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Canada Post is Canada's national postal service, offering domestic and international services, such as Xpresspost, Registered Mail, US & International Delivery, etc. Automate Canada Post tracking for your e-commerce business with ParcelPanel now!

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About Canada Post

Canada Post (French: Postes Canada) is a Crown corporation (government owned), the primary postal service provider in Canada, a bilingual country. It was founded in 1867 under the name Royal Mail Canada. Later, in the late 1960s, it was rebranded as Canada Post. Canada Post offers a wide range of domestic and international shipping, mailing, and courier services to individuals, businesses, and the government.

The headquarters of Canada Post is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Around 68,000 employees work for Canada Post, and it has over 6,000 post offices nationwide, as well as many corporate offices and private franchises operated by retailers. Since Canada Post works as a public entity, it focuses on serving the public interest and is considered a trustworthy and reliable service.

The services of Canada Post that connect Canadians with each other and people in the rest of the world include:

✔Commercial mail (Lettermail)

✔Parcels (Regular, Expedited, Xpresspost)

✔Priority mail (parcels and documents)

✔Direct mail marketing (Personalized mail, Neighborhood mail, and Snap Admail)

✔E-Commerce solutions

✔Money service and prepaid cards

✔Collectible stamps and coins

Although traditional mail services are facing challenges due to the advancement of digital communication channels such as social media, email, etc., the demand for eCommerce parcel delivery services is fueling the demand for postal services.

On that note, Canada Post is outperforming its competitors (including FedEx, UPS, and Purolator), ranking in the 2nd place in terms of product quality, pricing score and customer service.

Canada Post Tracking / Poste Canada Suivi

Canada Post Parcel Tracking

Canada Post's Regular Parcel and Expedited Parcel services come with Canada Post tracking to allow both the sender and the recipient to track the delivery journey from anywhere in the world. The parcel tracking service is based on Canada Post scan tracking. Generally, Canada Post Expedited Parcel is 1 - 2 days faster than Regular Parcel, with on-time delivery guarantee.

Customers can use the tracking numbers provided by Canada Post to find out when their package was shipped, which stages of the shipping process it has passed through, and when it is expected to arrive.

In addition, Canada Post provides an incredible feature for businesses that allows the integration of tracking services into the e-commerce platform or website to bring all the recent shipping statuses together in one place.

The following are some of the Canada Post shipping services, along with the corresponding parcel tracking services:

Canada Post Registered Mail Tracking

The Canada Post Register Mail Service delivers letters and documents within Canada and abroad. However, domestic registered mail allows shipping of small items such as jewelry, coins, metals, stones, banknotes, etc., apart from letters and documents.

Shipping Cost:

Domestic: $9.75

International: $19.50

Shipping time:

Domestic: 2-4 business days

U.S.: 2-3 business days

International: 4-7 business days

Note: International delivery time depends on the destination country's postal service.

This is a secure and trustworthy service, as the customers are provided with solid proof of their mail delivery and tracking facility. In the case of domestic shipping, customers are provided with a mailing receipt, the signature of the person who received the delivery, the signing date, and tracking information. You can go to Canada Post's official website, enable email notifications, or use the Canada Post mobile app to track your parcel. If you have a large volume of Canada Post mail to track, consider using ParcelPanel to automate Canada Post parcel tracking.

Xpresspost Tracking

Canada Post Xpresspost is, in fact, Canada Post Express service. The service aims for next-day and 2-day shipping. This is a secure expedited parcel and document shipping service that track all items throughout the entire journey, and the delivery times are guaranteed. If you need a signature on documents, you may choose Xpresspost Certified.

Moreover, Canada Post's Track tool allows you to access the latest tracking information on your Xpresspost package, including the location and delivery status. The recipient can get delivery notifications via email and SMS. These are Canada Post Xpresspost tracking services.

By choosing Xpresspost, you can expect next-day delivery to local and regional areas and two-day delivery within Canada. As for Xpresspost USA, delivery to most U.S. states takes 2-3 business days. For those who are looking for Xpresspost USA tracking, go to the Canada Post official website or a professional courier tracking website like ParcelPanel.

Shipping cost:

The shopping cost depends on various factors such as weight, dimension, location, etc. You can use Canada Post's shipping calculator to find your customized shipping rate.

Canada Post International Tracking

Canada Post offers premium to low-cost shipping options to the United States and over 190 countries worldwide. With Canada Post international shipping services, you can get fast and guaranteed on-time delivery, real-time Canada Post package tracking, and lower rates for low-value and lightweight items. Additionally, on international tracking is easily accessible.

Shipping Time:

To U.S.International
Priority WorldwideNext business dayPriority Worldwide2-3 business days by air
Xpresspost USA2-3 business daysXpresspost International4-7 business days by air
Expedited Parcel USA4-7 business daysInternational Parcel12+ business days by air and 4-12 weeks by surface
Tracked Packet USA4-7 business daysTracked Packet International6-10 business days by air
Small Packet US5-8 business daysSmall Packet International6- 10 business days by air and 4-12 weeks by surface

Note: These estimated delivery times are subject to change.

Shipping cost:

The shipping cost depends on the parcel size, weight, and destination country. To get the estimated cost, use their shipping cost calculation tool.

Canada Post Expedited Tracking

The Canada Post Expedited Parcel service is ideal for large-volume shipping at an affordable price within Canada. Canada Post also offers an international service named Expedited Parcel USA, where it hands off the parcel to USPS as Priority Mail.

To track Canada Post Expedited parcels, you'll need a tracking number or reference number. If you're expecting the delivery, you'll receive an email notification from Canada Post. You can also choose ParcelPanel to trace Canada Post Expedited parcels in bulk.

Shipping time:

Local: 1-2 business days

Regional: 1-4 business days

National: 2-8 business days

Shipping cost:

The shipping cost is not fixed, as there are different variables, such as parcel size, weight, and destination. So, use their "Find a rate" tool to get the estimated cost for the parcel delivery.

How to Track Canada Post Packages?

When a package is registered with Canada Post, it receives a unique tracking number. Customers can track their package through that tracking number on the Canada Post official website or use ParcelPanel.


Popular ways of tracking your Canada Post package are:

By using a Canada Post tracking number

The most convenient way to track Canada Post packages is to use the tracking number. You can track your Canada Post package with a tracking number in the following ways using Canada Post's services.

First, go to Canada Post's official website. There, you will see a tracking field in the middle of the home page. Insert your tracking numbers (up to 24) in that box and hit the "Track" button. Then, you will get detailed tracking details, including its current location, delivery date, and other package information.


By using Canada Post Corporation app

The Canada Post Corporation app is a service launched by Canada Post for Android and iOS smartphone users. The app shows up-to-date information whether you are a sender, receiver, or looking for general information about local post offices.

The app offers some amazing features, including:

● Manual package tracking using a scanner or the package's PIN

● Automatic package tracking

● Monitor the upcoming mail with MyMail (available on iOS)

● Delivery notification alerts via SMS, push, or email

● Access to rates, pickup barcodes, postal codes, and post office locations

By using MyMail

MyMail allows consumers to stay updated with upcoming letter mail, personalized mail, and neighborhood mail over the last 7 days. You can sign up for MyMail services in the Canada Post app and get access to alerts and updates about the mail headed to your address. In this way, you don't have to check empty mailboxes.

As MyMail is only available to certain mailing addresses, you need to check your eligibility first. With MyMail, you can get notifications via the app and email. Set your preferences of the notification methods.

Automatic tracking

Canada Post tracking is made easy with the automatic tracking feature, which is available for free in your Canada Post account. All you need to do is create a personal profile with an up-to-date address and verified identification.

On the dashboard of your personal account, the parcel tracker Canada Post provides will display the auto-tracked packages.

Note: This tool is unavailable for business accounts, so business and P.O. Box addresses are not eligible.

By using Canada Post tracking API

Speaking of shipment tracking Canada Post services, the Canada Post tracking API enables program developers to incorporate Canada Post tracking services and easily retrieve information on a parcel's progress. With Canada Post tracking API, you can get tracking details, summary as well as signature images. ParcelPanel seamlessly integrates with Canada Post via API, as well as 1,100+ more couriers worldwide. If you run a Shopify/WooCommerce store and want real-time multi-carrier tracking, just install ParcelPanel, and you can achieve the same purpose.

By using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a secure and trustworthy parcel tracking website. The integration of ParcelPanel with the Canada Post tracking API makes it easier for businesses to centralize their order tracking. Compared with the Canadian postal tracking service, you can use ParcelPanel to better monitor Canada Post packages in bulk, including Xpresspost by going to ParcelPanel's Canada Post Tracking and Xpresspost Tracking services respectively. Then, enter your Canada Post tracking number and click "Track" to start the Canada Post shipment tracking process.

The ParcelPanel Shopify app is another tracking alternative for businesses. It can automatically generate a tracking page where customers can easily use their tracking number to track their packages.


Canada Post Tracking Number

If you send a Priority, Xpresspost, or Regular Parcel package, the Canada Post tracking number is usually provided on the receipt or on a copy of the shipping label. In the case of online shipping, the customer can receive a shipping notification with the tracking number from the sender.

It's important to have and keep a Canada Post tracking number because Canada Post doesn't keep records of shipments by address or name.

However, as for prepaid products, if you do not mail your parcel at the time of purchase, you will not receive a tracking number.

Canada Post tracking number format

Canada Post tracking number has 2 formats which are:

  • Except for prepaid envelopes and labels, the domestic item delivery within Canada comes with a 16-digit tracking number. For example, 1234 5678 9012 3456
  • Prepaid envelopes, labels, and items delivered in the U.S. and internationally have 11 or 13 alphanumeric characters, starting and ending with a pair of letters. For example, AB 123 456 789 CA.

Canada Post tracking number example

  • 16-digit format:

2346 6055 6802 5446

0104 5310 0002 0811

  • 13-character alphanumeric format:

UR 316 484 335 CA

RN 453 798 305 CA

  • Xpresspost tracking number example:

The Xpresspost tracking number format is a bit different as it ends with the letters CA or US. For example, EZ 623 383 565 CA

Note: If you can't find your Canada Post tracking number, contact customer service for assistance. They can look for your tracking number using your name, address, and other identifying information.

Canada Post Tracking FAQ

Does Canada Post deliver on weekends?

Normally, Canada Post doesn't deliver on weekends, as the staff only work on weekdays. For this reason, it's unnecessary to track Canada Post on weekends. You should also note that Canada Post delivery times are calculated by business days.  

How late does Canada Post deliver?

As for residential deliveries, Canada Post delivers from 9:00 am to as late as 8:00 pm Monday to Friday; as for deliveries to business addresses, Canada Post's delivery time varies from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Deliveries normally don't take place on statutory holidays, such as Christmas and New Year's Day.

Why is Canada Post tracking not updating?

Canada Post tracking is a reliable postal service that shows the most up-to-date real-time delivery status. However, sometimes the Canada Post tracking system may not display the updated information.

Here are some possible reasons why your Canada Post tracking is not updating:

  • Incorrect tracking information: One of the common causes is an incorrect entry, misreading, or misinterpretation of the tracking number. Check your Canada Post tracking number on receipt if you're a sender. Otherwise, you should contact the sender to verify it first.
  • Movement delay: Bad weather, technical issues, or other factors that slow down parcel movement can cause packages to get stuck in transit.
  • Package not scanned: The tracking status is updated after the package is scanned at various points through the Canada Post delivery network. In certain conditions, the status doesn't get updated until the parcel reaches its destination.
  • System error: Due to technical difficulties, tracking information may not be properly updated.

If your Canada Post tracking shows outdated information, contact their customer service for assistance.

Why is Canada Post parcel delivered but not received?

The following are potential explanations for why Canada Post tracking data indicates that an item has been delivered even though the customer has not actually received it.

  • Stolen or misplaced
  • Delivered to a wrong address
  • Marked delivered by mistake

In case Canada Post delivered the parcel but you have not received it, first, check with neighbors/colleagues to see if they have received it on your behalf first.

If you still can't find your parcel, contact Canada Post customer service to verify the status, report the missing parcel, or request an investigation.

Canada Post expected delivery unavailable for my package, what can I do?

It's probably that Canada Post is encountering a huge volume of packages or it's during holidays, which causes delays. Don't panic, just wait for a couple of days. If this status hasn't been updated for several days, you'd better contact Canada Post customer service for further assistance.

Canada Post Tracking Customer Service

If you have any questions concerning your mail, parcel, or postal service, or if you want to report any issue, contact Canada Post tracking customer service at your earliest convenience via mail, phone, or social media.

Here is Canada Post's contact information:

  • Canada Post Mailing Address

P.O. Box 90022

2701 Riverside Drive

Ottawa ON K1V 1J8

  • Canada Post customer service phone number

For personal purposes:

✔General query: 1-866-607-6301, or 416-979-3033 (Outside Canada)

✔Technical support desk: Available every day for 24 hours: 1-877-376-1212

For business purposes:

✔Small business solution: 1-877-262-5762

✔Volume-based commercial customers: 1-866-757-5480

  • Canada Post customer service working hours

Monday to Friday: from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. E.T.

Saturday & Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. E.T.

  • Canada Post customer support on social media

Canada Post customer service is available on Twitter from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mention or tag @canadaposthelps on your Twitter post to reach out to Canada Post's customer service support team quickly and conveniently. You may also join the Canada Post Facebook group.

Note: Make sure to have the tracking number with you so that the customer service team can locate your parcel easily and provide you with accurate information.

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