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Business Profile

Weebot was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs who aimed to revolutionize urban transportation with eco-friendly electric micro-mobility vehicles. Weebot managed to expand product lines over the years. Now, it offers a wide range of high-quality electric scooters, bikes, unicycles, hoverboards, and accessories online and through showrooms & service centers in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Brand: Weebot

Industry: Sports & Outdoors

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: France

Year Founded: 2014

Employees: 11 – 50

Usage: Since November 2022

Carriers: <10

Ships to: 20+ countries

Integration: N/A


Shortly after the pandemic outbreak, the sales of urban micro-mobility hit a record high, as most people tried to avoid contact with others by using private transportation. Weebot, a French micro-mobility brand, rode the trend, growing online and offline swiftly. The company even became a Shopify Plus merchant with a much bigger portfolio within one year. In 2022, the market was more mature — the consumption was moving upmarket while the sales volume diminished.


The challenge: Customers expecting full shipment visibility

After the mass adoption of electric micro-mobility vehicles, the consumption of entry-level electric scooters declined sharply in 2022; in contrast, more expensive electric scooters (between 300 and 800 euros) gained in popularity because consumers had higher requirements (Le Figaro). Customer expectations were also driven by the ever-increasing inflation – the higher the prices, the better customer service should be. Apart from fast delivery, they thought it was a matter of course for online retailers to provide real-time shipment updates.

“The future seemed gloomy. Although we had a larger customer base, the growth of our online sales apparently slowed down in 2022. We hoped that the end-of-year sales would make all the difference. However, customers were more demanding than ever, and we were troubled by the huge increase in WISMO support tickets. As the holiday season was coming, we needed an effective order tracking solution in place. Only in this way could we allocate more time to pre-purchase inquiries to increase sales without compromising the post-purchase experience.”

Isaac Bouni, Sales Director & Co-Founder


The search for a revenue-growing international tracking solution

“As we know, acquiring a new customer is 10 times more expensive. That was why we desperately needed to implement a post-purchase solution to ensure customer satisfaction and boost loyalty. The tracking solution should work perfectly with our multi-language website and deliver an enhanced brand experience. The capability of generating extra revenue was considered as a plus.”

Yann Assouline, Co-Founder

“As for me, the tracking solution should allow our team to keep track of metrics, including the total shipments, order processing time, transit time by courier/country, and so on during a specific period. It must support CSV export so we can import in our BI system to measure long-term improvements in supply chain operations.”

Cheikh Diop, Logistics Manager

The sales team led by Isaac Bouni started searching for the ideal tracking solution after meeting with all company directors to understand their needs better. Then, the team evaluated the top tracking solutions with mainly the criteria below:

  • Accurate Tracking Information: Weebot partners with many couriers to deliver within France and across borders, including renowned couriers such as Chronopost, TNT, and France Express and lesser-known couriers. Ideally, errors in tracking information should be minimal to avoid confusing customers and eliminate WISMO tickets.
  • Multi-Language Translation: The ideal tracking solution should support automatic translation of French, English, and Spanish. There is no need to create and set up new tracking pages manually. Customers will be automatically directed to the right tracking page as long as they choose a language.
  • Product Recommendations: A tracking solution is imperfect if it can’t bring extra business opportunities. Weebot’s sales team insisted that it should help promote any product collection they want to customers who return for shipment updates and generate additional revenue.
  • On-Brand Experience: The design of the tracking page should follow the brand guidelines. Upon onboarding, the technical team should provide assistance with CSS coding in time.
  • Seamless Integration with Shopify: The desired tracking solution should trigger Shopify native emails automatically to update customers on the real-time shipment status and bring customers back to Weebot’s official website as often as possible.
  • Analytics & In-depth Reports: The solution must also provide insights into shipments, courier performances, markets, customer interactions, etc.


ParcelPanel was adopted as the best tracking solution

It took over a month for Weebot’s team to research, test, and decide which tracking solution to adopt. Weebot chose ParcelPanel because it offers comprehensive functionality and excellent customer service. After the installation, Weebot’s team got immediate help with the tracking page customization and tracking accuracy enhancement from ParcelPanel’s technical team. All these made ParcelPanel a second-to-none choice. 

ParcelPanel was put into use by Weebot in early November after the promotional event of “Black November” was launched.


The results: 62x ROI with reduced workload in order tracking

“Thanks to ParcelPanel. We made great achievements in a series of promotions at the end of 2022. In 2023, we seldom receive WISMO support tickets, as self-serve order tracking is widely accepted by our customers. With ParcelPanel, we can expect an ROI of at least 6200%. It is indeed a valuable investment in post-purchase.”

Isaac Bouni, Sales Director & Co-Founder

Here are Weebot’s main achievements since partnering with ParcelPanel:

  • 5.6 Tracking Queries Per Order: According to statistics, with proactive email notifications, on average, a Weebot customer returns for delivery updates 5.6 times per shipment. This means plenty of opportunities to make extra sales.
  • 99% High Tracking Accuracy: Customers have easy access to real-time shipment updates 24/7 on Weebot’s official website – there is no need to contact customer service. The accurate data collection also enables the logistics team to make informed decisions and track improvements over time easily.
  • 62x ROI in Post Purchase: ParcelPanel never fails to deliver a high return on investment every month through the “Product Recommendations” section on the tracking page.


The future: Deliver the best-in-class customer experience in the micro-mobility industry

“We aim to turn Weebot into a one-stop shop for electric micro-mobility by expanding our portfolio and improving our services. Our diverse range of micro-mobility vehicles and accessories, 2-year warranty service, and showrooms & service centers have attracted numerous customers. We value each opportunity to impress customers with outstanding post-purchase experiences, trying our best to make every ride with Weebot safe, cheerful, and worry-free.”

Yann Assouline, Co-Founder


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