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COSCO eGlobal is a dedicated platform of the COSCO agency, COSCO Shipping Air Freight Co., Ltd. ParcelPanel supports real-time COSCO tracking. With ParcelPanel, you can automate COSCO shipping tracking and update customers in real time throughout the shipment journey.
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COSCO eGlobal branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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COSCO, short for China Ocean Shipping Company, is commonly referred to as COSCO SHIPPING Lines Co., Ltd. It is a large state-owned container shipping company formed by integrating the businesses of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited and COSCO SHIPPING Holdings. Established on March 1, 2016, with a registered capital of RMB 23.664 billion, COSCO SHIPPING Lines specializes in domestic and international container shipping and related businesses.

Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has a strong global presence with branches across nine Chinese ports and nine international regions. By the end of September 2023, COSCO operated a network of 238 corporate enterprises and over 400 marketing and service outlets worldwide.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines owns and operates 376 container vessels with a capacity of approximately 2.1 million TEUs. In collaboration with Oriental Overseas International, the total capacity reaches about 3.0 million TEUs. The company runs 400 shipping routes, covering 594 ports in 144 countries.

COSCO eGlobal, a cutting-edge platform under COSCO Shipping Air Freight Co., Ltd., represents a new era in comprehensive cross-border e-commerce logistics services. Leveraging the robust, comprehensive capabilities and global network resources of COSCO, COSCO eGlobal stands out in the realm of cross-border e-commerce logistics.

As a member of the Ocean Alliance, which includes CMA CGM, Evergreen, and OOCL, COSCO SHIPPING Lines focuses on providing efficient and comprehensive shipping services. The company aims to be a world-class integrated container ecosystem supplier, focusing on customer orientation and value creation, and is actively developing a global, digital container supply chain service system.

COSCO Tracking

COSCO offers a variety of online track and trace tools for COSCO shipping tracking, namely, the COSCO Cargo Tracking, COSCO Shipment Details tracking, and COSCO Booking Tracking tools.

COSCO Cargo Tracking

The official COSCO Cargo Tracking service can be accessed via the drop-down menu of "Our Service." To track COSCO cargo, you need a bill of lading number, booking number, container number, or reference number.


When it comes to COSCO container tracking, only 6 container numbers can be entered each time.

If you use a reference number, please note that these 5 types of reference numbers are supported by the system:

  • Shipper Reference
  • Shippers Identity for Shipment (SID)
  • Forwarder Reference
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Reference of Item

You may also go to the COSCO E-Business Portal for COSCO cargo tracking, which presents other tracking options, including email, mobile app, and WeChat.


  • Email: Enter the container number in the subject line of the email and send it to [email protected].
  • Mobile App: Install the COSCO mobile app for iOS or Android devices by scanning the corresponding QR code.
  • WeChat: Scan the QR code and follow COSCO's official account. Then, choose "Query" and "Cargo Tracking" to proceed.

You may choose the most convenient option to track cargo handled by COSCO. If you wish to know the shipment details, log in to the E-Business Portal.

COSCO Container Tracking

COSCO has developed a comprehensive solution for you to check sailing schedules and specific cutoff times. You can also receive timely arrival notice before the container arrives at the destination port.

COSCO Booking Tracking

You may choose COSCO booking tracking by city pairs, by service route, or by vessel.


In particular, for COSCO vessel tracking, you can either enter the vessel name here or go to the "Vessel Particulars" option under "Schedule," where you can search by service. Just choose the service you want from "Trade" and the particular service line you're interested in, and click "Search" for more details.


COSCO Shipping Tracking for Transshipment

In case of transshipment, you'd better use the bill of lading number for tracking. Normally, 3 days before the container arrives at an intermediate destination, COSCO will provide the information on the next container. As for foreign trade, if trans-shipment is needed, generally, it will be arranged within 7 ~ 14 days.

COSCO Tracking by Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a professional ecommerce post-purchase solution provider that offers order tracking services by seamlessly integrating with an extensive network of carriers, including COSCO eGlobal. You may access the COSCO tracking service via the official website or our order tracking app.

ParcelPanel Official Website

Visit the "Carriers" page on ParcelPanel's official website, enter "COSCO" in the search bar, and choose the "COSCO eGlobal Tracking" service. You may enter up to 30 bill of lading numbers for COSCO shipping tracking.


After entering a COSCO tracking number, click "Track" to initiate the tracking process.

The advantage of using ParcelPanel over the official COSCO tracking tool is that you can easily export the tracking information for all shipments and get the translation in another language.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

If you do a wholesale business worldwide and use COSCO to ship bulk cargo, the shipping time can be excruciating. Instead of getting many WISMO inquiries from impatient customers, you'd better provide 24/7 self-serve order tracking to save time on communication. For Shopify and WooCommerce merchants, the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app is an excellent solution for increasing customer engagement and building trust.


In this way, your customers will return to your online store more often and get informed of the shipment updates without your help. You may also choose to enable a variety of email notifications triggered by the change of shipment status. Furthermore, with analytics, you can easily identify the most lucrative market that you need to prioritize.

COSCO Customer Service

COSCO customer service email: [email protected]

COSCO hotline: +86 4009 601919

COSCO eGlobal customer service number: +86 10-51568203 or +86 10-51568291


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