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Australia Post is Australia's largest postal service provider, providing mail, parcel delivery and international shipping services. Use ParcelPanel to deliver seamless AusPost tracking experience with a branded tracking page and automated shipping notifications!
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About Australia Post

Australia Post (abbrev. AusPost), formally known as the Australian Postal Corporation, is a government-owned postal service and logistics company in Australia. The company is the successor to the Postmaster-General's Department, which was established in 1901 as part of the Federation of Australia. Later, in 1975, the postal functions were taken over by the Australian Postal Commission.

Australia Post is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is one of the largest logistics service providers with over 4,310 post offices, 14,982 street posting boxes, over 51,000 parcel lockers, and a workforce consisting of 64,900+ individuals offering domestic and international shipping services, as well as an international footprint of over 200 countries. The Australia Post business focuses on the core areas:

  • Letters and associated services
  • Retail merchandise and agency services
  • Parcels and logistics

Australia Post has various subsidiaries and joint ventures, including Sai Cheng Logistics International (founded with China Post) and StarTrack Courier (previously named Messenger Post). It successfully delivered over 2.7 billion parcels in 2022. Moreover, its total annual revenue hit $4.69 billion, facing competition from DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT Express, Aramex, and Sendle.

Australia Post Tracking

AusPost Express Post Tracking

Express Post is the fastest postal delivery service provided by Australia Post. The service is appropriate for sending items worth up to $100. However, "Extra Cover" is required for items worth more than $100 in order to receive compensation for loss or damage ranging from $100 to $5,000.

Its features include:

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ Next-business-day delivery

✔ Carbon-neutral parcel delivery

✔ Convenient drop-off/pickup (yellow street posting box, parcel pickup, or at a Post Office)

✔ Extra Cover & Signature on Delivery (optional)

✔ Up to $100 of compensation

Note: If Australia Post is unable to guarantee next-business-day delivery, a notice will be posted on the website.

Australia Post Global Tracking

The Australia Post international delivery service allows you to ship letters and parcels at the best price, speed, and service standard. Its international shipping services fall into the following categories.

International Economy

This shipping service is intended for those who do not require urgent delivery and are shipping low-value items that do not require tracking. The service includes:

✔Optional Signature on Delivery

✔ Carbon-neutral parcel delivery

The shipment is transported in two ways:

Economy Air Mail

  • Ideal for non-critical letters & documents, printed materials without commercial value, postcards or greeting cards sealed in small letter-size envelopes & endorsed cards, or noncritical low-value parcels weighing up to 2kg.
  • Weight limit: letters & documents up to 500g, postcards & greeting cards up to 50g, and parcels up to 2kg.
  • A CN22 or CN23 customs form is required to be filled out.
  • Prices start at $2.70 for letters & documents, $3 for postcards & greeting cards, and $9.75 for parcels.

Economy Sea Mail

  • Ideal for noncritical low-value parcels to specific countries.
  • Weight limit: 2kg ~ 20kg
  • Require filling out a CN23 customs form.
  • Price starts at $56.45.

International Standard

This service is designed for those who require a tracking feature for shipping less-than-urgent parcels and a variety of optional extras. The service includes:

  • Real-time tracking with email notifications & SMS included
  • Weight limit for parcels up to 20 kg
  • Optional Signature on Delivery
  • Carbon-neutral parcel delivery
  • Filling out a CN23 customs form and posting at a post office required
  • Price starts at $15.35

International Express

The Australia Post International Express service is suitable for those who require speedy delivery of letters, documents, and parcels with tracking features. The service includes:

  • Tracking with email notifications & SMS
  • Signature on Delivery
  • Carbon-neutral parcel delivery
  • Weight limit for parcels up to 20 kg and letters and documents up to 500g
  • Requires filling out a CN23 customs form
  • Prices start at $30.35 for parcels and $28.05 for letters and documents

International Courier

This is a premium service designed for delivering urgent parcels, letters, and documents within 2+ business days to metro areas of primary cities. The service is available at 800+ post offices (cut-off time varies), and it includes:

  • Real-time shipment tracking with email notifications & SMS
  • Optional Signature on Delivery
  • Weight limit for parcels up to 20kg and letters up to 500g
  • Requires filling out of International Courier declaration, and Courier airway bill
  • Price starts at $95.35

Australia Registered Post Tracking

Australia Post provides both domestic and international registered shipping services.

The features of domestic Registered Post service include:

✔ Proof of posting

✔ Proof of receipt (online tracking & signature on delivery)

✔ Compensation for loss and damage

✔ Discounts on bulk envelope purchases or a roll of 50 labels

✔ Optional SMS and email notifications

International Post Registered Post service is ideal for important documents, and its features include:

✔ Weight limit up to 500g

✔ Signature on delivery

✔ Compensation for loss or damage (up to $100)

✔ Tracking is not included**

Australia Post eParcel Tracking

Australia Post provides the eParcel Contract shipping management system for businesses that need to ship over 2,000 parcels domestically per year. It simplifies consignment management by handling everything from label creation, shipment visibility, and returns to claims filing.

Main Features:

✔ Real-time tracking

✔ Regular updates to the sender and recipient

✔ Insurance cover for loss and damage

✔ Discounts on bulk shipments

✔ Access to Proof of Delivery and Safe Drop images

✔ Hassle-free returns

✔ Dedicated business support portal & technical support

Australia Post EMS Tracking

Australia Post EMS is a premium domestic and international shipping service. The service has been around for about half a century, with additional features, including tracking services for ensuring end-to-end shipment visibility, signature on delivery, loss and damage coverage, and so on.

Its shipment options include:

✔ Courier: 1-2 business days

✔ Express: 2-4 business days

✔ Standard: 6+ business days

✔ Economy: 10+ business days

The tracking number of the Australia Post EMS service consists of 13 alphanumeric digits, starting with a pair of letters, followed by 9 digits, and ending with a pair of letters, "AU." The beginning letter of the tracking number is "E." For example, EA123456789AU.

To track your Australia Post EMS parcel, you can use the AusPost tracking tool on the official website or a professional parcel tracking website like ParcelPanel.

How to Track an Australia Post Parcel?

Australia Post parcel tracking can be conducted in several ways. Australia Post has a tracking tool integrated into its website, allowing you to track up to ten parcels simultaneously. It also has apps that make the tracking system convenient for costumes.

Apart from these ways, AusPost can be tracked through a third-party tracking service. For instance, ParcelPanel is a reliable and trusted third-party tracking service provider that offers AusPost Track and Trace.

Let's go into the details of different ways to track Australia Post packages.

By Using Australia Post Tracking

  • Website

Here's how to use the Australia Post Track and Trace tool:

Step 1: Go to the official Australia Post website. Under or on the hero banner, you can find the "Track an item" section. Clicking on "Track multiple" and it will take you to the dedicated AusPost Tracking page.


Step 2: Enter your AusPost tracking number in the tracking field and hit the "Track" button.

Then, you will be redirected to a new page that contains the tracking information. To check the shipment's journey in detail, click on the tab "Journey."


  • App

The AusPost App is another alternative for tracking Australia Post parcels. The app allows seamless tracking through its integration with more than 300 postal and express services in countries around the world so that you can track inbound & outbound mail and parcels handled by AusPost without any additional charge.

Enter your AusPost tracking number in the tracking tool and get the real-time status of your package instantly. The app supports tracking parcels, searching nearby post offices, accessing Parcel Lockers, etc. You can also get parcels redirected to a Post Office, Parcel Locker, PO Box, or a new street address.

StarTrack is another division of Australia Post that provides solutions for all businesses, such as B2B and B2C deliveries, courier and next flights, warehousing, 3PL solutions, and so on. The StarTrack website also has an integrated tracking tool for tracking Australia Post deliveries.


To track your package, go to the website and select the "Track & Trace" option.

Then, enter your tracking number in the tracking field and click on the "Track" button.

Later, a page with detailed tracking information will appear on the screen.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is one of the leading third-party tracking service providers for eCommerce. It has built seamless integrations with a vast network of over 1,100 postal services and couriers worldwide, including Australia Post. Notably, its seamless integration with the Australia Post tracking API allows customers to track the real-time progress of their AusPost parcels 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Here's a step-by-step guide to using ParcelPanel for AusPost tracking.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of and click "Carriers" on the top menu bar.

Step 2: On the "Carriers" page, search for Australia Post, and you can find two AusPost trackers. You can click on "Australia Post" to track all kinds of AusPost parcels and Australia EMS parcels.

Step 3: A search box will appear after you select the Australia Post tracking service. Enter your Australia Post tracking number in the box and click the 'Track" button. Up to 30 AusPost tracking numbers can be entered at a single time.


Step 4: Finally, you will be taken to a new page where the detailed shipment history is listed.

Another alternative way to track Australia Post is through the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. This app is specially designed for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants to make their post-purchase service satisfactory to their customers while reducing support tickets.


Merchants can integrate this app with their stores to enjoy a consistent Australia Post Office tracking experience. After the app is installed, it can automatically generate a branded tracking page where customers can access the tracking information for the orders without the need for external assistance. What's more, automated email notifications will be sent by ParcelPanel to help you update customers on the latest shipment status in real time.

The app pulls the tracking information from the store order details, including the order number, tracking number, courier names, last checkpoint, transit time, order date, and status, and display it in a structured way on the dashboard. This dashboard is accessible to merchants from the backend, along with analytics, which can help with logistics optimization.

Australia Post Tracking Number

The Australia Post tracking number can be found in the order confirmation email or on the invoice, or under the barcode of the Post Office receipt.

AusPost Tracking Number Format

The Australia Post tracking number format varies depending on the service. The following are the different tracking number formats in detail.

  • AusPost Express Post tracking number format: It consists of 12 to 23 alphanumeric characters. The Tracking number can begin with a pair of numbers followed by 3 letters and then the rest of the numbers, or it can begin with a pair of letters and then be followed by numbers.
  • Australia Post Parcel Post tracking number format: It consists of 23 alphanumeric characters, beginning with a pair of numbers, followed by a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Australia Post Parcel Post (carbon neutral delivery) tracking number format: This tracking number format consists of 23 numeric digits.
  • Australia Post eParcel tracking number format: It consists of 23 alphanumeric characters. The tracking number begins with a pair of numbers, followed by 3 letters, and then 18 numeric digits.
  • Australia Post EMS tracking number format: It is a combination of 13-digit alphanumeric characters. The tracking number starts with a pair of letters (the first one is "E"), followed by 9 numeric digits, and ends with a pair of letters "AU."

Australia Post Tracking Number Example

Here are some examples of Australia Post tracking numbers.

  • Express Post


34FDB5013245/34FDB501324501000965008 QK3341319201000960305

  • Parcel Post



  • Parcel Post (Carbon neutral delivery)


  • eParcel


  • International Express shipping service (Australia Post EMS)

EJ310852006AU   (International Express / EMS)

ET219890975AU  (International Express / EMS)

LK177287081AU  (International)

CF152138356AU  (International)

Australia Post Tracking FAQ

What about Australia Post delivery times?

Here are Australia Post delivery times for domestic and international shipping:

Domestic Shipping:

ServiceDelivery Speed
Express Post parcels & Express Post letters Next business day
Parcel Post2+ business days
Regular lettersSame state: 2-4 business days
Interstate: 3-6 business days
Priority lettersSame state: 2 business days (max.)
Interstate: 4 business days (max.)

International Shipping:

CountriesCourier Parcels & LettersExpress Parcels & LettersStandard ParcelsEconomy ParcelsEconomy Air & International Post
USA,  Canada2-4 business days3-7 business days6-10 business daysAir: 15+ business days

Sea: 2-3 months
15+ business days
UK, Singapore2-3 business days4-8 business days6-10 business daysAir: 15+ business days

Sea: 2-3 months(not available for Singapore)
15+ business days
Japan, Malaysia2-3 business days4-8 business days6-10 business daysAir & sea not available for both; air is suspended for Malaysia15+ business days
Germany2-3 business days6-10 business days8-12 business daysAir: 20+ business days
Sea: 2-3 months
20+ business days
India 5-7 business daysSuspended8-12 business daysAir: Suspended
Sea: Not available
20+ business days

For delivery to other countries, check out the "International Delivery Times" chart.

I lost my Australia Post tracking number. What can I do?

You can't track your package without the tracking number. If you lost your Australia Post tracking number, consider taking the following steps:

  • Check the receipt or invoice
  • Check the sender's confirmation email or text message
  • Check the order page on eCommerce platforms

How can I submit an Australia Post mail redirection request?

You can submit an Australia Post redirection request online if you are at least 18 years old. The application takes three working days to process before the mail redirection can begin. However, you can't redirect your mail overseas or on behalf of a deceased estate.

Here is the list of required documents.

  • Both old and new address details
  • Contact details
  • Names of all people who are redirecting mail
  • Proof of identity documents
  • Payment (Fees are available on the Australia Post website)

To submit the redirection request online, follow these steps.

Step 1: Click the "Apply Button" on this website page.

Step 2: Fill out the online form.

Step 3: Enter details about your proof of identity.

Step 4: Enter payment details and submit the form.

You can also submit the request offline. For that, download the form, take your supporting documents, and submit the application with payment to a Post Office.

Note: If you are in charge of a deceased estate, or you're a victim of domestic violence or a natural disaster, you might be eligible for a free 12-month mail redirection service.

How can I know whether there are AusPost delays?

If AusPost delays occur due to technical problems, bad weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, the Australia Post website updates the reasons for the AusPost delays. The website has separate sections for showing updates on domestic and international delivery disruptions.

Does AusPost deliver on Saturday?

Yes, AusPost delivers on Saturday without any additional cost. However, for Saturday shipping, there are some conditions, which are-

  • Applicable only to prepaid Express Post packages and certain postcodes.
  • The sender and recipient must reside in selected regions in the same state.
  • Recipient addresses should be listed as businesses, households, parcel lockers, or post offices.
  • Packages must be mailed on Friday.

Note: Delivery is not available for packages addressed to a Locked Bag, PO Box, or GPO Box.

Does AusPost deliver after 5 pm?

No, AusPost does not deliver after 5 pm. Their regular delivery hours are 7 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday and up to 1 pm on Saturday.

Can I pick up my AusPost package before delivery?

Yes, you can pick up your AusPost package before delivery. You can book a pickup or use the Parcel Collect option. Add the location of a nearby parcel locker or post office as an alternate delivery address. To finish the setup, first-timers have to answer a few questions.

Does AusPost send text messages?

AusPost sends SMSs to keep you updated on shipment delivery progress. Be aware that it never sends text messages to customers asking for confidential information such as passwords, credit card numbers, account numbers, etc.

What does "associated to parcel locker" mean by AusPost?

The AusPost tracking status "associated to parcel locker" means the package has been delivered to a parcel locker nearby.

How long does AusPost hold parcels?

If your AusPost parcel is in an Australia Post locker, it can be held for 48 hours. However, if the package is delivered to a Post Office, it can be held for between one week and a year.

Australia Post Customer Service

For issues related to your shipment, reach out to Australia Post customer service for assistance. Australia Post has separate phone numbers for domestic and international customers.

Here are the phone numbers for you to contact AusPost customer service immediately.

  • When calling from within Australia, dial 13 POST (13 7678).
  • When calling from overseas, dial +61 3 8847 9980.

The customer service reps are available Monday to Friday from 8 am-6 pm, except on national public holidays.

Specialized contact options are available for those with hearing or speech impairments and those who do not speak English. Australia Post also has a Chatbot option on its "Contact Us" page.


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