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China Post is China’s official postal service. It provides international package delivery and package tracking services. Use ParcelPanel, the best China Post tracking solution for ecommerce. Centralize China parcel tracking easily!
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About China Post

China Post is an official postal service and parcel delivery organization, supervised by the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the top postal carrier services in the world, offering a wide range of domestic and international services, from mailing solutions to postal express mail delivery, newspaper distribution, logistics & EMS, banking, insurance, securities, and more.

China Post is headquartered in Beijing, with around 54,890 postal offices all over China (2023) and it cooperated with local postal services - members of UPU (Universal Postal Union) - to complete the delivery of mail and packages internationally. Over the past few years, China Post has gained insane popularity for shipping products abroad from e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress, eBay, FastTech, and GearBest.

Services offered by China Post for various sectors include:

  • Postal service: Domestic and international mail delivery, express mail delivery, registered mail, unregistered mail, and special mail delivery.
  • Courier service: Parcel express delivery, documents delivery, etc.
  • Financial service: Banking, insurance, money transfer, remittance service.
  • eCommerce service: ePacket service for shipping small packages.

China Post parcel delivery is divided into different types according to the transportation systems:

  • Air Parcel (Through Air)
  • Surface Air Lift Parcel (SAL) (Through Air, Land, or Sea)
  • Surface Parcel (Through Ship, Automobile, or Railway)

The Air Parcel is the most commonly used among these due to its fast speed, safety and convenience. However, for super-fast delivery, Express Mail Service (EMS) is a better option than China Post Mail, but it is more expensive.


China Post Domestic Services include:

  • Domestic Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Government Affairs Express
  • Commercial Express
  • Express Parcel Delivery
  • Fresh Product Delivery
  • e-Packet Destined for Hongkong
  • Services destined for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan are Express Mail Service, e-EMS, parcel, and Small Packets.

China Post International Services include:

  • International Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • China Express
  • e-Packet
  • e-Courier
  • e-Courier Packet
  • Registered Packet
  • Tracked Packet
  • Untracked Packet
  • International Parcel
  • International e-EMS

China Post Tracking

China Post tracking is a convenient modern technological feature offered by China Post that allows customers to track the real-time status of their packages and registered mail. No matter in which part of the world the customer resides, they can see the overall journey of their package in detail. All they need is the tracking number of their package and a website that supports China Post tracking. China Post is a carrier supported by ParcelPanel. That means you can use ParcelPanel to track China Post mail and packages.

The standard tracking number format of China Post consists of 13 alphanumeric characters, which start and end with a pair of letters with numerical characters in between. However, depending on the type of service, the China Post tracking number format varies.

The following are some of the best China Post tracking services, along with their tracking number format and shipping time details.

China Post EMS Tracking

China Express Mail Service (EMS) is a highly reliable and fast shipment delivery service offered by China Postal Express & Logistics and other international postal operators.

Any type of urgent delivery, such as documents, materials, and all sorts of merchandise, can be made within the country and worldwide in a short period of time. Customers can follow the progress of their package shipment through China Post's EMS tracking system. It's worth mentioning that ParcelPanel also provides China EMS tracking.


China Post EMS Tracking Number Format:

The China Post EMS tracking system requires a 13-character tracking number or shipment ID. The unique EMS tracking number starts with a pair of capital letters (the initial letter is "E") followed by a 9-digit number, and ends with two capital letters, "CN" or "CS". For example, EY123456789CN. Here, "E" represents Express Mail and "CN" represents China's Alpha-2 code. There are other tracking number formats that start with different letters, such as CT123456789CN, AS123456789CS, etc.

Shipping time:

Usually, it takes 3 – 7 days to deliver an EMS package. However, depending on the geographical location, the duration may vary, such as:

  • Asia: Around 2 ~ 5 business days
  • Australia: Around 4 business days
  • America and Europe: Around 5 ~ 15 business days

Through EMS shipping tracking information and the average shipping time, the recipient can know when to expect the delivery.

China Post ePacket Tracking

The China Post ePacket service, also known as EUB (Eyoubao, E邮宝 in Chinese), is an E-commerce express service offered by China Postal Express & Logistics Co. Ltd. This service has made shipping easier and faster for E-commerce merchants in China mainland, HongKong, Macau. The ePacket is among the most popular shipping methods on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, DHgate, and other online marketplaces. If your parcel is sent from China, it's very likely that the China parcel tracking service you're looking for is China Post ePacket tracking.

The ePacket service is only for delivering small and lightweight packages. Except for the UK (5kg) Israel (5kg), and Russia (3kg), the standard weight for ePacket is limited to 2 kg. Also, the longest dimension of the package should be between 14 cm and 60 cm, while the length, width, and height combined should not exceed 90cm.

As of right now, ePacket can be delivered to 39 nations and regions:

EuropeIreland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, UK
OceaniaAustralia, New Zealand
AmericaBrazil, Canada, USA (all territories), Mexico
AsiaKazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong (China)
Middle EastSaudi Arabia, Israel

With ParcelPanel, China Post ePacket tracking is simplified. You can track up to 30 ePacket shipments each time, and you don't have to go through the error-prone jigsaw puzzle verification on the EMS official website again and again.


China Post ePacket/EUB Tracking Number Format:

For tracking ePacket shipping, you will need a 13-character alphanumeric tracking number. The number begins with a pair of capital letters, the first of which is "L", followed by 9-digit numbers, and ends with China's ISO code "CN". For example, LK123456789CN.

ePacket shipping time:

Due to the numerous variables that can affect delivery time, such as holidays, adverse weather conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances, the maximum ePacket shipping time is 2 months. However, here is the average delivery time:

  • Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine: Within 7-15 working days
  • USA: Within 7-15 days
  • Mexico: Within 20 working days
  • Other countries: Within 7-10 working days

Note: If the delivery takes longer than 2 months, contact China Post at your earliest convenience.

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus Tracker

China Post ordinary small packet plus service is for international non-registered packages. Most retailers from well-known e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, Wish, or eBay use this logistics service and ship through both offline and online channels.

Packages under 2 kg are shipped to 233 countries and regions worldwide for a significantly lower cost compared to other trackable services. Although the packages are untrackable, you can track them until they reach key processing centers outside of China.

The probability of losing packages in developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany is low. However, posting comes with the risk of losing or missing parcels for less developed countries. So, avoiding using unregistered mail services in such countries is recommended, as you won't be compensated if the package is lost.

China Post Ordinary Packet Tracking Number Format:

The China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus tracking number consists of 11 numbers. As the package falls under the untrackable category, only 1 or 2 pieces of key tracking information outside of China will be provided. Even so, by using ParcelPanel, you can access the tracking information.

Tracking number format example: 04019225883, 04020767423

Shipping time:

  • Normal circumstances: 16 ~ 35 days
  • Exceptions: 35 ~ 60 days (in case of holidays, policy changes, or remote areas)

Note: If the packet is not delivered within the estimated time, contact the seller to identify and solve the issue.

China Post Registered Air Mail Tracker

China Post registered air mail service, based on the UPU (Universal Postal Union) network, is launched by China Post for small packages weighing less than 2 kg. This is the most affordable express service available for lightweight items, and it supports shipping to 241 countries and regions worldwide.

International customers prefer this registered air mail service for shipping products such as clothes, shoes, accessories, or electronic gadgets from eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

Although the cost of the registered airmail requires an extra mail registration fee, the end-to-end online tracking makes it a more secure shipping option. Besides, if any loss is confirmed, China Post pays back around three times the shipping fee after evaluating the value of the package.

Apart from the official China Post mail tracker, you may also use the China mail tracking service provided by professional tracking websites like ParcelPanel.

China Post Registered Air Mail Tracking Number Format:

The tracking number of the registered airmail is composed of 13 characters. The number has two letters at the beginning, where the first letter is "R", followed by a 9-digit number, and ending with China's ISO code "CN", for example, RY988272646CN.

Shipping time:

  • Asian countries: approximately 7-15 days
  • American and European countries: approximately 7-15 days
  • Other countries or regions: approximately 7-30 days

China Post Air Parcel Tracking

The China Post Air Parcel service is an affordable option for shipping large packages weighing more than 2 kg but less than 20 ~ 30 kg. This service is relatively slower than the EMS but faster than surface mail.

It has great advantages because the volume weight won't be taken into account, as well as remote area and fuel surcharges. For merchants who want to enhance competitiveness, it's better to choose China Post Air Parcel over EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT.

China Post Air Parcel Tracking Number Format:

The air parcel tracking number for large packages has 13 alphanumeric characters. The number begins with the pair of letters "CP", followed by a unique 9-digit number, and ends with the letters "CN".

For example, CP123456789CN

Shipping time:

  • Bordering countries: 4-10 days
  • Most American and European countries: 7-20 days
  • African and other countries or regions: 7-30 days

How to Track a China Post Package?

Tracking China Post packages is easy: all you need is the tracking ID. The tracking ID is issued to the sender or seller once they register the package with China Post. Customers receive the tracking ID through the confirmation email, text message, receipt, or on the seller's website.

You can track your China Post package from the China Post official website and also through other professional package tracking websites like ParcelPanel.

ParcelPanel is an all-in-one tracking solution for over 1,000 carriers worldwide, and China Post is one of its carriers. Besides, for Shopify stores, ParcelPanel can automatically generate a branded tracking page, from which customers can get answers to all their queries regarding delivery and track their orders.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to track a China Post package so that you can understand the procedure in the easiest way possible.

Track China Post packages using China Post official website

Step 1: Go to the China Postal Express & Logistics website

First, go to the China Postal Express & Logistics website. Here, you will see the marked box where you have to enter your tracking ID.


Step 2: Solve the puzzle

The moment you enter the ID and press Enter or click the search icon in the box, a puzzle box will appear. Click and hold the marked area, then drag in the indicated direction until the two puzzle pieces overlap.

Step 3: See the result

Once the puzzle is solved, the following page will appear, where you can see the status of your package in greater detail, including the date and time.

ParcelPanel offers best Chinese parcel tracking services for e-commerce, with over 1,100 carrier integrations, including China Post. ParcelPanel provides you with China Post tracking, EMS China Tracking and ePacket tracking services in two different ways: by using the ParcelPanel official website and the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

Track China Post packages using ParcelPanel official website

Step 1: Go to the ParcelPanel website

First, go to the ParcelPanel website. Here, at the menu bar, you will see the option named "Carriers". Click on this option for the next step.

Step 2: Carriers page

On the "Carriers" page, you will find a list of carriers. Scroll down, and you'll find various China Post Track and Trace tools, including that for China Post, ePacket, and EMS.

Step 3: Input the tracking number

Once you click the carrier, "China Post", you will be directed to the following page. Enter your tracking number China Post has issued in the box and hit the "Track" button. china-post-tracking-parcelpanelStep 4: Get the result

Finally, the following dashboard will appear, where you can see the current status of your package. However, if you want detailed information, click on the small arrow on the right end of the status bar.

Note: The China Post tracking number used here is an example provided by the ParcelPanel website. The tracking information can also be translated into different languages, including French, German, Hebrew, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Track China Post packages using ParcelPanel Order Tracking app

ParcelPanel order tracking app is a handy tool for Shopify and WooCommerce merchants. This app automatically generates a tracking page for end customers to query order statuses whenever they want. ParcelPanel pulls the tracking numbers from Shopify and Woocommerce stores and makes them visible in the ParcelPanel dashboard. This makes it easier and more convenient for merchants to access post-sales queries from the backend, such as tracking information, shipment status, and so on.  


Once you've installed ParcelPanel, a tracking page that fits your branding will be automatically generated. You can put the URL in the navigation menu of your online store so that your customers can access it conveniently.

As China Post is among the 1,100+ logistics carriers supported by ParcelPanel, if you have a large number of packages to track and trace from China, the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app is one of the best China Post tracking tool that you can use. Because all your orders will be automatically synced to ParcelPanel, you just need to open the app in the backend, and go to "Orders" to check the shipment statuses.

Furthermore, by setting up shipping notifications, ParcelPanel can send emails to your customers on your behalf so you can keep customers informed of the shipment status and enhance the post-purchase experience.

China Post Tracking Number

How to find your China Post tracking number?

The first thing you need to track your package is the China Post tracking number. Once your package is dispatched from the store and registered at China Post, a unique 13-character tracking number or shipping ID is assigned.

Usually, the tracking number is mentioned on the receipt. You will also get a confirmation email or text containing the tracking number from the seller or China Post.

The China Post tracking number format consists of 13 characters that start with the letters "R", "U", "L", or "E" depending on the package and shipping category, are followed by 9 digits, and end with "CN".

China Post tracking number example

Registered mail tracking number

  • Small parcel: RS984673965CN
  • Large parcel: CP017936489CN

ePacket tracking number

  • LK279456045CN

EMS tracking number

  • EZ950498321CN

China Post Tracking Status

Here is a list of possible statuses you might see while tracking your package, along with what they mean.

China Post Package Status


Package ReceivedThe package has arrived at a China Post office.
Departed from Local Sorting CenterThe package has left the local center after being processed.
Departed from Regional Sorting CenterThe package has left the regional center after being sorted.
Dispatched from Office of ExchangeThe package is on its way to the nearest post office.
Arrival at DestinationThe package has reached the destination country.
Item Presented to Customs/Item in customs processCustoms is examining the package.
Item Returned from Customs/Released from CustomsThe package got clearance from customs.
No recipient/ Consignee not locatedRecipient was not available at the specified address.
International arrivalThe package arrived at the sorting center.
Address is incompleteUnsuccessful delivery due to the incorrect recipient address.
Returned to overseasUnsuccessful delivery due to a shipping issue.
Being forwardedThe package is being forwarded to a different address
Delivery attempt unsuccessfulDelivery failed due to certain issues
Item held at point of deliveryDelivery is pending for unexpected reasons.
Unable to notify the recipient via SMSDelivery is canceled due to a failure to contact the recipient.
Item delivered SignedPackage is delivered successfully with the customer's signature.
Return to senderThe package is sent back to the sender due to certain issues.
Assigned to OperatorThe package is accepted by the carrier.
Arrival at Delivery OfficeThe package has arrived at the delivery office.
Available to collect/ for pickup/Awaiting CollectionYou can collect the package from the nearest pickup point.
Scheduled for deliveryThe delivery date has been set.
Out for delivery/Delivery in progressThe package is on its way to be delivered.
DeliveredThe package has been successfully delivered to the customer.

China Post Delivery FAQ

Who delivers China Post in the USA?

Packages delivered through China Post to the USA are handled by the USA's local postal service, the United States Postal Service (USPS). China Post and USPS have an agreement between them, according to which international shipping from China to the USA can be conducted effortlessly.

USPS handles all the procedures, from security screening and customs clearance to successfully delivering packages within the US. Therefore, as for China Post's US-bound shipments, as soon as they are transferred to USPS, you can use USPS tracking for the China Post mail and packages.

How does China Post deliver to the USA?

China Post uses both air and surface transportation systems to deliver to the USA. Here's how China Post delivers to the USA:

  • First, the seller ships the package by going to China Post offices.
  • The package is then sent to the International Service Center for security screening and customs clearance.
  • After the package receives clearance from customs, it is transported by air or ship.
  • When the package reaches the USA airport or seaport, it undergoes customs clearance.
  • Customs then transfers the package to the United States Postal Service (USPS) for delivery to the designated recipient.

Are there any China Post tracking UK services?

Mail and parcels shipped by China Post will be handled by Royal Mail after customs clearance in the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you want to get more detailed tracking information, use the official Royal Mail tracking tool, and you'll find the estimated delivery time slot and the proof of delivery (if included in the shipping service). Still, if you'd just like to know the latest shipment status, the official China Post track and trace tool can meet your need.

How long does it take for China Post to deliver?

The China Post delivery time depends on various factors, such as the package type, country or region, and other external factors like holidays, bad weather, etc.

Usually, it takes 10 to 30 days from dispatching the order to clear customs in both countries, reach the local post office of the destination country, and ultimately get delivered to the recipient for air parcels. However, the delivery time can be around 30–60 days and 60–120 days for surface airlift and surface parcels, respectively.

Here is the China Post shipping time for different countries:


Registered Mail



Ordinary Mail (Untraceable)

UK7-40 days7-20 days10-35 days40-90 days
USA10-60 days7-20 days10-40 days40-90 days
Canada10-60 days7-20 days15-40 days40-90 days
Australia10-60 days7-15 days10-25 days40-90 days
Russia7-40 days7-15 days7-30 days40-90 days
France7-50 days7-20 days15-40 days40-90 days
Italy10-30 days7-20 days15-40 days40-90 days
Singapore7-15 days7-15 days7-20 days30-60 days
Indonesia10-25 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
Malaysia12-30 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
Philippines10-20 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
Thailand5-15 days7-15 days7-20 days30-60 days
Vietnam10-25 days7-15 days7-20 days30-60 days
Japan5-20 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
India10-50 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
Pakistan12-50 days7-15 days7-20 days30-60 days
UAE10-30 days7-20 days7-20 days40-90 days
Saudi Arabia15-50 days7-20 days10-40 days40-90 days
Turkey10-35 days7-20 days7-20 days40-90 days
Brazil7-50 days7-20 days15-45 days40-90 days
New Zealand7-15 days7-15 days10-25 days30-60 days
South Africa40-90 days7-20 days15-45 days40-90 days

China Post Tracking Customer Service

For any queries related to tracking your package or any other information, you can contact China Post customer service.

  • Mailing Address

No. A3 Jinrong Street,

Xicheng District,

Beijing, China

Zip code: 100808

  • EMS Customer Service Number

Package tracking: +86 10 11183 (press 8 to communicate in English)

  • Email Address

[email protected]

  • Working Hours

8:00 am to 5:00 pm, GMT+8 (Monday to Friday)

08:00 am to 8:00 pm GMT+8 for hotline

  • Working Days

Monday to Friday

Here is the list of major Chinese holidays when you can expect to have about 1 ~ 7 days off:

  • Chinese New Year (Traditional Holiday)
  • Qingming Festival (Traditional Holiday)
  • May Day (or Labor Day)
  • Dragon Boat Festival (Traditional Holiday)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (Traditional Holiday)
  • National Day

Note: China follows the lunar calendar when it comes to traditional holidays, so the dates change every year.


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