Spee-Dee Delivery

Spee-Dee Delivery Tracking

SpeeDee is a reliable U.S. delivery company that ships to 9 states. ParcelPanel supports real-time SpeeDee tracking, allowing you to automate SpeeDee Delivery tracking and update customers via email from order to door.

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About SpeeDee

Founded in 1978, SpeeDee, the reliable delivery company in the U.S., had a humble beginning - the founder provided an on-call delivery service by using a pickup truck to meet local businesses’ needs. The company grew over the years, upholding the philosophy of offering better delivery services at economical rates.

Today, SpeeDee provides a wide range of flexible delivery services tailored to customers, from next–day delivery, pickups, returns, and LTL to warehousing/fulfillment. The company has over 1,800 employees, delivers for over 12,000 shippers throughout 9 U.S. states, and handles 70k packages per day.

SpeeDee Tracking

SpeeDee Delivery services are available within nine states. Its service areas cover Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as well as select areas in Michigan, Missouri, and Nebraska. The Spee-Dee Ship Software complements SpeeDee Delivery services by helping shippers improve package processing efficiency and track orders.

You may also access the “Track A Shipment” page for tracking SpeeDee Delivery.


SpeeDee Tracking on the Official Website

Here’s how to conduct SpeeDee tracking by tracking number with the tool. Normally, you need to enter a SpeeDee tracking number and click “SEARCH,” the SpeeDee tracking information that you need will appear immediately.

Tip: If you need to track multiple SpeeDee shipments, make sure to separate the SpeeDee tracking numbers with commas.

The tracking information you’ll get is similar to what’s shown in the image below. In particular, the SpeeDee tracking information normally includes the latest shipment status, delivery time, and delivery address.


If you’re interested in the transit history, click “View Package Progress,” and you’ll find a list of transit points and timestamps.


By clicking “Print Shipment,” you can print the shipment information easily.

If you need to monitor the delivery of dozens of packages handled by SpeeDee, you may find an error message like this if your search query is too frequent.


SpeeDee Tracking with ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel supports tracking 1,100 couriers worldwide. Our system perfectly integrates with SpeeDee’s tracking API, which makes for real-time SpeeDee delivery tracking. Both ParcelPanel’s official website and ParcelPanel Order Tracking app can help you improve efficiency in SpeeDee tracking. Here’s how:

SpeeDee Tracking with ParcelPanel Official Website

You can find over 1,100 carrier tracking tools on ParcelPanel.com. To track SpeeDee Delivery, go to the “Carriers” list first, enter “Spee-Dee” and access the tracking tool.

Compared with the official SpeeDee delivery tracking tool, ParcelPanel allows you to track 20 more shipments in one go, which greatly boosts your work efficiency.


Just enter your SpeeDee tracking number; after clicking the “Track" button, you’ll get the necessary SpeeDee tracking information.


Compared with the official SpeeDee tracking tool, the SpeeDee tracking tool on ParcelPanel.com allows you to export tracking information to a spreadsheet. It also provides you with the transit time directly.

SpeeDee Tracking with ParcelPanel App

ParcelPanel Order Tracking is an outstanding shipment tracking app for Shopify and WooCommerce businesses. If you’re looking for the best cost-effective ways to automate order tracking and improve the post-purchase experience, ParcelPanel won’t disappoint you. Rated 5 stars based on over 2,000 reviews, our solution is reputed for its ease of use and excellent 24/7 customer service.


How does it work for SpeeDee tracking? As ParcelPanel has built seamless integrations with over 1,100 couriers worldwide, including SpeeDee, you can rest assured the moment you finish the installation of our app. It will automatically retrieve tracking information across all your courier partners for your orders in the past. After you put the tracking page on your storefront, your customers can access real-time delivery updates by using the order number or tracking number.

The advantages of using the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app are far more than that. You may also provide shipment notifications for added convenience, effectively engage with customers in the post-purchase journey, and increase revisits. Coupled with the “AI-Powered Product Recommendations,'' you can expect more repeat business than ever.

SpeeDee Tracking Number

Whenever you register your package or LTL shipment with SpeeDee, the company will provide you with a shipping label, on which there is a tracking number to monitor the delivery progress in real time.

SpeeDee Tracking Number Format

What does a Spee Dee Delivery tracking number look like? A SpeeDee tracking number typically consists of 16 ~ 20 alphanumeric characters with SP at the beginning to indicate the company.

SpeeDee Tracking Number Examples





SpeeDee Customer Service

SpeeDee customer service number: (800)-862-5578

If you have any questions, you may contact SpeeDee customer service by dialing the toll-free number above. It’s worth noticing that SpeeDee’s operating hours are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. If you fail to get in touch, check SpeeDee’s holiday schedule first.

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