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Business Profile

Started in 2017, LaserPecker was inspired by one of its co-founders, who was gifted a laser engraver and was enchanted by its capabilities. After convincing his business partners of the market potential of the portable laser engraver, the company launched the LaserPecker LP1 Pro, a prosumer-targeted portable laser engraver. Today, they have released more sophisticated models of the laser engraver with a mobile and PC app, allowing DIY enthusiasts worldwide to let their creativity fly.

Brand: LaserPecker

Industry: Tools & Crafts

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: China

Year Founded: 2017

Employees: 51 – 200

Usage: Since December 2022

Carriers: 20+

Integration: N/A


The online explosion of the DIY meta trend dating back to the start of the pandemic found LaserPecker well-positioned to meet the needs of this vibrant internet community. 2022 saw the company release the LaserPecker LP3, which featured high-precision metal and plastic engraving capabilities. This launch coincided with the company’s decision to invest more in online ads to push its products to more prosumers globally. The demand surge and plans to launch an even better version, the LaserPecker LP4, in 2023 meant the company had to partner with an order-tracking tool to ensure an exceptional post-purchase experience for customers.


The challenge: Surging WISMO tickets amidst a pre-order onslaught

LaserPecker’s decision to ramp up its online ad spend budget in 2022 effectively increased the number of customers visiting its website and ordering laser engravers. The announcement of a new model coming out in early 2023 also saw a spike in pre-orders from customers who could not wait to take their DIY projects to the next level.

While this meant that business was good, something had to give! WISMO tickets started flooding in from customers who had ordered their laser engravers but were yet to receive them. Working with more than 20 carriers also meant that the LaserPecker customer service team had to visit different websites to collect data on different shipments before relaying the tracking information back to customers. The inefficient process led to WISMO tickets bombarding the department, almost bringing it to its knees.

There was a consensus in the company that the order tracking process needed a revamp to retain a positive brand image.


The search: Closing the divide between a high-value product and stellar customer experience

It is one thing to develop the best-in-class laser engravers and get DIY-ers hooked on them and another to develop an efficient order-tracking solution. Rather than stall normal company operations, the LaserPecker team decided to shop online for the most suitable third-party app to remedy the brand’s and customers’ problems.

The search began with thoroughly scrutinizing the WISMO tickets that continued to stream in. They discovered that their customers were explicit in what they wished the brand to provide them post-purchase. After analyzing the customer feedback and brainstorming, the agreement was that the order tracking tool of choice had to have the following.

  • Powerful Tracking Capability: LaserPecker worked with 20+ carriers to ship to a global customer base spread over 80 countries. The order tracking app needed to provide reliable real-time tracking for each package along its journey.
  • Automatic Shipping Notifications: To resolve the high number of WISMO tickets, LaserPecker wanted an order tracking solution that delivered automatic shipping notifications to customers at each stage that a package was scanned.
  • Marketing Channel: LaserPecker wanted to boost the sale of its products, including accessories that buyers could use along with the laser engravers they ordered. The ideal order-tracking app had to have a branded tracking page feature to meet the criteria.


The solution: A dual-purpose tracking app that enhances customer experience and operational efficiency

After comparing several tracking apps on Shopify, the LaserPecker team was drawn to ParcelPanel, which supported over 1,100 global couriers and consolidated all tracking information on a single dashboard. With this, the customer service team no longer needed to visit individual carrier websites to look up information on customer packages.

ParcelPanel also featured custom CSS code that allowed the LaserPecker team to customize and add a branded tracking page to their website. Customers could now track their orders conveniently from the company’s website, and the brand could align it with their brand colors while recommending other products to them. 

Even more impressive was the shipment notification feature that enabled customers to get real-time tracking updates about their shipments via email.

Adding this order-tracking app to their website was a breeze and required no advanced software development skills. The plug-and-play solution was up and running within hours of integration.


The results: Customer engagement soars with a 195x ROI 

“We opted for ParcelPanel because we needed to reduce the number of WISMO tickets we received. We anticipated a slight reduction in WISMO tickets with improvements over time, but ParcelPanel knocked the ball out of the pack for us. WISMO tickets went down drastically, and we achieved a higher-than-industry-average email open rate of 73.9% for shipment notifications emails we sent to customers,” explained Angelina Liu, Marketing Specialist at LaserPecker.

She adds, “I never thought we would see the numbers we are seeing today. ParcelPanel gave our business a new customer engagement dimension, with buyers looking up their orders an average of 10.2 times throughout the shipment process. So far, our ROI is 195x, and we expect it to rise even further.”

Since partnering with ParcelPanel in December 2022, these are the results that LaserPecker has achieved.

  • 195x ROI: LaserPecker has been able to customize product recommendations for customers on the marketing channel available through the tracking page. Combined with product recommendations sent in the shipping notifications emails, the company has boosted sales and recorded an ROI of 195x.
  • 10.2 Times Average Order Lookup: Customers visit the LaserPecker order tracking page an average of 10.2 times before their orders arrive. With the tracking page delivering real-time tracking updates, WISMO tickets have decreased significantly.
  • 73.9% Shipping Notifications Open Rate: LeserPecker customers were sent proactive shipping notification emails at each stage of their packages’ journeys. These shipment notification emails had an open rate of 73.9%. This open rate dwarfs the industry average by far, making the company a leader in this space and reflecting the customers’ willingness to engage with the brand.


The future: Empower more people to unleash creativity while delivering an on-brand customer experience with ParcelPanel

LaserPecker’s goal for the future is clear—achieve more growth while prioritizing the customer’s post-purchase experience. The company is launching a new store catering to customers in Germany and has enlisted ParcelPanel as the order-tracking app of choice.

“We are looking at expanding into the German market to reach more DIY-ers, makers, and artists. Considering the success we’ve achieved with ParcelPanel since the start of our partnership, it will also be the post-purchase experience app that we use for this new store,” shared Angelina Liu, Marketing Specialist at LaserPecker.


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