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Business Profile

Figured’Art was founded in 2019 by two Frenchmen with a great passion for canvas arts and crafts. The brand works with international suppliers, independent artists, and workshops to offer a large collection of paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits worldwide. It aims to make art accessible to everyone and help them improve their techniques.

Brand: Figured’Art

Industry: Tools, Arts & Crafts

Platform: Advanced Shopify

Country: France

Year Founded: 2019

Employees: 11 – 50

Usage: Since August 2020

Carriers: 10+

Integration: N/A


Paint-by-numbers kits took the world by storm in the wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, when people were seeking ways to relieve stress and bring out their creativity. Figured’Art’s business developed rapidly as the demand for paint-by-numbers kits hit a record high. The brand managed to set up German and Spanish websites in the first half of 2020 to attract more customers. With increased expenditures on Google and Facebook ads, its sales increased exponentially.


The challenge: Sales growth hindered by numerous WISMO tickets

However, due to the pandemic, Figured’Art’s order processing time and shipping time were particularly long: sometimes, the 48-hour processing time could be extended to 7 days, while shipping usually took 2 – 3 weeks as stocks were only available in China. Waiting for an extended period was torture for thousands of art enthusiasts who were eager to complete the artworks.

Consequently, numerous WISMO support tickets poured in, which dealt a heavy blow to Figured’Art’s operations team’s morale, rejoicing in the success. The alarming number of WISMO tickets not only limited the team’s capacity to grow sales but also caused customer dissonance. To some extent, the problem adversely impacted Figured’Art’s ratings and conversion rates. Figured’Art’s website managers felt enormous pressure and determined to remedy the problem immediately.


The quest for a practical order tracking solution

Although Figured’Art’s operations team started looking for a suitable Shopify order tracking app early in 2020, the board didn’t attach great importance at that time, so the search was postponed. In late July of the same year, with advertising campaigns having to be stopped for nearly 2 months, the company’s directors were all fired up and commanded the operations team to implement the best order tracking solution for the primary website in August.

The website managers conducted thorough research on the top 10 Shopify order tracking apps after setting evaluation standards through heated discussions:

  • Accurate Multi-Carrier Tracking: The tracking solution should provide accurate tracking information across Figured’Art’s network of courier partners to reduce WISMO tickets. Plus, the tracking solution must support hiding courier information and city names because Figured’Art doesn’t want to disclose its partners and any clues about its workshop locations in China. 
  • Estimated Delivery Date: As the shipping time is particularly long, many customers would submit WISMO inquiries because they want to know the estimated delivery time. Ideally, the tracking solution can automatically pull the information from the corresponding courier’s website. If no such information is provided, customers can see a time range defined by Figured’Art.
  • Product Recommendations: Figured’Art offers hundreds of paint-by-numbers and diamond painting kits. It would be best if the tracking solution could provide personalized product recommendations, accelerate conversions, and boost sales.
  • CSV Export: All of Figured’Art’s websites support worldwide shipping. The supply chain team needs to export data to CSV files to conduct cohort analysis and further optimize inventory management. 

ParcelPanel, the best tracking solution for multinational businesses

It took Figured’Art’s team nearly two weeks to research different tracking solutions, try the features, exchange opinions, and make the final decision.

“Finally, we chose ParcelPanel to remedy the problem caused by our negligence in the post-purchase journey, mostly because Shopify stores are operated by different website managers whose achievements are evaluated independently. Should everyone encounter the same problem, we can provide feedback to ParcelPanel’s customer service team. What’s more, we are impressed with ParcelPanel’s flexible pricing and detailed reports.”

Anthony Pinna, CEO and Co-Founder


The results: A leap forward in post-purchase experience & business growth

“Before implementing ParcelPanel, our customers left in the dark of package whereabouts kept asking ‘Where is my order’ questions. Our operations team struggled to cope with the inquiries, and our supply chain team had difficulty tracking the delivery performance of tens of thousands of shipments across 10+ couriers. ParcelPanel is indeed a wonderful tracking solution for our international business.”

Pierre Monnier, Co-Founder

After partnering with ParcelPanel, Figured’Art’s operations team continued to run advertising campaigns without being distracted intermittently. Meanwhile, with readily available tracking reports, the supply chain team worked out better fulfillment solutions.

Their major achievements are as follows:

  • 84% Drop in WISMO Tickets: Figured’Art has turned its tracking page into the only source for tracking updates by hiding courier information. According to statistics, its customers return 3.7 times for an order. The accurate tracking information also greatly relieves pressure on the operations team.
  • 1410% ROI in Post-Purchase: ParcelPanel can feature products to customers’ liking on the tracking page based on big data. Normally, Shopify merchants can expect an astounding ROI. Figured’Art’s conversion rate on the tracking page is higher than anywhere else.
  • 18% Higher CSAT Score: Customers not only have easy access to real-time shipment updates, but the delivery time is also faster. They can expect doorstep delivery within 48 hours because Figured’Art partners with 3PLs and local couriers. As a result, Figured’Art is rated 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, which is an 18% uplift.


The future: Improve post-purchase experiences in more markets with ParcelPanel

No sooner ParcelPanel was installed for Figured’Art’s primary website than our app was used to power order tracking of and As Figured’Art’s business expanded in the following years, ParcelPanel was also chosen as the tracking solution for its Italian, Dutch, UK, and USA websites. 

“ParcelPanel is proven to be an impeccable tracking solution for Figured’Art’s business. We really want to offer customers worldwide the same delivery experience. At present, with stocks available in the US, UK, and France, we achieve 2 – 3 days fast delivery. By taking advantage of the courier performance data provided by ParcelPanel, we ditch those who often fail to meet our expectations and strengthen our partnerships with top-performing couriers for shipping from China. With faster shipping, we get more satisfied customers. We will keep improving to provide top-notch post-purchase experience with our partner.”

Anthony Pinna, CEO and Co-Founder


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