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Business Profile

In 2020, as the pandemic was raging on, Shayan Sharifi, a BSc Business and Management student at the University of Sussex, decided to venture into the oral care industry to produce safer dental whitening products at an affordable price. Working with dentists in the UK who formulate the ingredients and manufacturers in China, MySweetSmile launched Teeth Whitening Powder as the flagship product, and the brand became an instant hit across the UK and US.

Brand: MySweetSmile

Industry: Health

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2020

Employees: Unknown

Usage: Since January 2023

Carriers: <10

Integration: Klaviyo


As the brand took off, founder Shayan Sharifi quickly became aware of the industry’s immense potential as his company’s products became a hit among the dental cosmetic movement on social media. Orders flocked in, and the need for a tracking solution became evident. MySweetSmile began its search on December 21, 2020, culminating on February 23, 2021, with the company opting to go with Aftership. However, there was a mismatch between what the brand needed and what Aftership provided them at a premium.

MySweetSmile wanted a solution that had, among other features, a production recommendation tool, CSS, estimated delivery date function, and custom shipment status to help it keep up with a surge in orders and expansion into new markets. Hence, the search would resume later.


The challenge: How to keep order tracking costs under control as orders skyrocket

TikTok is to Gen Z what Facebook is to Millennials. The rise of health influencers on the video-sharing platform coincided with MySweetSmile’s entry into the market. Approved by dentists in the UK, MySweetSmile’s range of products became in demand as health and beauty TikTokers in the UK sampled its fast teeth whitening products live for their audiences. Customers came in droves, and the brand quickly expanded to the US market.

Focus on the customer experience saw the brand enlist Aftership as its order tracking partner early in 2021. MySweetSmile continued using the tracking app for 22 more months until it became evident towards the end of 2022 that it was an expensive solution that was not returning value and would cost more as the brand grew its customer base. 

MySweetSmile needed a scalable solution to provide a stellar end-to-end order-tracking experience without blowing their budget. Once again, it was time to surf the internet for a more fitting tracking app.


The search: Switching to ParcelPanel

When the cost forecast with the Aftership tracking app became bleak, the MySweetSmile team returned to the drawing board to find a solution that would work best for their goals. In their previous search, ParcelPanel had been fronted as one of the options but had been set aside for the eventual winner at the time.

With the future of the business now in sharp focus and cost-saving a priority, ParcelPanel was selected because it guaranteed the following to MySweetSmile.

  • Cost Efficiency: Aftership’s paid tier costs about 5.8 times more than ParcelPanel for the same features. Opting for ParcelPanel would allow MySweetSmile to track more orders more affordably.
  • Klaviyo Integration: Personalized customer relationships and interactions power MySweetSmile’s success, and Klaviyo is central to achieving this through email marketing. ParcelPanel was an ideal option for the brand as it sought another tracking solution because it integrates seamlessly with the top email marketing tool.
  • Supports All MySweetSmile’s Couriers: ParcelPanel is integrated with more than 1,100 global couriers, including MySweetSmile partners within the US and UK. These included Swiship, Royal Mail, Evri, and USPS.
  • AI-Powered Product Recommendations: MySweetSmile also wanted to boost conversion from the tracking page, and an app that came with product recommendations was what it was looking for.
  • Estimated Delivery Date: The oral care brand did not want its customers to be anxious after purchases. It sought a tracking app with an estimated delivery date tool for UK and US-bound shipments.
  • CSS Customization: To enhance its brand appeal, MySweetSmile was looking for a tracking app that features CSS to customize the tracking page and boost customer engagement.
  • Custom Shipment Status: On MySweetSmile’s wishlist was also a tracking app with a custom shipment status tool that could immediately change the status to “We’re on it” after a customer orders.


Best-in-class onboarding process

MySweetSmile officially started using ParcelPanel to track its customer’s shipments on January 26, 2023. The parcelPanel team offered the dental whitening brand unlimited onboarding support, ensuring the tracking solution worked seamlessly with its business systems.

To start with, ParcelPanel’s customer support team assisted MySweetSmile with the Klaviyo integration. As the company’s main email marketing tool, MySweetSmile needed the ParcelPanel tracking URL inserted into the post-purchase emails sent to its customers. This process would keep the customers informed of the order updates.

ParcelPanel’s customer-centric sales team also helped MySweetSmile customize the tracking page to ensure their brand was represented on it. This process ensured uniform branding so customers did not feel they were using a third-party tool.

To wrap up the onboarding process, the ParcelPanel team also ensured accurate courier matching, guaranteeing that all tracking information could be relayed on the MySweetSmile tracking page from courier websites in real time. The team continues to offer 24/7 support with the assurance that they can be reached anytime to resolve any issues.


The results: Perfecting tracking precision while reducing costs with ParcelPanel

“Before implementing ParcelPanel, we were paying up to 5.8 times more to track the same order volume through Aftership. Less than a year in with ParcelPanel, and our costs are down 82.75% while tracking accuracy has increased to 98.5%,” explained Shayan Sharifi, Founder of MySweetSmile.

He continued, “The post-purchase emails and branded tracking page have led to an increase in the average number of order lookups per shipment, giving us the chance to engage our customers up to 2.5x more.”

The positives that MySweetSmile has experienced since implementing ParcelPanel speak for themselves and include the following.

  • 82.75% Cost Reduction: The average order tracking costs for the same volume have drastically reduced about 5.8 times, representing an 82.75% decline in costs, which means more profitability for the company.
  • 98.5% Tracking Accuracy: ParcelPanel delivers accurate tracking events at each stage of the delivery process, significantly boosting the overall tracking accuracy of MySweetSmile’s shipments to an impressive 98.5%.
  • 2.5x Customer Engagements: A boost in customer engagement is the other positive result that MySweetSmile has experienced since partnering with ParcelPanel. Shipment notification emails with tracking URLs and a branded tracking page have encouraged customers to utilize the self-service order tracking solution. Average order lookups have gone up, allowing this oral care brand to engage its customers 2.5x more frequently.


The future: Leveraging ParcelPanel to enhance order tracking & supply chain operations

“Growing our sales volumes on Shopify and Amazon is crucial to achieving our revenue ambitions as we go into the future. Central to this is offering our customers an exceptional tracking experience. Thanks to ParcelPanel’s API solution, we are confident in achieving this ambition,” explained Shayan Sharifi, Founder of MySweetSmile.

MySweetSmile partners with Amazon’s 3PL fulfillment services (MCF and FBA) for Amazon orders and several different couriers to fulfill its Shopify orders. Using ParcelPanel tracking API, MySweetSmile can centralize package tracking across Shopify and Amazon, provide customers with a transparent tracking experience, and get actionable insights to optimize supply chain operations.


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