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Business Profile

Gotyu Underwear is a new fashion-forward women’s reusable period panties brand that grows with ParcelPanel. From obscurity to a Shopify Plus merchant selling tens of thousands of menstrual blood-absorbent panties per month in about 1 year, Gotyu Underwear’s success is dispensable from the improvements in post-purchase experience.

Brand: Gotyu Underwear

Industry: Apparel

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: USA

Year Founded: 2021

Employees: 2 – 10

Usage: Since May 2021

Carriers: 20+

Integration: Gorgias, PayPal


The challenge: Operations team overwhelmed by WISMO tickets & manual tracking

Just like any other startup company, Gotyu Underwear was short of hands and funds. The small operations team had to take care of nearly everything. As soon as they started running ads, sales took off the ground. However, as the brand was quite new and consumers didn’t have enough confidence after purchases, WISMO tickets came in rapid succession.

“We partnered with a dozen couriers and used to check shipment statuses regularly by going to the official Track & Trace tool one by one. However, as advertising campaigns ran, we got more orders, but more customers inquired, ‘Where is my order?’ due to the long shipping time. This limited our team’s bandwidth. Having realized our revenue couldn’t afford the payroll of a customer service rep, we started looking for an order tracking solution.” 

Élise, Chief Operations Officer


The quest for the right tracking solution

When researching order tracking solutions, Élise and her team listed various criteria to see if any Shopify order tracking app ticked all the boxes. These included supported carriers, language, order tracking accuracy, functions, pricing, ROI, reviews, etc.

Apart from order tracking automation and tracking accuracy, they also think highly of the following aspects:

  • Localization – As their primary market is Germany, the desired order tracking app must support German and all popular express delivery couriers in Germany, including DHL and DPD;
  • PayPal Tracking Sync – Moreover, because their PayPal Business account was new, the app should allow them to push order tracking information to PayPal to earn its trust to avoid chargebacks and disputes;
  • Cost & ROI – Ideally, the monthly plan of the app should be at competitive prices while ensuring sustainable growth of the business.


The solution: A full set of order tracking functionalities with ParcelPanel

After a series of evaluations, the Gotyu Underwear operations team members unanimously agreed to use ParcelPanel Order Tracking.

“ParcelPanel is really designed with SMBs in mind. At first, 200 order quota was enough for us, and with ParcelPanel’s Essential plan, we unlocked many useful features.” 

Élise, Chief Operations Officer

To start off, Gotyu Underwear benefited a lot from what ParcelPanel’s Essential plan offered, including:

  • Branded Tracking Page for 24/7 self-serve order tracking and enhanced shipment visibility;
  • Estimated Delivery Date to reduce customers’ delivery anxiety and let them know when they can expect the delivery;
  • Proactive Email Notifications to increase interactions with customers at key touchpoints to build trust;
  • AI-Powered Product Recommendations to target customers’ interests, expedite decision-making, and drive additional sales.

With the growth of Gotyu Underwear, they switched to the Professional plan, then the Enterprise plan, and finally, the ultimate customized plan. 

Notably, ParcelPanel’s Professional plan makes it possible to integrate with third-party apps, and Gotyu Underwear has been leveraging ParcelPanel’s integrations with Gorgias and PayPal. The integrations further extend the order tracking functionality, which helps to provide automated answers to WISMO inquiries in live chat and secure transactions via PayPal.

“With ParcelPanel, our customers are taken good care of after purchases. What’s more, because our team is relieved of the order tracking tasks, we can focus on marketing and sales growth. We’re always exhilarated at each upgrade of our ParcelPanel plan because each upgrade is marked with our breakthrough. We really appreciate ParcelPanel’s consistent support.” 

Élise, Chief Operations Officer


The results: A reputable rising star in the reusable period panties market

Although Gotyu Underwear was founded in 2021, the brand is growing rapidly, and its success is phenomenal. Just like its life-changing period panties named after goddesses, it respects and empowers women and lets them feel like goddesses. Gotyu Underwear does this by consistently instilling trust with pre-purchase education and real-time tracking updates in the post-purchase journey.

Notably, with ParcelPanel’s full-fledged order tracking solution, Gotyu Underwear reduces WISMO tickets by 85%, slashes 62% expenditure in customer service, and increases customer engagement after purchases by 3 times. Moreover, every month, its investment in the ParcelPanel plan yields more than 2.5x returns. 

“ParcelPanel is a profit-optimizing solution. It not only helps us bring customers back but also contributes to higher revenue. Compared with first-time purchases, the average amount of orders originated from the product recommendations in our tracking page and email notifications is more considerable.”

Élise, Chief Operations Officer

We have witnessed Gotyu Underwear’s sales grow 100 times and become a popular Shopify Plus merchant in about 1 year. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify Plus, ParcelPanel Order Tracking still supports the growth of Gotyu Underwear by helping it deliver the best-in-class post-purchase experience to build trust and loyalty.


The future: Optimize logistics operations & expand into the UK market

As Gotyu Underwear continues to market the benefits of reusable period panties, it gains more traction, yet more brands spring up in the niche. To cope with the intensified competition, Gotyu Underwear’s operations team aims to further improve the delivery experience by utilizing the reports on shipments and transit time ParcelPanel offers.

Having achieved success in the German market, recently, the Shopify Plus merchant has opened a new Shopify store to expand into the UK. Again, ParcelPanel has been chosen to offer full shipment visibility and deliver an excellent post-purchase experience.

“Keeping customers reassured after the buy button is critical, and this has a huge impact on the conversion rate. We’re confident in the expansion, with our post-purchase experience powered by ParcelPanel.”

Miliana, Marketing Manager


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