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Asendia USA is Asendia's largest subsidiary. ParcelPanel supports real-time Asendia USA tracking, allowing you to track Asendia e-PAQ parcels of all kinds and keep customers informed of real-time progress.
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About Asendia USA

Asendia is a global delivery company whose motto reads, "The World is Your Address." The courier company lives up to its motto with a shipping network that delivers to over 200 countries and territories. Asendia was founded in 2012 by two parent companies specializing in mail delivery: Swiss Post and La Poste. Over the years, Asendia has grown to provide fast, secure, and reliable delivery services by partnering with and acquiring other delivery companies worldwide.

In 2018, Asendia acquired Globegistics, a leading global e-commerce and mail solutions firm based in the USA. With the acquisition of Globegistics, Asendia was able to offer stellar delivery services in the USA and Canada. Asendia USA delivers parcels and mail across North America in record time by strategically placing operations and partners near airports and other key points all over the region. The USA courier company is headquartered in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Asendia USA has over 20 facilities and offices nationwide to provide fast domestic deliveries for businesses.

Currently, Asendia has 32 global locations, allowing it to provide exceptional e-commerce parcel solutions to merchants selling internationally. The courier company ships parcels and mail across oceans to customers in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, South America, and North America. Due to the company's dedication to delivering packages fast and securely over great distances, many popular retailers and e-commerce brands trust Asendia. These brands include FarFetch, Urban Outfitters, Style My Bedroom, Bali Body, Samedan Ltd, and Boden.

Asendia Tracking

Asendia provides many e-commerce and mail delivery services across the USA, Canada, and other countries, which you can track online from home. Some Asendia shipping services for e-commerce you can track include e-PAQ packet & parcel services, e-PAQ returns, customs clearance solutions, order fulfillment, and USPS domestic and international services.

In partnership with USPS, the company's mail delivery services include marketing mail, business mail, publications, and mailing fulfillment services. The courier company also allows customers and businesses to track mail via mail delivery services. Notably, through Asendia's cost-effective business mail solutions, businesses and customers can send and track letters, invoices, statements, and reports internationally hassle-free via an online Asendia Track and Trace tool.

Asendia USA Tracking

With Asendia, tracking USA parcels and mail can be done online anytime and anywhere worldwide. The parcels are sorted at the company's numerous USA international service centers before being sent to their destination countries. Although packages go through many transit points, businesses can always count on Asendia's diverse shipping services to deliver parcels on time and even back to their origin.

Asendia e-PAQ services are designed for online retailers to deliver shipments to customers efficiently in record time. The e-PAQ services are tiered accordingly to give online merchants a cost-effective way to fulfill orders.

  • e-PAQ Standard offers the lowest cost for international parcel delivery with basic milestone tracking for packages up to 4.4 lbs.
  • e-PAQ Plus gives merchants a budget-friendly delivery solution with export, import, and delivery tracking for packages up to 4.4 lbs.
  • e-PAQ Select offers fast deliveries to most destinations with full Asendia track and trace features for packages up to 66 lbs.
  • e-PAQ Elite offers online retailers the fastest and most comprehensive deliveries with worldwide coverage and tracking for packages up to 66 lbs.

The courier company also offers USPS domestic and international shipping services and US inbound services at discounted rates.

Asendia Tracking Canada

Asendia USA to Canada tracking is similar to Asendia USA tracking since the company offers the same services in Canada as they do in the USA. However, Asendia uses its partner, Canada Post, to finalize deliveries in the countries. Packages going to Canada use USPS in transit, and then they are handed over to Canada Post for the last stretch to complete all Asendia deliveries to Canadian addresses.

You can track all Asendia packages using the Canada Post tracking portal or simply use Asendia tracking for a more centralized post-purchase experience.

How to Track Asendia?

There are two primary ways to track Asendia packages: the company's official tracking feature or a third-party tracking platform. Third-party tracking websites and apps like ParcelPanel offer more tracking capabilities and advanced features.

By using Asendia Tracking

Asendia USA tracking can be done in one place for all their e-commerce and mail delivery services. It's straightforward to use the official Asendia tracking tool. You can get timely updates on your package or mail delivery, whether it's e-PAQ, USPS, e-PAQ returns, publications, or business and marketing mail.

1. Start by heading to the official Asendia tracking page on the company's website.

2. Once on the Asendia USA tracking portal, input your tracking number on the field and press "Track." Asendia allows you to add three tracking numbers and track them at once.


3. The tracking portal will display all the necessary information regarding your package, including which stage of the shipping process it is currently in. Other information displayed will include destination, parcel weight, and shipping service.


Asendia provides the most up-to-date information and progress on your shipment. One of Asendia's track and trace tools also has a multi-language feature that allows customers to get their Asendia tracking information in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Italian.


By Using ParcelPanel

You can get your Asendia track and trace information using ParcelPanel in two ways. You can use the ParcelPanel website or App.

ParcelPanel Website

1. To begin Asendia USA tracking with the ParcelPanel website, head to the ParcelPanel homepage and click "Carriers" to access the list of tracking tools for over 1,100 carriers worldwide.

2. Scroll down to the carrier's search bar and enter "Asendia," then choose Asendia USA from the list of Asendia couriers to enter the "Asendia USA Tracking" page on ParcelPanel.


3. Finally, enter your tracking number(s) and click on track to get updates on your shipment. Unlike the official Asendia tracking portal, with ParcelPanel, you can add up to 30 Asendia tracking numbers at a single time.

4. ParcelPanel will display all necessary Asendia USA tracking details, including the latest shipment status, transit point, destination country, etc.


ParcelPanel tracking website also supports tracking in multiple languages. Customers can translate their Asendia parcel tracking information into 10 languages. The interface supports Chinese, English, Danish, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

The ParcelPanel order tracking app offers even more features in tracking and managing shipments in-store. The ParcelPanel app also allows store owners to centralize and automate order tracking across their courier partners, as the App is already integrated with over 1,100 couriers' tracking APIs.


ParcelPanel also helps merchants grow their e-commerce business by providing features to improve the post-purchase experience to build customer trust and increase sales. The App automatically creates a branded tracking page for your store so customers can track their packages anytime from anywhere. Customers will receive shipping notification emails with the App and return to your store to continue shopping.

Give your customers the best post-purchase experience and turn one-time buyers into repeat customers with the ParcelPanel app.

To track your order with the order tracking app, visit the Shopify store and download the App from the platform.

Asendia Tracking Number

An Asendia USA tracking number is a unique number that customers can use to track and trace their Asendia packages. If you're the recipient, you can find your Asendia tracking number in the shipping confirmation email from your vendor. If you can't find the tracking number in the confirmation email, check on the online store order page or contact customer support.

Asendia Tracking Number Format

The Asendia USA tracking number format consists of 12 or 22 alphanumeric characters.

Asendia Tracking Number Example






Asendia Tracking FAQ

How long does Asendia take to ship?

Asendia international shipping takes 3 - 15 days for shipments to arrive at their destinations. The delivery time depends on the service selected and the distance. The e-PAQ Select service for domestic and regional deliveries usually takes 2-5 days. e-PAQ Elite has the fastest delivery times; local deliveries take one day, regional deliveries take 2 to 3 days, and global deliveries take 3 to 5 days.

Who delivers Asendia in Canada?

Asendia shipments to Canada are handled by Canada Post. The courier company uses USPS in transit and then hands over to Canada Post in-country shipments. Asendia deliveries to Canada were further strengthened by a joint venture between the courier company and Broad Reach in July 2022.

Does Asendia deliver on weekends?

Asendia parcels and mail deliveries are generally made on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. However, weekend deliveries may be possible if your country's local postal services support weekend deliveries.

Asendia Customer Service

Asendia USA offers different ways customers can get help on all their services. You can contact your nearest Asendia service center in the USA via email, fax, and telephone. In most cases, Asendia requires customers to fill out a form to submit a complaint and get help.

  • Asendia USA tracking customer support

Phone – (800) 624-5287

Email - [email protected]

  • Asendia headquarters and international processing facility, Philadelphia, PA.

You can find more information on Asendia USA offices and international processing facilities on the Asendia USA Contact Us page.


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