delivery needs, from domestic next-day delivery to international shipping by road, sea, and air. DX Delivery also provides Exchange services, which over 4,500 members trust.

The courier company is a strategic partner to various organizations and businesses in different sectors of the economy. Some of their loyal customers include companies like Yokohama, Euronics, B&Q, Timpson, Mi Hub, Scottish Legal Aid Board, and VFS.Global, among others.

Due to DX (Group) plc's commitment to providing fast, secure, and transparent delivery services, the company has earned certifications such as PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials, ISO14001, and ISO9001 certificates.

DX Delivery Tracking

DX Delivery allows you to track and trace your parcel during the entire shipping process, whatever delivery service you use.

DX Freight can handle a wide range of freight types, including those with irregular dimensions and weight, also called IDW items.

DX Express specializes in delivering parcels on behalf of businesses and organizations. DX Express allows businesses to deliver parcels to residential addresses. Customers expecting packages from businesses using DX Express can use DX Secure tracking to know which shipment stage the parcel is currently at and the GPS location.

The delivery company's Exchange services allow businesses and organizations to send documents and medical specimens securely. In particular, valuable mail is traceable.

DX Freight Tracking

DX Freight delivery services are designed to cover all your parcel delivery needs. This service handles large and bulky items, including IDW items up to six meters long. DX Freight is divided into four categories to ensure practical specialization in freight handling and tracking: 1-Man, 2-Man, Logistics, and International.

DX 1-Man delivery, as the name suggests, consists of one person delivering your items to you. This delivery service type is best suited for items up to 50kg and 6m long. DX 2-Man delivery specializes in delivering larger and heavier packages to the customer's home or room of choice. A driver and their mate do the shipping to boost safety in offloading. Customers can use DX Freight Tracking UK to track both 1-Man and 2-Man deliveries. These services offer next-day delivery and before 09:30, before noon, and Saturday delivery options.

DX Logistics provides businesses and customers with a complete and effective range of supply chain solutions. DX International ensures customers can get tracked delivery services to Europe and the rest of the world by air, road, and sea. You can use online tracking to track DX Delivery parcels at any shipping stage.

DX Express Tracking

DX Express delivery services provide secure delivery of parcels to business and residential addresses. This service ensures businesses get fast and secure next-day delivery services for their customers. There are two DX Express services: DX Secure Flex and DX Secure Business. Both services come with DX secure tracking, allowing customers to track their packages conveniently.

  • DX Secure Tracking

The delivery company offers customers flexibility and choices to customize their delivery experience when using DX Secure Flex and DX Secure Business. The DX Couriers tracking service means full visibility, photographic proof of delivery, end-to-end GPS location tracking, etc.

How To Track DX Delivery?

You can track your DX Delivery packages in different ways. You can use the DX Delivery tracking tool or the ParcelPanel order tracking app.

By Using DX Delivery Tracking

Tracking DX Delivery parcels can be done via the company's official website. Customers need their tracking number, consignment number, customer reference, or calling card number to track their packages. DX Delivery allows customers to track packages for their services, from DX Freight to DX Exchange, DX Express, and DX International.

Using the official DX Delivery tracking feature, you can expect to get some excellent tracking features and GPS location capabilities.

Here are the steps you need to take to track your DX delivery.

Head to the official DX Delivery website and click "Track" on the main menu.

On the tracking page, input your tracking number in the field and press "TRACK."


If you don't have your tracking number, use your consignment number, customer reference, and calling card number for DX delivery tracking.

After entering the number, you may be required to submit the postal code of your delivery address.


4. Once you've entered all the required tracking details, DX delivery will display all the necessary shipment updates to know your shipment's status.

Your DX tracking number or tracking link will be in an SMS sent to you as the consignee by DX Delivery. If you don't receive an SMS with the tracking number, DX may have left you a calling card containing the tracking or consignment number. The calling card is usually left behind in case of unsuccessful deliveries.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

ParcelPanel focuses on helping you grow your e-commerce business by revolutionizing your customers' post-purchase experiences. Compared with the tracking tools on the official website, the ParcelPanel order tracking app gives you even more tracking features.

The app automatically creates a branded tracking page for your e-commerce store. Your customers can use their DX delivery tracking number to track their DX packages on the branded tracking page. You can customize the shipping notifications and emails so customers will return to your store for the latest tracking updates.

ParcelPanel goes the extra step to help merchants boost their sales by providing captivating product recommendations. Merchants can enable AI-powered product recommendations and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

To track DX Delivery with the app, install it from the Shopify App Store, and you can automate order tracking along with another 1,100+ carriers worldwide.


Before you install the order tracking app, you may click on the "View demo store" link to learn how the tracking page powered by ParcelPanel works.

DX Tracking Number

A DX tracking number is an 8, 9, 10, 12, or 13-digit number series that you can use to perform DX live tracking on any parcel from DX Delivery. You can find your DX tracking number in the SMS that DX Delivery sends to the consignee before the package delivery. Consignees can also find the DX tracking number on the company calling card.

If you can't find your DX tracking number, the company allows customers to use their calling card number, customer reference, or consignment number to perform DX live tracking.

DX Tracking Number Example

Some examples of DX tracking numbers are as follows:



DX Tracking FAQ

Does DX deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, DX delivers on Saturdays, though this delivery time option is not available for all their services. Customers may sometimes have to get the premium version of some services to get Saturday delivery, for example, the DX Secure Business service. 1-Man and 2-Man Freight services also allow Saturday deliveries.

What time does DX deliver?

DX Delivery's operating hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, though some services offer pre-9 AM next working day delivery as standard.

Who owns DX Delivery?

DX Delivery is part of DX Group, which consists of DX Network Services Ltd and DX Network Services Ireland Limited. The current CEO is Paul Ibbetson, who has been part of the company since 2017.

Does DX deliver after 6 PM?

Standard DX delivery times do not exceed 18:00. However, premium delivery times of up to 12:00 on Monday to Friday are available at an extra cost.

What time does DX deliver?

The standard delivery time for DX packages is 8 AM to 6 PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday). The company does not deliver packages on bank holidays. Regular holiday deliveries are possible if scheduled in advance. The company posts holiday operational schedules regularly on the official site.

DX Customer Service

DX delivery customer service is usually open from Monday to Saturday, with slightly varying opening hours depending on the delivery service.

DX Express

Opening hours – Monday ~ Friday: 8 AM ~ 6 PM, and Saturday: 8 AM ~ 4 PM

DX customer service numbers – 0333 241 5700 (UK) and 003 53 1506 0182 (Ireland)

DX Freight

Opening hours – Monday ~ Friday: 8 AM ~ 6 PM, and Saturday: 8 AM ~ 3 PM

DX customer service number – 0333 241 1100 (UK)

DX Exchange

UK email - [email protected]

DX 2-Man

UK number – 0333 241 1188

DX Office email

UK DX customer service email - [email protected]

Ireland DX customer service email - [email protected]


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