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Business Profile

Brand: Atolea Jewelry

Industry: Apparel, Fashion

Platform: Shopify Plus 

Country: France

Year Founded: 2020

Usage: Since Aug 2020

Ships to: 70+ countries

Integration: Klaviyo


The secret of Atolea’s success: Locking in customers at the very beginning through the post-purchase service

Founded in 2020, Atolea went from obscurity to a Shopify Plus-level brand in 2 years. Especially in the summer of 2023, Atolea is making a big splash, having 300k followers on Instagram and a high rating of 4.6 on TrustPilot. Atolea has also been featured in ELLE and Grazia magazines and has become a favorite amongst fashion lovers. The success of Atolea is attributed to its proactive post-purchase strategy.

Most merchants focus on acquiring new customers when they first start running a store, which is certainly true, but the problem is that the post-purchase corner is forgotten. Everyone is familiar with a popular saying in the e-commerce field today: The cost of acquiring new customers is 7 times higher than that of retaining existing customers. But unfortunately, many people only realize the importance of retaining existing customers when store growth stagnates.

Atolea’s team set their sights on becoming a trusted DTC brand when they first set up their stores. With the importance of post-purchase service to brand operations kept in mind, Atolea chose ParcelPanel to form a crucial part of their post-purchase service when the store was first set up. Integrated with 1,000+ carriers worldwide, maintains a high score of 5.0 in Shopify stores all year round, and deeply trusted by Shopify Plus merchants, ParcelPanel has become their first choice.


How did Atolea use ParcelPanel to support its post-purchase service in all aspects?

  • Branded Tracking Page: Adding an Order tracking portal on the store front-end allows customers to check the order shipping information at any time, which increases the trust and satisfaction of customers’ purchasing. Since customers can check the shipping information independently, they don’t need to ask customer service, greatly reducing the workload and time of Atolea’s customer service team.
  • Smart Marketing Channel: Reaching customers through multiple channels after the sale and facilitating repurchase is the key to customer retention. Per order views of Atolea on their branded tracking page is 3.4 times, which makes it an excellent channel for Atolea to reach customers for conversion.
  • Powerful Analytics: Atolea ships to 70+ countries around the world, and it’s a big challenge to control the quality of the shipping service. Fortunately, ParcelPanel has powerful analytics features that allow merchants to get insightful analytics into shipments and transit time to optimize shipping and post-purchase efforts. 


The results: Higher-than-industry-level customer retention and return rates

  • 25k USD saved in customer service costs monthly: Based on the average hourly rate for customer service, Atolea now saves 25k USD per month in customer service costs by using ParcelPanel. The money saved can then be used to acquire new customers, putting the store into a positive cycle.
  • 463% ROI in post-purchase: Using ParcelPanel’s Smart Marketing Channel, Atolea achieved an incredible ROI of 463%, with the benefits of ParcelPanel far outweighing the investment.
  • Higher customer retention above the jewelry industry level: Atolea’s customer retention rate is higher than the industry level due to the excellent post-purchase experience provided to customers, which enhances their trust and satisfaction with Atolea and realizes sustainable business development.

Elisa: “ParcelPanel has now become an indispensable part of our post-purchase service.”


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