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Wanb Express (also Wanbang Express) is a popular cross-border e-commerce logistics company in China. ParcelPanel supports real-time Wanbang Express tracking, allowing you to offer full shipment visibility, build trust & boost repeat purchases.
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Wanb Express branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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Wanb Express branded tracking experience for WooCommerce merchants
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About WANB Express

WANB Express, also known as Wanbang Express (Chinese: 万邦速达), has been committed to cross-border e-commerce logistics since its foundation in 2016. After 7 years of rapid development, it has established a professional team of nearly 500 people worldwide. Its global distribution and operation centers total more than 60,000 square meters and are capable of handling 500,000 orders per day on average.

Over the years, Wanbang Express has built 6 warehouses in China and UK, providing tailor-made services for eCommerce merchants. With services reaching over 40 countries, WANB Express ensures economical and efficient shipping from China to your destination in 4 ~ 7 days. According to the data provided by WANB Express, you can save up to 50% on international shipping costs by choosing its service.

Wanbang Logistics mainly offers Warehousing services in the UK, Parcel Express (from China to the UK), Dropshipping (from China to worldwide), and FBA First Leg services.

Over 3000 eCommerce sellers on top-tier eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify use Wanbang Express shipping. With 90% of good reviews from its customers, WANB Express has also been recognized by authoritative organizations such as HM Revenue & Customs, BIFA, and FIATA.

WANB Express Services

WANB Express offers various logistics services.

First of all, its UK warehouse supports customs clearance, warehousing, road freight, and express freight services. Also, WANB provides reliable transportation service to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Apart from that, Wanbang Express provides special line services catering to cross-border eCommerce businesses' needs for fast international shipping at affordable prices.

Additionally, with Wanbang Express tracking, you can monitor the delivery progress of your WANB parcels in real time.

In this section, we'll dive into Wanbang Express shipping and tracking services.

WANB Express Shipping

Wanbang Express offers efficient door-to-door services for eCommerce businesses to ship from China to the UK and other countries. WANB also provides a standardized cross-border dropshipping service and guarantees DDP customs clearance with the help of its partner agents worldwide. Before placing an order in the Wanb Express system, you'd better check transit times and its restrictions on freight types, weight, and size in advance. The information can be found on "Parcel Express – China to UK" and "Dropshipping – China to EU & N.Am" pages on the WANB Express website.

WANB Express Tracking

Wanbang Express Amazon Tracking

By choosing WANB Express, you can enjoy efficient air freight transportation, customs clearance, and FBA Prep services from overseas warehouses. WANB Express FBA First Leg services are popular among Amazon sellers because of the affordable pricing and short transit time, i.e., only 6 - 14 days.

Moreover, Amazon sellers have full visibility of the entire shipping process, from dispatch to final delivery to an FBA warehouse, even though WANB partners with different couriers to transport products to Amazon FBA warehouses in different countries.

Destination CountryLast-Mile Delivery PartnerTransit Time
United KingdomDPD8 - 10 natural days
GermanyUPS/DPD10 - 14 natural days
Poland, Czech Republic
United StatesUPS/FedEx6 - 8 business days

Wanbang Last-Mile Tracking

Although the official WANB tracking tool offers end-to-end shipment visibility, you can't get the last-mile tracking number to track on the official websites of WANB's courier partners.

How to Track WANB Express Orders?

The WANB Express tracking service is available on the official site. If you are an eCommerce seller looking for a reliable and powerful parcel-tracking solution, ParcelPanel is a better choice.

By Using WANB Express Tracking Service

Open the WANB Express website in your preferred language. At the top of the page, you can find the "TRACKING" button along with a magnifier icon. Move your cursor over it to enter your WANB tracking number.


Alternatively, click on the search button to enter the dedicated WANB Express "Track Your Parcel" page, which allows you to track up to 40 WANB Express tracking numbers in one go. To proceed, you're required to pass the ReCAPTCHA verification successfully.


Then, you can find your orders categorized into different statuses, such as Not Found, In Transit, Delivered, etc.

If you can't find the tracking number for your parcel in the WANB system since the information may not be synchronized from its partners on time, you can submit an online form on the Wanbang Express tracking page. The customer service representative will contact you later on.

By Using ParcelPanel

Apart from the methods above, you can track WANB Express parcels by using the ParcelPanel website or the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. ParcelPanel is a robust tracking solution provider that seamlessly integrates with more than 1,100 carriers worldwide, including Wanb Express. It helps Shopify and WooCommerce merchants streamline order tracking and improve post-purchase experiences to build trust, increase repeat purchases, and grow more sustainably.

ParcelPanel Website

The ParcelPanel website is a convenient platform for you to track and trace WANB Express parcels. To effectively track and trace, follow the step-by-step guidelines below.

On ParcelPanel's homepage, click on the "Carriers" button in the top menu, and you'll find the field provided for the universal shipment tracking tool on ParcelPanel. You can input 30 tracking numbers from different couriers at a single time.

Scroll down the page to find the list of all carriers.

To track WANB Express, you should input "WANB" or "WANB Express" in the search bar. Then click on the carrier search result to be directed to the dedicated "Wanb Express Tracking" page. Similarly, the WANB Express tracking tool can accommodate up to 30 tracking numbers in one search query.


Here's what we've got by entering the WANB tracking number WNBAA0281634045YQ.


The shipment bound for the "United States" is currently "In Transit," and the transit time is 13 days. If you search multiple parcels, a summary dashboard will appear first, and you can click on a specific tracking result to reveal more detailed tracking information.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

ParcelPanel order tracking app offers more powerful functions for you to effectively enhance the post-purchase experience.


With the ParcelPanel app, you can streamline WANB Express tracking as it can automatically synchronize orders from your Shopify/WooCommerce store. After retrieving information from the logistics company, it can display the tracking details on a branded tracking page, allowing you to increase end-to-end shipment visibility for customers.

Also, providing shipping notifications can be much easier since the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app allows you to personalize email notifications with the visual editor and automate delivery based on the real-time shipment status. By doing so, customer inquiries can be reduced, and customer satisfaction and operational efficiency can be effectively improved.

More importantly, you can drive insights by making full use of ParcelPanel's tech-driven analytics, which includes shipment, transit time, tracking page, and shipping notification analytics. With this function, you can optimize your supply chain management for further profit growth.

WANB Express Tracking Number

Whether you're using the official WANB Express tracking system or ParcelPanel, the first step is to prepare the Wanbang Express tracking number, which is issued at the time of shipment registration.

WANB Express Tracking Number Format

There are 2 WANB Express tracking number formats. The first format starts with "WNB" and 2 capital letters, followed by 10 numeric numbers, and ends with "YQ," while the other format consists of 20 digital numbers.

WANB Express Tracking Number Example

Three examples of WANB Express tracking numbers are listed below:




WANB Express Customer Service

WANB Express provides 24/7 customer service on its website for your convenience.

To get a quicker reply, call WANB Express's contact number at +86 755-28918827. Or you can send a message to its QQ account: 800177586 or email to [email protected].

Besides, you may visit WANB Express head office at 2701, Tower 11, Tian'an Yungu 2nd Phase, No. 2018 Xuegang Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. You can also find more information about other warehouses in China.


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