ParcelPanel vs TrackingMore
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ParcelPanel and TrackingMore offer well-developed shipment tracking solutions for enhancing shipment visibility and elevating the post-purchase experience. Although TrackingMore has been in the industry longer than ParcelPanel, the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app is a rising star, more popular among Shopify merchants. This is because, with an intuitive design, ParcelPanel's comprehensive tracking functionality is easy to use. Moreover, ParcelPanel Order Tracking offers more detailed reports, supports many more languages and even makes it possible to translate the transit history. In contrast, certain functions of the TrackingMore app are more sophisticated. However, if TrackingMore Order Tracking is your first order tracking app, you may find it has a steep learning curve. Moreover, fewer integrations with popular third-party apps are available too.
What is ParcelPanel?
ParcelPanel has launched the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app for Shopify in 2019. ParcelPanel Order Tracking is designed to accommodate the needs of SMBs and help brands worldwide to grow better by promoting customer engagement and repeat purchases. Currently, it's the best "Built for Shopify" app in terms of order tracking, representing the highest performance, stability, and data privacy standards. ParcelPanel is popular among entrepreneurs and DTC brands looking for ways to deliver on-brand experience throughout the post-purchase journey. The development team go the extra mile to make it easy to use. Therefore, whether you're dropshipping from China, having split shipments to track, or looking for ways to prioritize localized shopping experiences, you can find easy-to-follow instructions for quick implementation.
What is TrackingMore?
Founded in 2014, TrackingMore has been serving top brands across many different industries, including e-commerce platforms, DTC brands, fulfillment service providers, etc. The company has maintained a low-key profile, focusing on integrating with more carriers worldwide while ensuring the performance and stability of its multi-carrier shipment tracking APIs for numerous companies. TrackingMore is a powerhouse of shipment tracking tools with an impressive track record in the industry. It has a bigger sales team and technical team to offer custom solutions to companies with a big technical team. It is best suited for businesses looking for ways to develop an order tracking system and avoid wasting valuable time in establishing & maintaining carrier integrations.
Discover how ParcelPanel compares with TrackingMore
Here's a complete comparison between ParcelPanel and TrackingMore Order Tracking App for Shopify.
Quota Consumption
"1 order = 1 quota," cost-effective if split shipments are common (*Please contact ParcelPanel customer service if you have too many cancelled/failed/fake orders)
1 tracking number = 1 quota
Free Order Sync for First-Time Users
Orders in the past 30 days
Orders in the past 30 days
Standardized Order Statuses
Facilitate order lookups and management of delivery exceptions
Carrier Integrations
Carrier Auto-Detection
Courier Matching Rules
Avoid matching the wrong couriers when the tracking number format is the same for higher tracking accuracy
√ (Free expert service available)
Automatic Tracking Information Sync
Import orders & tracking numbers automatically from e-commerce platforms
CSV Export
Export CSV files containing detailed order & tracking information
PDF Export
Export ready-to-use PDF reports to save time on data visualization
Dropshipping Mode
Hide information about related carriers & Chinese addresses
Paid feature - keyword masking
Custom Order Status
Be upfront with order processing statuses of custom/pre-ordered items to prevent customers from running out of patience
API & Webhook Access
Included in the professional plan, for connection with systems such as ERP, WMS, etc.
Branded Tracking Page
Order Lookup Widget
Supports CSS & HTML, with code examples available
Supports CSS & HTML
2, Bright and Dark Mode
2, Modern and Classic Mode
Product Recommendations
Display featured products to encourage repeat business
AI-powered or based on a selected product collection
AI-powered or based on a selected product collection
Estimated Delivery Date
Display on the tracking page to manage customer expectations
Flexible timeframe setting, advanced settings based on destinations, automatic correction with tracking information from carriers (Essential feature)
More sophisticated settings, including business cutoff time, processing time, and business days
Delivery Experience Survey
Pro feature
Tracking Page Translation Widget
Google Translate
Google Translate
Tracking Page Languages
Languages that can be selected for static elements on your tracking page
Tracking Detail Replacement
Replace certain keywords in customers' order tracking information
SEO Title & Description
Make your tracking page more SEO-friendly
Tracking Page URL Customization
Define the suffix of your tracking page URL
Track & Trace Tool Block
Embed tracking functionality into any page in your online store
Basic feature
Redirect from Shopify Order Status Page
Replace the track button URL that directs customers to Shopify's order status page
Shipping Notifications
Notification Type
Shipment Status Triggers
Info received, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, exception, failed attempt
In transit, out for delivery, delivered, exception, failed attempt
Pre-Built Email Templates
Email Template Languages
English + full translation available in other published languages + automatic adaptation depending on the country (optional)
English + partial translation according to the language settings
Product Recommendations
AI-powered or based on a selected production collection
AI-powered or based on a selected production collection
Coupon Section
Editor Type
Visual editor
Visual editor
Email Sender
Third-Party Integrations
Shopify Flow Integration
Website Builder Integration
PageFly, Gempages, EComposer, Flits
Email Marketing App Integration
Klaviyo, Omnisend, OrderlyEmails, UpOrder, Shopify Email, SMSBump
Klaviyo, UpOrder, OmniSend
Review App Integration
Loox, Yotpo,, Trustoo, Stamped, Ryviu, Areviews
Loox,, Trustoo, Stamped
Live Chat App Integration
Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, Willdesk
Loyalty App Integration
Dropshipping App Integration
DSers, Dropshipman
DSers, Dropshipman, CJDropshipping
Translation App Integration
ETranslate, Weglot
Productivity App Integration
Google Sheets, Slack
Custom Integrations
Enterprise feature
Enterprise feature
Analytics & Reporting
Shipments Report
Notifications Report
Order Lookup Report
Product Recommendation Report
Coupon Usage Report
Delivery Performance Report
Essential feature
Pro feature
Delivery Experience Review Analytics
PDF Export
Summary Email
Customer Support
Remove the "Powered by" Message
Just contact ParcelPanel support
Just contact TrackingMore support
Help Center
24/7 Live Chat Support
Free Expert Service
Trusted by 40,000+ E-commerce brands
All-In-One Tracking
Real-time sync & tracking to save your time about focusing on other important things.
Shipping notification
Engage customers through proactive & timely notifications.
Branded tracking page
3.7X lookups per order, bring customers back to your store to make more sales.
Smart analytics
Get powerful insights into your shipping & upsell performance.
Boost additional sales
Engage customers to repurchase through personalized or AI-powered product recommendations.
Seamless integrations
Take the guess work out of integrations and pass the savings on to you.

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