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Business Profile

While working on a pipeline, Manuel Gonzalez, a professional welder, realized the need for a durable welding umbrella he could use under windy conditions. Different brands had failed him, so he concluded that to get what he needed, he had to design and weld it himself. Pipeliners Cloud was born in 2019, with umbrellas as their main product. Later, as the brand grew, Manuel hired more people, and Pipeliners Cloud widened its range of products to include welding caps and custom welding hoods.

Brand: Pipeliners Cloud

Industry: Tools, Arts & Crafts

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: United States

Year Founded: 2019

Employees: 11-50

Usage: Since March 2023

Carriers: <5

Integration: N/A


By March of 2023, Pipeliners Cloud was a full-fledged made-by-welders-for-welders brand that had won over many artisans’ loyalty due to the durability of their welding umbrellas. The company also enticed many welders to buy their carbon fiber welding hoods that were lighter than standard hoods. These hoods could also be customized to the client’s wishes, a service offering that made Pipeliners Cloud the first choice for welders looking to shop for their work equipment. But expansion means stretching of resources. As more orders streamed in, the brand realized the need for a comprehensive order tracking solution.


The challenge: Struggling with WISMO tickets arising from lengthy lead times

Pipeliners Cloud’s favorite slogan is, “Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver.” This team of less than 50 works hard to ensure each order is custom-made and delivered to customers in good time. However, lead times often extended to 14 days, plus a 1-5 business days delivery period meant many customers became impatient.

On the company’s end, they understood the need to deliver high-quality products made to the customers’ precise instructions. The disconnect came when no elaborate communication assured customers their orders were under production.

The Pipeliners Cloud customer service team bore the brunt of this lack of transparency in the production times and shipping process. What followed was an avalanche of WISMO tickets from customers who demanded to know the status of their orders. As more WISMO tickets streamed in, the customer support team became stretched, and customers’ anxieties went through the roof. It was evident that something had to be done to ensure the brand’s growth and reputation would not be threatened.


The search: Navigating the solutions landscape

Keeping the customer satisfied was a top priority when Pipeliners Cloud embarked on the mission to find the best order tracking solution to address its needs. After analyzing the customer feedback shared via the WISMO tickets, Pipeliners Cloud wrote a list of must-haves for the ideal tracking app. These features included the following.

  1. Estimated Delivery Date: A long lead time coupled with a shipping timeline that extended to five business days meant many customers became anxious after placing their orders. To resolve the WISMO problem, the perfect tracking app must have an estimated delivery date feature and custom shipment status.
  2. Revenue Boosting Solution: Pipeliners Cloud wanted to boost the sales of its welding accessories by encouraging customers to increase their order value and buy other corresponding items. Therefore, a tracking app that gives product recommendations must be in place.
  3. Increased Customer Engagement: Pipeliners Cloud also wished to engage its customers more in the post-purchase journey to enhance brand loyalty. Thus, the company was shopping around for a tracking solution with email notifications.


The solution: Engaging customers more to quell their anxiety with ParcelPanel

Unlike most online businesses, Pipeliners Cloud is owned and run by welders backed by a small digital team. Therefore, the company went for a low-code solution that would not require extensive resource allocation and would be easier to maintain in the future. ParcelPanel was the perfect fit because its tracking app could be set up and start running immediately. Moreover, the ParcelPanel team was available 24/7 to help the Pipeliners Cloud team integrate the tracking solution seamlessly.

Pipeliners Cloud first signed up for the $49/month Professional plan with a 2,000 orders quota to test ParcelPanel for thirty days. After being impressed with the solution, they upgraded to a custom Enterprise Plan. Other reasons why this welding accessories company chose ParcelPanel are listed below:

  • Product Recommendations: ParcelPanel offers a tracking page that recommends other Pipeliners Cloud products to customers with AI as they track their orders.
  • Custom Shipment Status: Pipeliners Cloud starts production one day after an order is made. ParcelPanel’s custom shipment status feature allowed the brand to set and manage customer expectations and reduce anxiety effectively.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: With ParcelPanel, it was possible to pull ETA information from couriers and set the estimated delivery date range by destination based on the fulfillment time. This feature helped improve communication with clients.
  • Email Notifications: Branded tracking emails with statuses on a customer’s shipment could be automatically sent by ParcelPanel, thus helping Pipeliners Cloud boost customer engagement.


The results: Pipeliners Cloud engages customers more effectively & achieves a 650% ROI

“The order tracking page and estimated delivery date features of the ParcelPanel tracking app helped us reduce WISMO tickets drastically by 83%. This drop helped to free resources in the customer service department, allowing us to be available to address more pertinent issues,” explained Katy Rios, Customer Service Rep at Pipeliners Cloud.

Valerie Gonzalez, the Managing Director of Pipeliners Cloud, commented, “Growing our revenues was a top priority when we signed up for ParcelPanel. We achieved this goal with a remarkable 625% ROI in tracking from the product recommendations and sales from the shipment notifications emails whose open rate is 70%.”

The achievements made by Pipeliners Cloud were as follows:

  • 83% Drop in WISMO Tickets: With an order tracking page in place, customers could conveniently track the status of their orders by themselves without the help of the customer service team. Furthermore, the estimated delivery date feature helped customers anticipate when their orders would be delivered, thus reducing their anxiety and contributing to decreases in the number of WISMO tickets.
  • 70% Post-Purchase Engagement Rate: ParcelPanel enabled Pipeliners Cloud to send customers shipment notification emails, which had an open rate of 70% and boosted post-purchase engagement.
  • 625% ROI in Tracking: The product recommendations on the tracking page and additional sales generated from shipment notification emails sent to customers helped Pipeliners Cloud achieve a high ROI of 625% in post-purchase.

Another related achievement that Pipeliners Cloud made from implementing ParcelPanel was an enhanced business reputation, which saw its combined social media following across Instagram and Facebook grow past 80,000 followers.


The future: Enhance brand presence and improve delivery experience in Canada

“Our goal for the future is to improve our international deliveries. Currently, we deliver within the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Canada is our next frontier, and with ParcelPanel, we are certain our cross-border customers will enjoy an enhanced delivery experience,” shared Valerie Gonzalez, the Managing Director of Pipeliners Cloud.

With the US market fully catered to, Pipeliners Cloud is targeting a greater brand presence in the Canadian market to enhance how the brand is perceived and the post-purchase experience.


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