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Business Profile

Incorporated in 2019 in Sweden, Silvercut is a popular personalized jewelry brand inspired by love for pets. It offers pet owners life-like replicas of their beloved pets in the form of necklaces, keychains, bracelets, and rings – a unique way to keep sweet memories close to their hearts. The brand is committed to providing high-quality handcrafted jewels that can last for a lifetime at reasonable prices. 

Brand: Silvercut

Industry: Fashion & Jewelry 

Platform: Shopify Plus

Country: Sweden

Year Founded: 2019

Employees: 2 – 10

Usage: Since August 2020

Carriers: 20+

Ships to: 60+ countries

Integration: Klaviyo


The COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time when people needed companionship and emotional support. It’s reported that millions of Americans adopted a new pet (Washington Post). Undoubtedly, the figure is bigger on a global scale. The boom in pet adoption contributed to surges in the sales of pet supplies and other industries. The new personalized jewelry brand Silvercut saw its order volume skyrocketing — numerous customization requests from affectionate pet parents came in. 


The challenge: Trapped by a massive number of WISMO tickets

In 2020, the startup, founded by Emil Norlander and his friends, was still in its early days. To offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, it had moved the workshop to Asia before the pandemic outbreak. 

Although sales jumped significantly, the subsequent supply chain disruptions put Silvercut’s business in a dilemma. To some extent, it could hardly meet customers’ needs: production was often postponed due to worker shortages, and the slow delivery also upset the majority of its customers. Customers vented their dissatisfaction by filing complaints and submitting “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries via email. The issue kept developing day by day until it was like a balloon about to explode.


Searching for a perfect solution to offer full visibility from order to door & meet burgeoning demand

Having realized the urgency to resolve the issue, the founder and his friends decided to adopt an effective post-purchase solution as soon as possible. At first, the brilliant leader with great experience at the forefront led his team to investigate the causes of WISMO tickets. Their next goal was to learn the features of all the available Shopify order tracking apps on the market and find the one best suited to their business needs.

They went the extra mile to list all the must-haves of a perfect tracking solution for their business and its customers:

  • Custom Shipment Status: Customers have the right to know the real-time production progress. A tracking solution would be less than ideal if no custom statuses could be added after an order has been placed.
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): Silvercut offers worldwide shipping, and the estimated delivery time largely depends on the destination country. Some couriers provide ETA, while others don’t. Anyway, the tracking solution should display the estimated delivery time accordingly.
  • Email Notifications Based on Status Updates: Silvercut relies on Shopify Native Emails to update customers on the latest shipment updates, including “Out for Delivery” and “Delivered.” The tracking solution must work seamlessly with Shopify to trigger automatic notifications. 
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling: The desired tracking solution should provide personalized product recommendations and effectively convert existing customers. The feature is critical to long-term development.
  • CSS & HTML Customization: Silvercut wants to add extra information about courier partners on the tracking page to enhance trust.
  • Push Notifications to Webhooks: Silvercut’s team needs to stay informed of updates on shipment statuses, including “In Transit,” “Out for Delivery,” and “Delivered.” 

The following features were considered a plus:

  • CSV File Export: Silvercut needs to archive all tracking information and order information for further analysis and operations optimization. It would be best if the data could be exported into CSV files whenever necessary.
  • Seamless Integration with Klaviyo: Silvercut would use Klaviyo for email marketing in the future. It would be great if the tracking solution could be easily connected to Klaviyo and provide all the tracking information Silvercut needs. 


The solution: Order tracking tailored to all business needs

“We chose ParcelPanel not only because it offers what we considered as must-haves but also nice-to-haves. ParcelPanel always exceeds our expectations. The onboarding process was a breeze. After setting up our branded tracking page with product recommendations and estimated delivery time, redirects, and email notifications, we felt instant relief. The production progress can be overseen as we set 3 custom statuses before shipping. Our customers feel reassured when they know the personalized jewel is in production when they come back.” 

Emil Norlander, CEO & Co-Founder


The results: Less service workload, higher engagement & ROI

“After partnering with ParcelPanel, we were on cloud nine as our customers were happy with the improvements in our post-purchase service. Silvercut is dedicated to creating engraved jewels that can be cherished for a lifetime. That’s why we should deliver top-notch post-purchase service to make our customers feel the warmth and recall happy memories whenever they’re wearing, holding, or gifting a Silvercut product.” 

Emil Norlander, CEO & Co-Founder

Here are Silvercut’s accomplishments since implementing ParcelPanel:

  • 370% Customer Engagement: Statistics show that a Silvercut customer retrieves shipment updates 3.7 times per order. Since implementing ParcelPanel, Silvercut always engages customers at key touchpoints effectively in the post-purchase journey, which enhances trust and loyalty.
  • 5,000h+ Reduced in Service Workload: Even during the holiday season, Silvercut doesn’t need to recruit extra customer service representatives because nearly all customers use the self-serve order tracking powered by ParcelPanel. 
  • 400% ROI in Order Tracking: Setting aside reduced service workload, for every dollar spent on ParcelPanel, Silvercut gets 4 dollars in return with personalized product recommendations. 

With better post-purchase experience, Silvercut has gained in popularity over time. Notably, its Trustpilot rating is on an upward trend, currently steady at 4.5 stars; its social media following also surpasses 190K. 


The future: Streamline production & deepen cooperation with top couriers using ParcelPanel

“ParcelPanel has been supporting Silvercut’s business since 2020. We mainly use it to identify abnormal orders and determine the reasons behind delays, exceptions, etc. 

By calculating the interval between the order time and fulfillment time, we developed effective solutions to streamline production. Plus, the courier performance data ParcelPanel provides also enables us to consolidate partnerships with top couriers and keep expanding our delivery network while testing new partners and screening out underperforming ones. 

We’ll continue working with ParcelPanel to make great improvements in the post-purchase experience.”

Kaspar Külm, COO & Brand Strategist


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