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Business Profile

As a walk-on wide receiver at Appalachian State University, Nathan Dorton sought a $65 loan from his father to help him design and produce a pair of football gloves. This was 2013, and Phenom Elite was born. Fast forward, the company has become a leading manufacturer of football cleats, gloves, and apparel that boost athlete performance. Phenom Elite has also tapped into the print-on-demand niche and is a licensed manufacturer of Warner Media and DC Comics branded football supplies.

Brand: Phenom Elite

Industry: Sports & Outdoors

Platform: Shopify

Country: USA

Year Founded: 2013

Employees: 10 – 50

Usage: Since August 2021

Carriers: 5+

Integration: Klaviyo


Phenom Elite started its Shopify store in 2017, which saw a boost in traffic and customer orders. The company also ran some ads that led to an influx of customers. By 2021, its products were taking the sports industry by storm, but extended processing and shipping times of its football supplies affected the brand’s appeal to customers. WISMO tickets increased rapidly, and as the Phenom Elite customer support team tried its best to keep up, the company realized that an order tracking app could help restore its status as a leading American football apparel and kit manufacturer.


The challenge: Flooded by WISMO tickets due to long processing and shipping times

Leading up to August 2021, Phenom Elite saw a rapid increase in WISMO tickets handled by its customer support team. The reason behind this ballooning of customer inquiries was a general dissatisfaction with the lack of an elaborate way to know the status of their orders once they had paid for them.

The launch of its Shopify store a few years back and increased investment in online marketing also had a positive impact on order numbers. However, as more customer orders came in, so did WISMO tickets from anxious customers who wanted to know what stage of the processing or delivery cycle their orders had reached.

On the brink of a total meltdown due to many WISMO tickets streaming in, the Phenom Elite customer service team brought the top management to the awareness of this looming problem. After a few deliberations, it was decided that the search for an order tracking solution would start in earnest.


The search: Getting to the root of a visibility problem

Phenom Elite’s search for an order tracking tool began with a thorough analysis of the WISMO tickets they received to know what was the primary issue raised by customers. This analysis revealed that many customers were concerned about the post-purchase experience. 

Due to the lack of an order tracking solution, there was no clear way of knowing where in the shipment or processing cycle the order had reached. To compound the problem further, Phenom Elite’s customer support team was swamped with order inquiry requests that it could not satisfactorily respond to on time.

Considering these pertinent issues the customer faced and combining them with the brand’s goal of growing its revenues, the Phenom Elite team settled on the following must-haves in the ideal order tracking solution.

  1. Estimated Delivery Day (EDD): It was imperative for the order tracking app that Phenom Elite goes for to have an estimated delivery date feature that would enable the company to manage customer expectations once an order is confirmed.
  2. Smart Marketing Channel: Phenom Elite also wanted to boost its revenues by promoting more of its products to customers as they tracked the delivery progress of their orders from the tracking page.
  3. Klaviyo Integration: To help relieve the customer support team and enhance the speed at which customers are updated on the status of their orders, Phenom Elite wanted a tracking solution that integrated with its primary email marketing platform.

With this list drawn up, the Phenom Elite team searched for the best order tracking solution to deploy on its systems.


The solution: Eliminating customer post-purchase anxiety with ParcelPanel

Phenom Elite’s team tested several order tracking apps for Shopify and, after an extended testing period, settled on ParcelPanel because it met the brand’s needs. ParcelPanel synced well with the Phenom Elite store, ensuring that once orders were created, the information about its progress through the processing and delivery journeys was immediately available on the tracking page.

ParcelPanel’s solution also featured an easy-to-configure estimated delivery day tool that gave the Phenom Elite team the option to turn it on for all orders. Moreover, the EDD could also be set depending on when the order was created and fulfilled or based on the package’s destination.

The company’s wish to add a smart marketing channel was also actualized with ParcelPanel’s customizable tracking page feature powered with AI product recommendations. Lastly, ParcelPanel could easily integrate with Phenom Elite’s email marketing platform—Klaviyo.


The results: ParcelPanel transforms order tracking experience for Phenom Elite customers

Stephanie Arminavage, COO of Phenom Elite, spoke of ParcelPanel, “Shipment visibility was the root of most customer satisfaction issues we were experiencing. After implementing ParcelPanel, WISMO tickets went down by 66%, and we saw a boost in CSAT rates by 4.5%.”

“Another aspect of our business that has benefited from having the ParcelPanel tracking app in place is our revenues. So far, we’ve achieved a record ROI of 4.4x from the product recommendations on the tracking page,” she added.

Phenom Elite has experienced the following positive changes since implementing ParcelPanel.

  1. 4.4x ROI: The brand has recouped its investment in the order tracking app 4.4 times, with the product recommendations on the order tracking page having been well-received by customers and prompting repeat purchases.
  2. 66% Reduction In WISMO Tickets: The Klaviyo integration and self-service order tracking page have enabled customers to stay updated on the status of their orders without the hassle of contacting the customer support team. The ripple effect has been a 66% reduction in WISMO tickets received.
  3. 4.5% Increase In CSAT: This sports equipment and performance brand has also noted an increase of 4.5% in customer satisfaction rates due to implementing ParcelPanel and availing its order tracking and shipment notification features.


The future: Expand to more international markets while delivering an on-brand experience with ParcelPanel

“The sky is the limit when we think of Phenom Elite’s growth. Our next frontier is the international market by opening more country-specific Shopify stores with a comprehensive tracking experience powered by ParcelPanel,” explained Nathan Dorton, CEO of Phenom Elite.

Phenom Elite works with over five couriers and ships to ten countries globally. The brand plans on further expansion into newer markets to avail its products to more customers. ParcelPanel, with its integration of 1,100+ couriers, is poised as the perfect tracking solution to help Phenom Elite actualize its growth potential and continue empowering athletes to reach peak performance levels.


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