ParcelPanel vs SF express sf international
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ParcelPanel is the leading tracking solution for eCommerce that provides comprehensive tracking and management solutions for shipments and packages. It offers users a convenient way to track and organize their shipments from various carriers all in one place. With ParcelPanel, users can track shipments from multiple carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and many others. The platform integrates with these carriers' tracking systems, allowing users to input tracking numbers and obtain real-time updates on the status and location of their packages.
What is ParcelPanel?
ParcelPanel was initially a dedicated order tracking app for Shopify merchants. Thanks to accurate real-time parcel tracking capability, a vast network of 1080+ carriers, comprehensive functionality, competitive pricing and top-notched customer service, ParcelPanel has become Shopify merchants' favorite order tracking app. ParcelPanel is now readily available for WooCommerce businesses, too. ParcelPanel automatically helps you grow profit by turning your branded tracking page and shipping notification emails into sales & marketing machines. ParcelPanel is an optimal choice for businesses all over the world to effectively reduce WISMO inquiries, improve the post-purchase experience and foster customer loyalty.
What is Aftership?
Aftership has developed an all-inclusive post-purchase software that allows businesses to monitor shipments, ensure shipment visibility, and proactively update customers on their package status and delivery time to improve the customer experience. Aftership was founded in 2012, and its post-purchase solutions cover multi-carrier tracking, returns, buyer protection, estimated date of delivery, and carbon footprint reports. Notably, its order tracking service accounts for the largest share of its revenue. Nevertheless, Aftership's order tracking is not the best choice for any e-commerce business.
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All-In-One Tracking
Real-time sync & tracking to save your time about focusing on other important things.
Shipping notification
Engage customers through proactive & timely notifications.
Branded tracking page
3.7X lookups per order, bring customers back to your store to make more sales.
Smart analytics
Get powerful insights into your shipping & upsell performance.
Boost additional sales
Engage customers to repurchase through personalized or AI-powered product recommendations.
Seamless integrations
Take the guess work out of integrations and pass the savings on to you.

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