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Pitney Bowes is a US-based multinational technology company known for postage supplies and software like SendPro. With ParcelPanel, you can add Pitney Bowes tracking capabilities to your online store, keep customers informed at every step, and build trust.
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About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Inc. is a global company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. It supplies its clients with technology, logistics, and financial services to over 90% of the Fortune 500. With its national network of 55+ strategically located offices and offices worldwide, Pitney Bowes is the ideal choice for small and large businesses.

Government clients, online retail, and small businesses rely on the convenience of Pitney Bowes's presort and mailing services for mail and parcels.

Pitney Bowes powers eBay's Global Shipping Program with PitneyShip, which handles deliveries and returns from and to the online e-commerce platform.

The company also supplies the Pitney Bowes machine that weighs and prints USPS postage on letters, large envelopes, and postcards. Using the Pitney Bowes ink in the printers is recommended for quality output. SendPro, the Pitney Bowes postage meter offers metered mail services for businesses wishing to avoid the hassle of going to the post office.

Pitney Bowes partners with couriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx to offer business access to shipping quotes and discounted shipping rates to its shipping software users.

Since Pitney Bowes also offers services auxiliary to shipping and mailing, it invites varied competition. However, some of its biggest competitors include DHL, NeoPost, Quadient, Stamps.com, Postalytics, Shipstation, Pirate Ship, Shippo, and Easyship.

Pitney Bowes Tracking

Pitney Bowes's shipping services include order fulfillment, returns, and cross-border e-commerce, all aimed at online businesses. The company also offers parcel delivery services and mailing for various postal items like letters and postal cards.

Pitney Bowes ships locally and reaches all addresses in the USA; internationally, it ships to over 220+ countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and India, with fully tracked Expedited, Standard, and Economy services. As for the standard delivery, the delivery times range from 2 to 7 days, whatever the destination. Pitney Bowes international deliveries take 7-9 days.

Pitney Bowes offers tracking services to help clients track the progress of their packages through the system. The tracking system provides detailed information on the package's shipping and delivery status, allowing you to detect problems immediately.

To use these services, you must have purchased from a retailer that ships through Pitney Bowes, or you're using Pitney Bowes' shipping services.

If you have shipped through eBay's GSP, the package will be forwarded by Pitney Bowes to a local courier or postal service. Once there, the company hands it to a partner courier for delivery. In this case, your customer gets a Pitney Bowes tracking number assigned by eBay's GSP that starts with UPAA or similar variations for package tracking.

USPS Pitney Bowes Tracking

Through USPS, Pitney Bowes can reach over 220 countries at lower shipment costs, making it possible for you to extend the reach of your business cost-effectively.

By exploiting the integration of Pitney Bowes SendPro postage meter, PitneyShip postage meter, PitneyShip, or PitneyShip Pro, shippers can save up to 89% on USPS mailing. Clients also benefit from speedy shipping and free package pick-up in most zip code areas.

You use the free USPS tracking to keep track of your shipment with updated information and the expected date and time of delivery.

USPS Flats (Pitney Bowes) Tracking

The United States Postal Service flats are referred to as large envelopes, newsletters, and magazines that are charged at a flat, lower rate. You can track flats through the Pitney Bowes TrackMyMail service using a Mailer ID.

Pitney Bowes Newgistics Tracking

Newgistics was famed for its returns processing capabilities, which, when combined with Pitney Bowes's, made the process of buying or returning packages a seamless and pleasurable experience for your customers.

If you have a Newgistics tracking number, you should track your Newgistics package by using the Pitney Bowes Newgistics tracking tool.

Pitney Bowes Returns Tracking

Returns are the reality for which every e-commerce business must plan. Pitney Bowes understands how important it is to make the returns process as smooth as the deliveries are.

Pitney Bowes returns solutions, especially for clients onboarded onto Consumer Connect, make initiating returns effortlessly. For Consumer Connect members, Pitney Bowes has enabled returns tracking, printerless QR code capability, and home pick-up scheduling.

What's more, you can feature your brand in all these aspects to increase brand visibility.

How to Track Pitney Bowes Packages?

Tracking your Pitney Bowes package helps schedule delivery, allows you to deal with shipping hiccups as they emerge, and generally eliminates the anxiety of waiting.

Here are the different ways you can track Pitney Bowes packages:

By using Pitney Bowes online tracking service

The Pitney Bowes online tracking service can track up to 50 packages simultaneously and provide detailed shipment updates.

The online tracking service is available even to those who have shipped with Pitney Bowes carrier partners, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

You can track your package on the Pitney Bowes online tracking service by following these simple steps:

  • Visit Pitney Bowes's online tracking page
  • Enter the Pitney Bowes tracking number. If you wish to track more than one package, enter each tracking number on its own line with no commas between the tracking numbers
  • Pick a language of choice from the dialogue box below
  • Click on the search button

The page will return a status update for each of the numbers entered.



Suppose you are onboarded onto Consumer Connect and have an account. In that case, you get a company-branded tracking page to allow customers to track packages without your help.

By using PitneyTrack Inbound

The PitneyTrack Inbound system is a cloud-based solution powered by the SaaS shipping platform Shipping 360. It is a smarter and faster way to manage incoming packages and mail.

The system gathers the inbound package/mail information and stores it on the cloud for detailed real-time updates and generating real-time reports. PitneyTrack captures all the relevant information about a package with the barcode scan and automatically notifies the recipient of the pick-up.

More importantly, PitneyTrack Inbound seamlessly integrates with other Pitney Bowes solutions to expand the functionality of tracking and receiving.

By using TrackMyMail

TrackMyMail is a Pitney Bowes online tracker for outbound and inbound mail, inbound remittance payments, and updating and reporting on undelivered mail.

The TrackMyMail service is only available to track mail, not parcels. The types of mail you can track include USPS First Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Periodicals. Flats and letters compatible with automation are tracked through USPS Mail Tracking services for intelligent mail.

You can access TrackMyMail services via the TrackMyMail website, then log into your account. Sign up for an account if you do not have one. Then, you'll be able to monitor your mail en route, get the estimated delivery dates, and easily measure delivery performance.

By using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a leading solutions provider with vast experience tracking over 1000 carriers and 2.3 billion shipments. The carrier offers a suite of monitoring solutions that significantly enhances buyer experience.

Using ParcelPanel, you can track Pitney Bowes through the website or the Shopify app.

ParcelPanel Website

To track a package, visit the ParcelPanel "Couriers" page and choose Pitney Bowes. On the page dedicated to Pitney Bowes tracking, you can enter up to 30 Pitney Bowes tracking numbers. Enter one tracking number per line.


Click "Track," and you can get all tracking information for your shipment, including the current delivery status, shipment milestones, origin, destination, etc. You can copy the tracking details or export them to a spreadsheet.


ParcelPanel Shopify App

The ParcelPanel Shopify app automatically creates a branded tracking page for your business which helps you improve your shipment visibility and build trust with customers. Also, the app brings your customer back to your store through proactive email notifications that are automatically triggered as the shipment status changes. To get real-time shipment updates, customers need to enter their tracking number or order number.


ParcelPanel is integrated with Pitney Bowes API, which makes it easy to centralize and automate package tracking if you are shipping with Pitney Bowes. You can now conveniently manage and track your shipments without leaving your Shopify Admin.

Pitney Bowes Tracking Number

A Pitney Bowes tracking number is a unique code assigned to your package, which you use to track it through the shipping process. The tracking number can be local, usable only within the US, or internationally for cross-border shipments.

Foreign packages sometimes get new local tracking numbers once they reach their destination country.

Pitney Bowes tracking number format

Pitney Bowes tracking number is usually in the format of a series of letters followed by a series of numbers. Since Pitney Bowes partners with other carriers, the tracking number may change depending on the carrier handling the package.

Pitney Bowes tracking number example

UPAAB000000123456789 - assigned by eBay's GSP

PBXSA040407131 – associated with Amazon orders

9405501234567833265613, 4203850692612927005823000016185632, or AC123 456 789US -handled by USPS

How to find Pitney Bowes tracking number?

You need the tracking number to track your package. You can find the tracking number on your shipment receipt, as well as an email or SMS from the sender. Contact Pitney Bowes support or the sender if you have lost the tracking number and can't find it.

Scammers may try to fool you with a fake Pitney Bowes tracking number. The good practice is to enter any suspicious number directly into the dialog box on the official Pitney Bowes tracking page or use reliable package tracking websites like ParcelPanel.com.

In contrast, if you're shipping with Pitney Bowes and have an account on Consumer Connect. In that case, the tracking number can be found after you log in.

Pitney Bowes Tracking Status

Here are the standardized forms Pitney Bowes uses to communicate the tracking status of your shipment:

Pitney Bowes Event Codes


AWPAwaiting Pick Up
CUCCustoms Cleared
DATDelivery Attempt
DYUDelay - Undeliverable
INFInformation Event
OFDOut for Delivery
PSRTracking Details Uploaded
RTSReturn – Shipped to Retailer
SPHShipped from Shipping Center to International Destination
TRDIn Transit
UDLUnable to Deliver

Pitney Bowes Tracking FAQ

What is Pitney Bowes shipping?

Pitney Bowes shipping is a service offered by Pitney Bowes to various customers, mainly e-commerce business owners. The company's software solutions, shipping supplies, and partnerships with other carriers make it a leader in shipping and mailing.

Pitney Bowes partners with carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and Purolator, among others, to expand its reach nationally and globally.

Does Pitney Bowes deliver packages?

Pitney Bowes delivers packages throughout the US and across the border to over 220 countries. Besides packages, Pitney Bowes also delivers mail.

How long does Pitney Bowes take to deliver?

Pitney Bowes is committed to quick and efficient delivery. However, how long it takes depends on the distance, the delivery service you have chosen, and transportation.

Generally, express delivery takes only 24 hours, while domestic delivery takes 2-7 days, regardless of the destination, while international shipping usually takes 7-9 days.

Why is my Pitney Bowes package not delivered?

Your Pitney Bowes package may not be delivered because of the following reasons:

  • The address was entered improperly
  • There was no one to accept the package
  • The package has been missorted to another location
  • Transportation has been delayed

If you use SendPro Online or PitneyShip, contact the carrier you've chosen.

What shipping partner does Pitney Bowes use?

Pitney Bowes partners with carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx to help it with shipments within the US and works with local couriers like Canada Post to help it deliver abroad.

Pitney Bowes Tracking Customer Service

Occasionally, you have to resort to Pitney Bowes support to solve issues with their service you cannot self-help.

You can access Pitney Bowes customer service through the following ways:

Pitney Bowes phone number: +1(844) 256 6444  Monday-Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET.

The automated voice assistant is functional 24 hours a day.

You can also access customer support from the website's support page.


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