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Business Profile

Brand: The Period Company

Industry: Apparel

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: USA

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: 2 – 10

Usage: Since October 2020

Carriers: <5

Integration: Klaviyo


This is just what Karla Welch, the celebrity stylist, envisioned 3 years ago when she founded The Period Company with Sasha Markova: her reusable period underwear at affordable pricing hit the shelves of numerous Walmart stores in the United States, and women are pleased with the more sustainable alternatives to disposable pads and tampons. 

From an outsider’s perspective, everything seemed to go smoothly – The Period Company disrupted the reusable period underwear market as expected. In fact, the success involved many decision-making processes and their prioritization of the post-purchase experience.


The challenge: Holiday season would bring an influx of WISMO tickets

Karla Welch and Sasha Markova amassed the best marketing resources to fulfill their responsibilities at The Period Company. No sooner after the company was founded, it was featured on Vogue, InStyle, and WWD before the upcoming peak season and rose to fame. As consumers were aware of the more practical and sustainable period underwear at only $12, how to live up to their expectations?

Clear about the huge challenges that were imminent, the two eminent entrepreneurs also resorted to consultants in branding, web design, and marketing to plan ahead, make checklists, and ensure deployment in full swing. 

They knew clearly that due to spikes in sales during the peak season, delays in order processing, shipping, and delivery were common, which was bound to cause a lot of “Where is my order” inquiries and poor customer experience. Therefore, they considered improvements in the post-purchase experience a top priority.


Research & testing at a lightning-fast speed

Just as period underwear must be absorbent and leakproof to keep users worry-free, any loophole in the customer journey must be fixed immediately to leave a wonderful first impression.

It’s also worth noticing that they were not looking for a temporary fix but a sustainable order tracking solution boasting high accuracy, reliability, and practical use to deliver an on-brand experience. 

Their business consultants, including Matt Lee and Laya Consulting, all participated in the search, and together, they put forward the following criteria:

  • Reduce WISMO Support Tickets: Satisfy customers’ needs for accurate real-time shipment updates from order to door so that the support team can attend to customers on more e-commerce platforms in the future.
  • Compatibility with Shopify Plus: As the business grows as expected, it’s necessary to switch to Shopify Plus to improve customer experience at checkout and expand into wholesale in one year.
  • Seamless Integration with Klaviyo: Increase meaningful interactions with customers through real-time shipment updates and provide exclusive offers via email to build trust, promote long-term relationships, and build a community around the brand.

“After identifying the issue, we were determined to find the best Shopify order tracking app for our business within 3 days. We asked our specialists in different fields to start researching and finish testing as soon as possible while considering every factor.” 

Todd Culos, Chief Operations Officer


The solution: Quick implementation & upgrade before the arrival of challenge

The team chose the Essential plan to access all features three days after installing the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. As sales kept rolling in before Black Friday 2020, they settled down on a customized Professional plan. 

Making a business decision in 3 days may seem like a rush for us, but not The Period Company’s think tank and masterminds. This important decision is a stepping stone to its development in several years.

“Many thanks to ParcelPanel – our newly-opened Shopify business achieved a massive hit, and we got many happy customers in the first peak season. Looking back, we’re surprised that ParcelPanel has been supporting The Period Company’s post-purchase experience for 3 years.” 

Sasha Markova, CMO & Co-Founder


The results: Business boom & rapid expansion

Shortly after implementing ParcelPanel, they doubled down on marketing and promotions. It turned out that the brand has successfully captivated consumers in a short time, generated unprecedented enthusiasm, and sold out many products. 

Indeed, nothing sounded more attractive than paying just $12 for a pair of the most absorbent period panties that can last 5 years, capable of sucking up a full day of period blood (about 6 tampons). 

The amazing teamwork contributed to exhilarating results:

  • 76% Reduced WISMO Tickets: The Period Company not only provides easy access to the tracking service at the storefront but their customers will also be taken to the branded tracking page from the “Order Status” page.  
  • 82% Higher Tracking Efficiency: The Period Company’s operations team doesn’t need to monitor the progress of each shipment across different couriers manually anymore. They only need to find “Exception” orders to deal with regularly.
  • 5000% Increase in Sales: After implementing ParcelPanel, The Period Company doubled down on ads and attracted a great number of target customers during the peak season. The company’s sales skyrocketed, registering a 50 times growth.

“ParcelPanel has been a hassle-free post-purchase solution for us. It provides the sophistication we need to automate order tracking, relieving huge pressure on the customer support team while allowing us to win customers’ hearts with top-notch post-purchase experience.” 

Todd Culos, Chief Operations Officer

With confidence consolidated by the initial success, The Period Company set about building a community and expanding its business. Nowadays, The Period Company has over 71K followers on Instagram. Moreover, it offers reusable period panties at even lower prices – starting from $9. Their products are readily available online and in physical Walmart and Urban Outfitters stores nationwide. Karla Welch and Sasha Markova are closer to their ambition of saving the planet with affordable, waste-free period products.


The future: Multi-platform order tracking with ParcelPanel API

Adopting an omnichannel approach, The Period Company’s team is more aware of the importance of centralized management now. They are on a mission to level up the order tracking automation with ParcelPanel tracking API so as to provide consistent post-purchase support across multiple e-commerce platforms.


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