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RAM is a leading South African logistics company. ParcelPanel supports real-time RAM tracking, allowing you to increase interaction with customers, enhance the post-purchase experience, and boost repeat business.

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About RAM Couriers

Founded in 1988, RAM is a customer-centric logistics company, growing alongside and contributing to clients' success.

With an extensive network of over 27 hubs, 1500 vehicles, and a professional team of 3000, RAM is the only South African courier that doesn't use subcontractors nationwide. RAM thrives on providing seamless and secure logistics solutions to pharmaceuticals, IT and cellular, retail, finance, beauty and cosmetics, and the supply chain sector, making sure every delivery is handled with utmost care.

RAM stands out by maintaining direct control over deliveries, emphasizing the importance of a personal touch in every interaction. Its track and trace technology offers customers real-time parcel tracking for peace of mind.

In 2013, RAM expanded its international services by partnering with DHL Express, offering seamless global deliveries. RAM's International Value Network, part of the Malca Amit Network, provides secure, high-value transport services, including personal courier services for the most sensitive deliveries. RAM's journey is marked by significant contracts and a commitment to continuous improvement, reflecting its dedication to elevating the customer experience in logistics.

RAM Couriers Tracking

RAM offers one-stop shipping and tracking services to cater to diverse logistics needs. This includes local, special, and international shipping, complemented by sophisticated warehousing solutions:

Local Services / Demand Services

  • SAME DAY: Delivers parcels on the same day of collection in local and main centers.
  • EARLY BIRD 09H00: Ensures delivery by 09:00 on the next business day in local and main centers.
  • NEXT DAY 11H00: Parcels are delivered by 11:00 on the next business day in local and main centers.
  • NEXT DAY 17H00: Provides delivery by the close of business on the next business day.
  • Regional Deliveries: Offers delivery to certain regional destinations with prior confirmation needed from the nearest RAM Hub.

Special Services

  • VALUABLE CARGO VC: Delivery by the end of the next business day post-collection.
  • FACE TO FACE F2F: Delivery specifically to the designated person on the waybill. The service is KYC - FICA / RICA compliant, which delivers credit cards and cellular communication equipment by strictly adhering to FICA and RICA regulations, including managing personal identification documents.
  • FIREARM SERVICE: For registered clients, RAM offers a secure firearm delivery service with specific terms, including electronic submission of shipping instructions and strict packaging guidelines. This service is provided at the client's risk, mainly via road transport, within 3 to 5 business days.

Distribution Services

  • EXPRESS ROAD XR: Delivery within 24–48 hours.
  • ECONOMY SERVICE ES: Delivery within 48-72 hours.

International Services

RAM's International Services bridge the globe, delivering documents and parcels to major destinations across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States, typically within 2 to 3 business days. Strengthened by a partnership with DHL Express since 2013, RAM now reaches over 220 countries, ensuring smooth and swift international deliveries.

Warehousing Services

RAM's Warehousing Services, tailored for high-value items, combine cutting-edge technology with meticulous care. Utilizing the Matflo Warehouse Management System and FIFO principles, they meticulously manage inventory, ensuring each item is stored securely and managed effectively. This approach highlights RAM's dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency in their warehousing solutions, providing customers with assurance and reliability for their storage needs.

The real-time RAM waybill tracking features packed in the Track and Trace tools are key to their services, which provide customers with full visibility and peace of mind for their shipments. These tools epitomize RAM's focus on security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the logistics world.

How to Track RAM Parcels?

RAM offers robust tracking tools that enable users to monitor their parcels every step of the way. Additionally, ParcelPanel, a professional third-party multi-carrier tracking solution, integrates with RAM tracking API, offering an alternative platform for tracking. This integration not only simplifies the tracking process but also centralizes the management of shipments, making it easier for businesses to keep tabs on all their deliveries.

By Using RAM Couriers Tracking Tools

RAM Couriers Tracking Page

1. Navigate to RAM Tracking Tool:

Open the RAM Track & Trace tool on your internet browser.


2. Enter RAM Tracking Number:

Locate and input your RAM tracking number in the provided field on the website.

3. View Parcel Information:

Upon entering the RAM waybill tracking number, the website will display detailed information about your parcel. This includes the consignment history with timestamps, such as when it was consigned, departed, arrived, and delivered, along with any SMS notifications sent and Proof of Delivery (POD) details.


RAM Portal

1. Open your browser and go to RAM Portal.

2. Log in by using your Customer ID and password. This feature is available for Credit Approved Customers.

3. With RAM Portal, you can track up to 10 consignments simultaneously, monitor parcels' delivery progress in real time, view Proof of Delivery (POD) and delivery details, and obtain tailored reports. Directly log collections, view supporting documents such as GRVs and IDs, and access electronic records of transactions.

By Using ParcelPanel

Revolutionize your logistics experience with ParcelPanel, which is fully integrated with RAM tracking API and the tracking APIs of another 1,100+ couriers worldwide. For customers, it provides peace of mind and real-time updates on their orders, reducing uncertainty and improving satisfaction. For businesses, it enhances operational efficiency, aids in managing the supply chain effectively, and improves customer service.

1. Access ParcelPanel's Website:

Visit the ParcelPanel official website and navigate to the tracking section.

2. Find RAM Couriers:

In the list of couriers, search for and select "RAM" to enter the dedicated "RAM Tracking" page.


3. Enter RAM Tracking Number:

Input your RAM tracking number to view the parcel's status. Please note that the RAM tracking tool on ParcelPanel enables you to track up to 30 RAM waybill numbers at a single time.

4. View RAM Couriers Tracking Details:

ParcelPanel displays comprehensive tracking information, including current location, transit time, shipment status, and transit history.

5. Automate RAM Tracking with App:

ParcelPanel has the top "Built for Shopify" order tracking app that can automate RAM Couriers tracking and automatically send shipping notification emails on your behalf to enhance the post-purchase experience. If you are a Shopify business owner in South Africa, install the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app to improve your order tracking efficiency significantly.

RAM Shipping & Tracking FAQ

Does RAM deliver on weekends?

RAM typically only offers weekend or public holiday deliveries with a special service and surcharge.

How long does RAM Couriers take to deliver?

RAM delivery times vary depending on the selected service type. Demand Services are generally faster than Distribution Services.

What are the packaging requirements?

Customers are responsible for packing and sealing parcels. RAM provides courier Flybags for ease of sealing.

What are the shipment limitations and restrictions?

RAM has weight and size restrictions for parcels: maximum weight: 30kg; maximum size: 120 x 60 x 60cm. You need to call the nearest RAM Hub to get arrangements for items exceeding these limits.

Can I collect a parcel from RAM Couriers?

Normally, you should wait for RAM to complete the final delivery. Parcels are always consolidated for transportation. Therefore, you should wait until your parcel reaches the nearest office responsible for last-mile delivery and contact customer service to pick it up from RAM Couriers.

RAM Customer Service

RAM provides comprehensive customer service support. For package tracking inquiries, customers can contact RAM through various channels for prompt assistance.

The main hotline, 0861 736 726, is open Monday ~ Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 during regular business hours.

RAM also provides live chat assistance, allowing for immediate help and quick resolution of questions.

RAM's unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer service is exemplified by its quick and accessible support system, which responds to a range of customer needs and inquiries about parcel tracking and delivery.

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