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Business Profile

Luxe Cosmetics was founded in 2022 in response to a gap in the beauty industry for natural, simple, and easy-care eyelashes and eyebrows products. The founders wanted to produce dermatologically-tested beauty products that would help women have the perfect brows and lashes without the mental and physical health repercussions of ordinary beauty supplies. Luxe Cosmetics’s products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and last for up to eight weeks with a single hassle-free application that guarantees instant beauty.

Brand: Luxe Cosmetics

Industry: Beauty

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: Netherlands

Year Founded: 2022

Employees: 11-55

Usage: Since March 2023

Carriers: 5+

Integration: N/A


After Luxe Cosmetics’s launch in October 2022, word about the effectiveness of its easy-to-use products spread fast among beauty enthusiasts online. By the start of 2023, the company was averaging some of its highest paid traffic volumes since its founding. While its eyelash and eyebrow care products won the hearts of customers, the blurry shipping process was the cause of much agony and distrust. The lack of an elaborate method for tracking orders was glaring evidence of things needing change.


The challenge: How to create a luxurious order tracking experience

The formulation of Luxe Cosmetics products was on point, with dermatologically tested and proven results that many customers admitted worked for them. However, what didn’t work was the order tracking process once these beauty lovers had placed their orders.

The brand lacked an order-tracking solution to update customers on the status of their orders, a phenomenon that created a lot of anxiety. With Luxe Cosmetics’ shipping time across the USA, UK, and Canada could last 7 – 9 business days, leaving the customers in the dark on the progress of their packages only served to tarnish the good reputation that it was already gaining in the health and beauty industry.

For Luxe Cosmetics to continue its upward trajectory and capture more customers with its natural products, it needed an order-tracking solution to deliver real-time shipment notifications for each customer who ordered from its online store.


The search: Going beyond the shipping fog

Once the need for an order-tracking solution was established, the Luxe Cosmetics team wasted no time getting down to work reviewing customer feedback and coming up with a list of features they wanted in a tracking app. The priority was to ensure customers could get information on their packages’ journeys at any time, ensuring full visibility.

The Luxe Cosmetics team agreed that for an order tracking app to fit their business and help transform the tracking experience, it needed to have the following features:

  • Customizable Tracking Page: Luxe Cosmetics customers did not have a way to track their orders once they’ve been successfully placed on the website. Hence, the order tracking app to be selected needed to provide a tracking page that empowered customers to self-check the status of their orders as frequently as possible. Moreover, Luxe Cosmetics wanted the tracking page to align with its brand, so it had to be customizable to fit its branding.
  • Automatic Shipment Notifications: The Luxe Cosmetics team identified that a tracking app that could proactively update the customer on the shipping status of their order was necessary to help elevate the order tracking experience. Therefore, the resolution was to look for a tracking technology that delivered automatic shipment notifications and enabled all updates for each customer so they could follow the package at each stage of the delivery process.


The solution: Opting for the less blurred path with ParcelPanel

In March 2023, after testing numerous tracking apps, Luxe Cosmetics settled on ParcelPanel as the tracking app of choice to help the company offer an easy order-tracking experience and keep customers updated on their shipments. The decision to go for this solution was largely because of the following features the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app has.

  1. Tracking Page Customization: ParcelPanel features a fully customizable branded tracking page that supports custom HTML and CSS codes. This met Luxe Cosmetics’s branding needs. The moment the app was installed, the tracking page was created. With the page up and running, customers could also check the status of their orders with just the tracking number and pull up information on their whereabouts in seconds. After several redesigns, customers can now track their orders on an impressive branded tracking page that matches the rest of the Luxe Cosmetics websites. 
  2. Automated Real-Time Shipping Notifications: Once the order was confirmed, ParcelPanel activated all tracking notifications automatically, ensuring customers could get 100% tracking events delivered to their email and monitor their packages along their respective journeys to the destinations.
  3. Low-Code Solution: ParcelPanel is a zero-configuration tracking app that can be set up in minutes for tracking orders in the past instantaneously. This feature ensured that Luxe Cosmetics did not need to spend extra on a dedicated development team to configure the solution.
  4. Intelligent Delivery Performance Analysis: With ParcelPanel, it was easy for Luxe Cosmetics to generate analytical reports on the performance of different couriers to know how effective they are in their mandate and identify opportunities for optimizing parcel shipping services.



The results: Increased order lookups encourage repeat purchases

Yana Efremova, Manager at Luxe Cosmetics, shared, “The number of times customers checked their orders on the tracking page reached 6x within a short time of using ParcelPanel. Meanwhile, we also managed to generate 27% repeat sales from this new channel.”

“We hoped to engage our customers more during the order tracking process, but we did not anticipate a 74% open rate for the shipping notifications we sent. ParcelPanel exceeded our expectations,” added Yana Efremova, Manager at Luxe Cosmetics.

The results achieved by Luxe Cosmetics after implementing ParcelPanel were as detailed below.

  • 6x Average Order Lookup: The customized tracking page encouraged customers to check their orders’ status by themselves, enabling them to know when to anticipate a delivery. This tracking page became a go-to destination for all customers, with traffic metrics revealing customers looked up their orders an average of six times through the entire shipping cycle.
  • 74% Open Rate of Shipment Notifications: With ParcelPanel automatic shipment notifications active, Luxe Cosmetics blew past the industry open rate average. The brand recorded an astonishing 74% open rate, which signified a high engagement rate and eagerness by customers to be updated about their orders.
  • 27% Repeat Sales From Tracking Page: ParcelPanel enabled Luxe Cosmetics to recommend other products to customers on the tracking page during the order tracking process. This resulted in 27% repeat sales from the tracking page and boosted the brand’s revenue.


The future: Enabling end-to-end tracking on all stores with ParcelPanel

“Looking at the positive changes and remarkable results achieved on our US store after implementing ParcelPanel, we decided to deploy this tracking app across our other ten stores,” explained Yana Efremova, Manager at Luxe Cosmetics.

Luxe Cosmetics is quickly becoming the preferred eyelash and eyebrows cosmetics brand for women worldwide. To provide its customers with an exceptional post-purchase experience, the company has implemented ParcelPanel in all its ten stores, from the US to Australian and European digital outlets.


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