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Shadowfax is an Indian courier for ecommerce and hyperlocal deliveries. ParcelPanel supports real-time Shadowfax courier tracking, allowing you to deliver top-notch post-purchase experiences and reduce WISMO tickets.
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Shadowfax branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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About Shadowfax

Shadowfax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a top logistics company in India. It has developed rapidly since its foundation in 2015. Starting from a small food delivery service, it now receives 1.5 million orders a day. With 3 million Shadowfax delivery partners nationwide, it provides speedy delivery services all around India, covering over 2,500 cities and 15,000 pincodes.

Currently, it offers 3 main delivery services: Shadowfax E-Commerce delivery, hyperlocal deliveries, and personal courier service.

Despite the fierce domestic competition with Zepto and Shiprocket, quite a few famous companies have become Shadowfax's clients, such as Unilever, Decathlon, Swiggy, Big Bazaar, and Myntra.

Shadowfax Courier Tracking

Shadowfax provides fast and cost-efficient delivery services for businesses and individuals across 2,500 cities in India. This section is dedicated to tracking Shadowfax's popular delivery services.

Shadowfax E-Commerce Tracking

Shadowfax E-commerce delivery service supports omnichannel distribution all across India. You can trust not only its express forward service but also its return service. It provides live imaging for quality checks at customers' doorstep and the last-mile hub. Real-time tracking is provided throughout the entire process.

Shadowfax Hyperlocal Delivery Tracking

Shadowfax also offers cost-effective intra-city deliveries. The hyperlocal services mainly deliver food, groceries, and medicines. You can choose its retail logistics service if you need on-time deliveries for your restaurants or retail chains. And if you want to transport high-value items such as meat, luxury, and alcohol, you can choose Shadowfax's specialized logistics fleet.

Besides, personal courier service can help address D2C and emerging businesses' needs for speedy pick-up, real-time tracking, and low shipping costs.

To better manage your orders, you can make full use of Shadowfax delivery tracking services.

E-commerce shipments can be delivered to your customers' doorsteps via air or ground transportation within a day. Both modes of transport enable end-to-end seamless tracking, ensuring safe and accurate delivery.

For hyperlocal deliveries, shipments can be delivered in less than 45 minutes. The speedy intra-city deliveries come with live geolocation tracking based on automated route planning technology.

How to Track Shadowfax?

There are several ways for you to track Shadowfax Courier deliveries. First, you can choose an official Shadowfax tracking tool - either "Track Your Order" on Shadowfax's official website or the Shadowfax app. You may also choose ParcelPanel, a professional order-tracking solution for eCommerce businesses worldwide.

By Using Shadowfax Online Tracking

On the homepage of the Shadowfax official website, you can find the "Track Order" button on the right side of the navigation menu. Enter your AWB (Airway Bill) number to retrieve the latest tracking information.

With the official Shadowfax Tracker, both you and your customers can track the Shadowfax e-commerce, hyperlocal, and personal courier orders by using the Shadowfax tracking ID without logging in to the platform.


It's also worth mentioning that on the platform, you can change your addresses and pay in advance for your COD (Cash on Delivery) shipments.

Flash is the APP developed by Shadowfax. The Flash services are accessible within 50 Indian cities via the and the mobile app (Android). With it, not only can you send parcels, but you can also keep track of the delivery progress in real time.


And now, it offers 25% off your first two orders by using the coupon code "WELCOME25".

By Using ParcelPanel

You can use ParcelPanel's official website or the ParcelPanel Order Tracking App for Shadowfax delivery tracking. Compared to previous methods, ParcelPanel offers more comprehensive tracking services to help improve the post-purchase experience.

ParcelPanel Website

On the ParcelPanel official website, if you want to search specifically for Shadowfax's shipments, you should open its courier list first, which is accessible from the top navigation bar. After clicking on "Carriers," you can find the input field of the universal package tracking tool. If you want to track a Shadowfax package, scroll down to enter "Shadowfax" in the search box and choose the search result.

On the new page, you can enter up to 30 Shadowfax tracking numbers simultaneously, boosting your efficiency in Shadowfax tracking.

You'll find the update of orders shown in detail.

Here's an example of our search with the Shadowfax tracking number R612267653KR.


The thorough shipment process is shown. You can share the complete tracking information and tracking link by clicking the buttons at the bottom.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

The ParcelPanel app is more powerful than any parcel tracker on the official website, as the former provides more useful features for eCommerce merchants.


Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can elevate the customer experience. Your customers use the branded tracking page to track their orders and get real-time updates. This helps to strengthen the connection with your customers.

You can activate the automatic shipping notification function to engage your customers better. Besides, you can also take advantage of the analytics to optimize your logistics operations and take your business to the next level. Also, by using the ParcelPanel app, you can be notified in the first place when a delivery exception occurs.

Shadowfax Tracking ID

The Shadowfax tracking ID is referred to as the Shadowfax AWB number. You can find the numbers on the receipt of your package beneath the bar code. You can see an example below.

Shadowfax Tracking Number Format

The Shadowfax tracking ID is typically made up of 12 ~ 13 alphanumeric characters.

Shadowfax Tracking Number Example



Shadowfax Customer Care

Shadowfax E-commerce services are available from Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 7 pm. During working hours, you can call Shadowfax's contact number, +91 9353325001. During non-operating hours, you can drop a WhatsApp message at +91 9353325001 or email [email protected].

As for general inquiries, express your concerns by sending an email to [email protected].

Besides, you can take a visit to the Shadowfax office. The Shadowfax office address is 1st floor, Appek Building, 93/A, 4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095.


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