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About AliExpress

AliExpress is China's largest cross-border e-commerce platform catering primarily to B2C. It has a global reach in over 220 countries and regions, the largest being Russia, the US, Spain, Brazil, and France. The platform is also accessible in over 18 languages. As such, sellers on AliExpress have access to over 150 million buyers worldwide.

AliExpress has its headquarters in Hangzhou, China, under its parent company, the Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group established AliExpress in 2010 to serve small businesses better and extend its reach beyond Asia. Through its diverse offering of products from over 22 industries and efficient global shipping, AliExpress has risen to be among the leading B2C e-commerce platforms in the world.

AliExpress Shipping is AliExpress's affordable and efficient end-to-end cross-border logistics service, offered in association with its courier partner, Cainiao. AliExpress Shipping includes services like first-mile pick-up service, last-mile delivery service, consolidation services, custom clearance services, logistics dispute resolution services, and platform-guaranteed compensation services. The shipping service also includes an efficient global tracking service both sellers and their customers can use to track their shipments while in transit to enhance the shopping experience.

All these features also make AliExpress a highly-rated choice for dropshippers.

AliExpress faces stiff competition from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, DHgate, Wish, etc. The competition drives AliExpress's quest to provide even greater value for those who use its platform.

AliExpress Tracking

AliExpress has a range of reliable and affordable shipping services designed to cater to its global and diverse customer base. The shipping method chosen depends on the volume and weight of the order, where it is to be delivered, how fast it is to be delivered, and the shipping budget.

The AlieExpress Standard and Premium shipping services include global tracking facilities that help customers and sellers monitor the shipment in progress.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking

AlieExpress Standard Shipping is the AliExpress default shipping method and is also the most popular as it balances the need for speed with cost. Typically, delivery by standard shipping takes 15-45 days by sea or air.

When a customer places an order with standard shipping, they receive a unique tracking number they can use to track the order through AliExpress, the carrier, or third-party tracking websites like ParcelPanel. AliExpress and Cainiao offer real-time tracking and regular updates to keep the customer informed.

AliExpress dropshipping sellers prefer standard shipping because of its reliability, cost-friendliness, and parcel tracking feature. If you want to hide the courier information and Chinese addresses, you'd better use the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

AliExpress Premium Shipping Tracking

AliExpress Premium Shipping offers faster delivery times, typically within 7-15 days, for sellers prioritizing speed and reliability. AliExpress partners with international courier service providers such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS to expedite delivery. These courier service providers usually have highly developed logistics infrastructure and networks that assure superior service.

Premium shipping is only available for select sellers, products, and locations. Buyers can select premium shipping at the checkout point if it is available.

Though costlier than standard shipping, AliExpress premium shipping offers extra security, insurance for valuable shipments, and enhanced tracking features.

AliExpress tracking for premium shipping provides accurate estimated delivery time and proactive updates on the shipment's status. You can track premium shipments from AliExpress, the carrier, or a third-party tracker.

Cainiao Super Economy Global Tracking

Cainaio Super Economy Shipping is the cheapest shipping method on AliExpress. This shipping cost is often integrated into the product price, and the item is tagged with free shipping.

Cainiao Super Economy Shipping is available only in 183 countries and territories. The items shipped must also conform to specific dimensions. They must not be electronic devices with replaceable batteries, single batteries, or button cells.

Though cheap, Cainiao Super Economy Shipping is slow. It takes 30-50 business days to deliver to the US, 25-55 days to deliver to the EU, and 40-50 days to deliver elsewhere.

Cainiao super economy shipping does not have end-to-end tracking, even though the shipment has a tracking number. However, you can track the packages within China's territory. Cainiao tracking numbers begin with 'U' (Unregistered), followed by another letter, 9 digits, and a country/region code. An example is UA123456789HK.

Cainiao Standard Tracking

Cainiao Standard is the basic shipping method available on AliExpress that takes around 10-70 days.

Cainiao Standard tracking is integrated into the AliExpress platform and helps customers who have chosen the shipping method to keep track of their packages. The customer tracks their package through a tracking number that begins with two capital letters, nine digits, and a country code, for example, ZH123456789HK.

Cainiao's standard tracking information is in real-time. It is available on the AliExpress website and mobile app, the Cainaio Global Express website and mobile app, and third-party tracking sites.

How to Track an AliExpress Package?

Cainiao is AliExpresse's default carrier for standard shipments, so customers have to track their packages through it. Alternatively, customers can track their packages through ParcelPanel, a professional third-party tracking website.

Here is the detailed procedure for monitoring your AliExpress package:

By Using Global Cainaio Tracking

1. Locate the AliExpress tracking number by following either way below:

  • Check your email account for communication from AliExpress regarding the order you wish to track. The AliExpress tracking number you need may be indicated there. Or, visit the AliExpress website and log into your account from the top right corner of the home page.
  • Find "My Orders" and click on the order you wish to track. Click on the details link on that order. A page will open displaying the order details, including the tracking number.

2. After you copy the tracking number, visit the Global Cainiao tracking page.


3. Paste the tracking number in the tracking tool. It's worth noticing that Cainaio lets you track up to 100 shipments at once, so to track multiple packages, press the enter button or separate numbers with commas or semicolons.

4. Click on the "Track" button on the right end of the search bar to initiate tracking.

5. Then, you can get the Cainiao tracking information you need. It contains the current location of the package, the latest shipping status, and the expected delivery date.

Here is the sample AliExpress tracking information similar to what you will receive from Global Cainaio.


6. Contact customer service for assistance if necessary through the provided channels. An Aliexpress customer service representative can explain a status you do not understand or help promptly resolve an issue with the shipment.

Alternatively, you can track your order through the AliExpress. Log in and find your order. On the order details page, click "View Detail" and find the tracking details under 'Logistics Information." The transit history of your AliExpress order is shown here.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a leading third-party package tracking website that lets you track AliExpress packages and over 1,100 other carriers globally. The powerful tracking platform has served over 45,200+ customers and tracked over 2.3 billion shipments.

ParcelPanel lets you track packages via the website or the ParcelPanel order tracking app. With the app, you can unlock tons of benefits.

Here is how to track AliExpress packages through ParcelPanel:

ParcelPanel Website

1. Visit the "Cainiao Tracking" page on ParcelPanel or the ParcelPanel's "Carriers" page, search and select AliExpress Standard Shipping.


Alternatively, you can go to "Brands" page, and choose "AliExpress" to track AliExpress orders handled by different carriers.


2. Locate the search bar and enter your AliExpress tracking number. You can track up to 30 orders simultaneously by entering multiple tracking numbers, each on its line.

3. Click the "Track" button below the search box to initiate the tracking process.

4. View your AliExpress tracking information when it comes up on a new page.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

ParcelPanel's order tracking app is a game changer for e-commerce businesses. The platform offers elevated features, making it easier to focus on the most important tasks in your business.


When you install the order tracking app, a branded tracking page will be generated automatically. Here, your customers can track their shipments without your help.

The platform also comes with custom email templates and notifications, which you can customize to guide your customers back to the store to monitor their packages. You also have a sales-boosting feature and AI-powered product recommendations. Once you enable these recommendations, you'll give your customers an engaging shopping experience as it shows them products they are likely to be interested in.

While it increases the time customers spend in the store, it also converts one-time and first-time buyers into repeat customers.

Install the order tracking app from the Shopify App Store now to reap huge benefits.

AliExpress Tracking Number

The AliExpress tracking number is a unique number generated when an order is placed and processed for shipping. The customer receives this number in the confirmation email from AliExpress or by checking the order's details on the AliExpress website. It is essential to differentiate the order number from the tracking number, as the former cannot be used for tracking.

AliExpress Tracking Number Format

The AliExpress tracking number generally consists of a prefix of two letters, a series of digits, and a suffix of two letters. The specific format depends on the carrier, shipment type, dispatch method, and dispatch, as well as the origin of dispatch.

Typically, the first letter indicates the shipment type, the second letter is the method of dispatch, and the last two letters indicate the parcel's country of origin.

AliExpress Tracking Number Example

LC432329123CN – Airmail delivery by Cainiao originating in China

AB321177298SG – Uninsured parcel under 2kg delivered by airmail originating from Singapore

UA729927341HK – Cainiao Super Economy Parcel from Hong Kong

12345678911 – China Post ordinary small packet plus

AliExpress Tracking FAQ

How long does AliExpress take to ship?

Normally, an AliExpress package ships in 3-60 days. However, the exact time depends on various factors that include:

  • Type of shipping service – Cainiao super economy shipping takes 20-60 days, AliExpress standard shipping takes 10-45 days, while premium shipping takes 5-10 days.
  • Holiday seasons lead to increased orders, causing a strain on logistics resources or leading to downtimes.
  • Seller delays in initiating the fulfillment process
  • The number of customers in the destination country leads to efficiency and affordability from economies of scale.
  • Country of destination – Singapore takes 6-38 days, Australia 8-51 days, UK 7-40 days, South Africa 9-59 days, and US 15- 60 days.

How to make AliExpress shipping faster?

Sellers can speed up delivery on AliExpress in the following ways:

  • Opt for private carriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, who have established infrastructure and networks that can significantly expedite delivery.
  • Opt for premium shipping, which employs the fastest means of transport and partners with the most capable associates to expedite delivery.
  • Liaise with the supplier to recommend the most convenient transporter to reduce delays in the fulfillment process.
  • Choose suppliers with warehouses close to you to reduce the transport time.  

How much does AliExpress shipping cost?

AliExpress shipping varies with the type of shipping services chosen and the distance covered to the destination. Usually, the cheaper it costs, the longer the shipping process. For instance, Cainiao Super Economy is the cheapest shipping available on AliExpress, but it also has many restrictions, lacking even complete shipment visibility. Conversely, premium shipping offers speed, reliability, and security but also comes at a premium charge.

The surest way to find out how much shipping costs for a product is from the product listing on the platform, which typically contains the shipping charges.

Where does AliExpress ship from?

The majority of AliExpress shipments come from China. In very few instances, there are warehouses in the US, EU, and UK from which AliExpress orders can be fulfilled. In some cases, many products indicated to be fulfilled from elsewhere are fulfilled from China, and the shipping tag is manipulated.

If you prefer products from particular regions, consider filtering the search on AliExpress.

Why is AliExpress tracking not updating?

If your AliExpress package is stuck on one status and is not updating, it may mean that the package is stuck during the delivery process. For instance, a parcel is stuck in customs. In this case, the tracking information will take a long time to update.

Sometimes, there is a lag between the actual progress of the parcel and how often the tracking information is uploaded to the tracking system, especially for cross-border fulfillment. What's more, not all shipping services come with end-to-end tracking. This may make a shipment appear stagnant when it is actually moving.

Entering the wrong tracking number may also explain why the shipment seems stagnant.

AliExpress Tracking Customer Service

The most effective way to reach AliExpress customer service is through the online platform.

Users can access the 24/7 Live Chat option via the Chat Now button at the bottom of the AliExpress Help Center page. The Help Center also provides several self-help options for users to take advantage of.

The chatbot called Eva helps resolve the most common issues. AliExpress users can reach a real customer service representative for further help.

To get immediate help, you can call AliExpress customer care by using the following phone numbers:

  • US: (408) 785 5580
  • HongKong: +8 522 215 5100
  • India: +91 244 233 5233
  • Taipei: +88 626 602 9888
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