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Business Profile

Established in 2006, Machines is Malaysia’s leading Premium Apple Reseller, dedicated to elevating customer experience with everything Apple. With 64 stores across Malaysia, Machines offers a wide collection of Apple products and related services to meet personal, business and educational needs.

Brand: Machines

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: Malaysia

Year Founded: 2006

Employees: 301 – 400

Usage: Since September 2021

Carriers: <5

Integration: N/A


Since 2006, Machines has been at the forefront of delivering and enhancing customer experience with Apple products in Malaysia. The top Premium Apple Reseller has tens of outlets strategically located nationwide and is clear about the surge in sales that each Apple event brings. Unlike previous years, Machines’ team managed to double the organic traffic of its official website in the first half of 2021 and went all out for the upcoming Apple event in September. 


The challenge: 100x order inquiries led to tremendous pressure

No sooner after the 2021 Apple event than the customer service team was stressed out, drowned in the flood of order inquiries 100 times as high as usual made by enthusiastic Apple fans. The main cause was the problem of limited stock, which postponed the fulfillment time – both in-store pickup and home delivery would only start in several weeks. Although Machines customers got accustomed to the problem, they soon lost patience after placing orders and came back frequently whether they were about to get the latest Apple products. The majority inquired by using live chat, while others resorted to Machines’ customer service hotline and email.

Machines’ e-commerce marketing team cheered at the unprecedented traffic and online sales, while Kay Zakhiruddin, Senior Operations Manager, raised concerns about the post-purchase support and customer experience. An emergency meeting was held immediately, and all directors agreed that it was time to further enhance customers’ post-purchase experience.


The search for a revenue-boosting solution to delivery tracking within Malaysia

Like many Shopify businesses, Machines didn’t offer an online order tracking service. In the past, it was working on improving the “Buy Online, Pick up In-Store” experience by boosting its outlet presence in Malaysia. This time, the company decided to revamp its business strategy. Luckily, Jaze Yoong, a visionary digital marketing director at that time, had made preparations beforehand. 

“Actually, early in August, I summoned every team member involved to conduct research and testing. Shortly after the Apple event, our e-commerce team was mainly responsible for identifying business requirements, researching order tracking solutions, testing functionality, summarizing the pros and cons of each solution, and presenting a comprehensive report to the board at the end. The board insisted that we should finalize our research in one week.”

Jaze Yoong, Senior E-commerce Manager

Here are the criteria that Machines’ ecommerce team members formulated after deliberation:

  • Tracking Couriers in Malaysia: The desired tracking solution ought to support tracking all couriers that Machines partners within Malaysia for the time being and in the future. Ideally, all deliveries must be accurately tracked, and delays in shipment status updates should be imperceptible.
  • 30-Day Order Sync Time: With regard to previous orders, the perfect tracking solution for Machines should synchronize orders in the past 30 days and keep track of the entire shipment progress automatically. For orders picked up in-store, the order status can be changed and updated accordingly.
  • Product Recommendations: The tracking solution should provide intelligent product recommendations based on order items, bringing more sales opportunities to the company. Moreover, the currency of the prices must be the Malaysian Ringgit.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Since nearly 50% of Machines’ website traffic is from mobile devices, the order tracking page must deliver a wonderful experience to mobile users.

After getting their director’s consent to the criteria, they immediately searched for the ideal tracking solution. After 3 weeks of studies, as sales hit a record high, they only needed to move on by making a report.


The solution: ParcelPanel’s robust tracking system

Machines’ ecommerce team installed the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app for their test store at the end of August 2021. After nearly a month’s trial and comparison, ParcelPanel was chosen because the top-rated Shopify app met all Machines’ requirements. It was in late September that the team installed our App in the official store and chose a paid plan. 

Having implemented ParcelPanel for 3 months, Machines launched the premium same-day delivery service in Klang Valley by working with a new courier. The team contacted ParcelPanel customer service to do courier matching for increasing accuracy. ParcelPanel’s technical team responded immediately and completed the matching in an hour. Henceforth, with ParcelPanel, Machines e-commerce team and customer service team are worry-free.


The results: 196x ROI with 5 tracking queries per order on average

“Up till now, ParcelPanel has been powering our order tracking service for over 2 years. It lives up to its reputation and our expectations, as well. We like everything about our partner — its hassle-free installation, instant implementation, and 24/7 support team. More importantly, all our customers now enjoy the convenience of self-serve order tracking.”

Kay Zakhiruddin, Senior Operation Manager

By partnering with ParcelPanel, not only did Machines improve the post-purchase experience and boost sales, Jaze Yoong, the brilliant marketing director, also got the promotion she deserved in February 2023. 

“Our customer service workload has been greatly reduced, with accurate tracking in real time. We find that, on average, a customer returns 5 times to check shipments, and the tracking solution generates an ROI of approximately 19,600%.”

Jaze Yoong, Senior E-commerce Manager

No longer after the latest Apple release time, Machines’ sales hit a new high this year. Here are the latest achievements it got with ParcelPanel:

  • 5 Lookups Per Order: Customers prefer returning to the Machines’ “Order Status” page to get real-time shipment status. Thanks to ParcelPanel, Machines has further improved its customer retention strategy.
  • 98% Tracking Accuracy: Machines’ customer service team seldom receives WISMO tickets. Even though the tracking information no longer exists on the courier website for a month or two, it can still be retrieved from ParcelPanel and the downloaded CSV files.
  • 196x ROI in Tracking: With AI-powered product recommendations on the tracking page to feature products based on customers’ previous order items, Machines effectively increase repeat purchases and reap more profits. ParcelPanel proved to be the best investment in post-purchase – always delivering an amazing ROI.


The future: Fully leverage ParcelPanel to provide seamless post-purchase experience

“We’ve just enabled a few of ParcelPanel’s features in the past and have been satisfied with our achievements. We still need to explore more with ParcelPanel’s solutions and make improvements accordingly. In the near future, we can provide customers with a seamless omnichannel experience, before and after sales.”

Jaze Yoong, Senior E-commerce Manager


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