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Business Profile

Kilian Dris started collecting limited-edition sneakers when he was 14. This love for sneakers and the know-how to source for the rare editions that have run out at traditional retailers led him to partner with Baptiste Saltiel, Adrien Grey, and Alexander Douglas to co-found Kikikickz in 2020. Customers can order 100% authentic limited edition sneakers online and have them delivered in as fast as 48 hours.

Brand: Kikikickz


Industry: Footwear

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: France

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: 11-50

Usage: Since March 2021

Carriers: <5

Integration: N/A


Paying customers return 2.3x

3.3x ROI from the branded tracking page

48-hour fast delivery

In March 2021, after just a year in business, Kikikickz noted a surge in web traffic to their e-commerce website. The brand’s reputation for reselling 100% original limited edition sneakers was attracting many sneaker lovers who wanted an alternative way of acquiring these rare models online. Kikikickz had allowed buyers worldwide to own these precious shoes without keeping an eye on official releases, making a series of preparations but ending up in despair. Now, customers could buy them later on the resell market without the hassle of finding and authenticating the sneakers. To satisfy these customers, the brand needed to revamp its post-purchase cycle.


The challenge: How to Get sneakers to customers fast

Kikikickz’s entry into the limited edition sneaker resale market coincided with the world being under lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning, the company wanted to provide an exceptional online buying experience to keep customers returning and spreading word-of-mouth. A well-designed website, a team of sneaker authenticity inspection experts, and a catalog of the rarest finds indicated that it had done the basics right.

The pain point that Kikikickz empathized with customers about was the post-purchase experience. When sneaker enthusiasts buy high-value limited edition shoes, they expect a delivery process worth the price they are paying to get them. The sneaker reseller understood well that faster delivery with end-to-end shipment tracking would make all the difference and give the brand an edge over competitors.

More than just getting the sneakers to customers on time and offering them an unforgettable post-purchase experience, there was also a need to leverage the tracking page to boost sales. As a growing brand, Kikikickz wanted to avail the best collector’s edition sneakers to as many sneaker lovers as possible and encourage them to make repeat purchases to boost revenue.


The search: trying out different solutions to find the perfect fit

Just as sneaker buyers try out several sizes to find one that fits their feet perfectly, Kikikickz’s team embarked on a feature-testing journey to find the perfect order-tracking solution to achieve its objectives. 

In its search for an order tracking solution, Kikikickz prioritized a comprehensive data dashboard that would allow its team a bird’s-eye view into the performance of different logistics partners it worked with. An easy-to-implement solution was also necessary as the Kikikickz team did not comprise a fully-fledged IT or development unit. Some of the other must-haves included the following.

  1. Support for Existing Carrier Partners: Kikikickz was already working with DHL and La Poste to deliver sneakers to European customers. The desired solution was to support these carriers and others with whom the brand partnered.
  2. Tracking URL Insert in Shopify Native Email: The ideal order tracking solution needed to seamlessly work with Shopify to send shipping confirmation emails and order updates in real time. Moreover, the “Track Your Order” link should take customers to the branded tracking page.
  3. API Solution: Kikikickz was also looking for an order tracking solution with an API that could fetch shipment tracking information from multiple carrier websites and relay it to their logistic team in real time.

Kilian Dris and his partners used the above criteria to gauge how much of a fit any order tracking solution they tested was to their brand’s needs.


The solution: ParcelPanel satisfies Kikikickz’s order tracking needs

The Kikikickz team embarked on a thorough order-tracking solution testing and review process, eventually settling on ParcelPanel as the solution of choice. Kikikickz officially started using ParcelPanel in late March 2021.

Initially, the brand installed ParcelPanel’s Order Tracking app and contacted the ParcelPanel support team to add the branded tracking page link to their Shopify native emails. Furthermore, Kikikickz also wanted to implement ParcelPanel’s API solution to enable customers to get real-time shipment status updates.

Kikikickz started by using the $9/month Essential plan to try out ParcelPanel’s paid features, but by the end of the first month, it was upgraded to the Professional plan for $199 monthly. As the peak season approached, Kikikickz decided to double down on order tracking to help relieve pressure off their customer support team from September 2021 onwards. Therefore, the company upgraded to the custom Enterprise plan and increased its ad spend to target more sneaker enthusiasts.


The results: Kikikickz fulfills 48-hour delivery promise, records 2.3x revisits and a 3.3x ROI in order tracking

“As a sneakerhead, I understand the importance of receiving an order on time and knowing where it is at any time. ParcelPanel helped us deliver to our customers in record 48 hours, which has set us apart in the limited-release sneakers market,” explained Kilian Dris, co-founder of Kikikickz.

Adding to this, Adrien Gey, another co-founder, also shared, “Since onboarding with ParcelPanel, we find that paying customers come back to our site at least 2.3 times, allowing us more opportunities to upsell them. As a brand, we’ve also recorded 3.3x ROI from our branded order-tracking page alone.”

From March 2021, Kikikickz has enjoyed the following positive changes thanks to ParcelPanel.

  • Paying Customers Return 2.3x: With an order tracking feature in place, Kikikickz has noted that paying customers on their website return to check on the status of their sneakers orders at least 2.3 times on average. Kikikickz is able to boost revenues as these paying customers are more likely to purchase again on return to the website.
  • 3.3x ROI From Branded Order Tracking Page: Despite upgrading to the custom Enterprise plan that is the costliest on ParcelPanel’s pricing, Kikikickz has recorded an impressive return on investment of 3.3 times. More explicitly, for each dollar spent, they earned triple.
  • 48-hour Fast Delivery: Customers can now order 100% authentic one-of-a-kind sneaker editions and receive them within 48 hours. This improvement in delivery time has helped boost customer confidence in the brand, thus recognizing it as a trustworthy and go-to rare sneakers reselling platform.

In 2022, Kikikickz reported a turnover of 50 million euros. The brand’s social media following is also growing, with 819k+ followers on Instagram and an additional 750k+ on TikTok, where it also has 17M likes.


The future: Target more sneakerheads while delivering fast and on time internationally with ParcelPanel

Kikikickz is expanding its online store to enable sneakerheads in Italy and Spain to easily access its limited-edition sneakers. Meanwhile, the brand will maintain its promise to deliver orders to European markets fast and on time by using ParcelPanel to monitor carrier performance and offer a branded tracking experience.

Alexander Douglas, co-founder of Kikikickz, shared about the brand’s future, “There is no stopping now. Our business is growing rapidly. Aiming to become the leader in the European market, we are expanding our sneaker business to Spain and Italy. We are sure to offer consumers a consistently top-notch post-purchase experience online, thanks to our partner, ParcelPanel.”


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