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CJ Packet is an all-in-one logistics solution launched by CJ Dropshipping. ParcelPanel supports real-time CJ Packet tracking and helps you relieve customers' delivery anxiety with self-service and real-time tracking updates.
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CJ Packet branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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CJ Packet Tracking

CJ Packet is an all-in-one logistics and shipping solution launched by CJ Dropshipping (a leading dropshipping supplier in China. Founded in 2000, CJ Packet offers various one-stop logistics services, such as cargo transportation and order fulfillment, especially for cross-border e-commerce merchants. The company also provides express delivery services in 7 to 15 days, covering over 20 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, etc.

Since its founding, CJ Packet has managed to expand its global infrastructure with reliable warehouses in strategic locations globally. These locations include China, the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

As a form of CJ Dropshipping, CJ Packet manages small shipments and handles item sourcing, order processing, and shipping on behalf of CJ Dropshipping. The partnership is meant to streamline the supply chain operations for CJ dropshipping clients from Amazon to Shopify, eBay, and Etsy sellers.

Despite its strategic partnerships within the e-commerce industry, CJ Packet faces competition from close logistics service providers such as China Post, Cainiao, YunExpress, CNE Express, and 4PX, among many others.

CJ Packet Tracking

CJ Packet is part of CJ Dropshipping, which provides a comprehensive supply chain solution that entails various services, including sourcing, fast shipping, warehousing, printing on demand, custom packaging, fulfillment service, etc.

Shipping with CJ Packet comes with multiple benefits, including:

  • Standard quality inspection for all orders, local or international
  • Fast shipping from China at affordable costs
  • Guaranteed Resend and Refund policies
  • Great customer service

The whole CJ Packet shipping process is trackable. Furthermore, CJ offers advanced tracking capabilities that give e-commerce businesses transparency over the shipping process from sourcing to delivery. While the packages in transit are well protected to avoid damage, the company also ensures customers can send their parcels affordably and much faster than China Post ePacket.

CJ Packet Shipping

With CJ Packet handling specific CJ Dropshipping shipments, CJ packet shipping is a specialized logistic service designed for the internal shipping needs of e-commerce businesses.

While it is tailored for small package shipping, CJ Packet shipping offers a reliable and affordable solution for businesses looking to deliver items globally to up to 18 major countries. With a clear focus on streamlining the process, CJ Packet delivery ensures all small shipments are delivered promptly and undamaged.

With an average delivery of 7 days, CJ Packet shipping tracking also offers an advanced tracking service. The tracking capabilities ensure customers can easily track CJ Packet shipments using the provided tracking numbers, giving them visibility into the most recent status of the CJ shipments in transit.

Typically, CJ Packet shipping is part of the entire CJ supply chain, ensuring an efficient and seamless supply chain for e-commerce businesses.

CJ Packet Ordinary Tracking

CJ Packet Ordinary is a standard shipment service for shipping most lightweight products. CJ Ordinary boasts exceptional cost-effectiveness and relatively fast delivery times.

Integrated with real-time advanced tracking features, CJ Packet Ordinary Tracking service is tailored to meet the needs of businesses seeking better alternatives to ePacket while pursuing affordability and timely delivery.

Typically, the service is perfect for e-commerce businesses looking to minimize shipping costs and ensure a satisfactory shipping time. With a CJ Packet ordinary tracking number, customers can easily access the shipment progress of their goods and preplan for their deliveries.

CJ Packet Sensitive Tracking

CJ Packet Sensitive Tracking is a specialized shipping service offering exceptional cost-effectiveness and efficient delivery times for shipments that require special care and handling.

CJ Packet Sensitive is typically perfect for anyone seeking a reliable and cost-effective shipping solution for sensitive shipments that need proper handling. Such sensitive items include electronics, batteries, and any climate-affected items.

While ensuring e-commerce businesses enjoy affordable shipments without compromising on timely deliveries, the CJ Packet Sensitive tracking service offers advanced tracking solutions. It ensures transparent and real-time visibility of the shipment process.

CJ Packet Fast Line Tracking

CJ Packet Fast line tracking is a specialized CJ Packet shipping service focusing on time efficiency rather than the overall cost. The service is specifically tailored for fast-expanding e-commerce businesses that need rapid deliveries.

Compared to the CJ Packet Ordinary and sensitive services, the fast line option has no limit on specific product attributes.

With the service, customers can expect expedited services integrated with real-time tracking features that provide continuous updates on the shipping progress. However, the service does not major in cost-effectiveness, making it the best option for businesses that prioritize quick and reliable delivery shipping services.

How to Track CJ Packet?

You can track your CJ Packets using the CJ Packet tracking portal or ParcelPanel. Let's get into details about these tracking methods:

By Using CJ Packet Tracking Portal

  • Open the CJ Packet Tracking Portal.


  • Enter your CJ tracking number in the tracking field section, then click on the "Search" button.

CJ Packet Tracking Portal lets you track more than one item. Enter the tracking number, and click on the "Enter" button to add another tracking number in the next line.

After keying in your CJ Packet tracking number, here is a sample tracking result you will receive depending on the current location of your ordered item in transit. As you can see, CJ Packet always makes sure to provide the actual tracking number issued by its courier partner and last-mile tracking number along with the full transit history and delivery days.


With the "Copy Link" button at the bottom of the page, customers can effortlessly share the tracking result with anyone. This makes it easy to update clients on the shipment's progress or share real-time tracking updates with colleagues or any wider audience.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a powerful and reputable third-party tracking platform that any e-commerce business can use to track their CJ Packet shipments. The platform lets you track your parcels with the ParcelPanel website or the Order Tracking app.

ParcelPanel Website

  • Open the ParcelPanel Website.
  • Locate the "Carriers" tab and select it.
  • Scroll towards the bottom of ParcelPanel's Carriers page to the "All Carriers" section.
  • Enter "CJ Packet" in the search field and click on the search result.
  • Select the CJ Packet result to be redirected to the dedicated "CJ Packet Tracking" page on ParcelPanel.


  • Enter your CJ Packet tracking number in the CJ Packet Track & Trace tool on the new page and click on the "Track" button.
  • Here is a sample result from the CJ Packet tracking tool.


ParcelPanel further lets you translate and share the tracking result with non-English-speaking recipients. Locate the translate button at the bottom right corner of the page to translate the tracking details into 10 popular languages, including French and Spanish.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

The order tracking app gives merchants an additional advantage in managing their e-commerce operations by transforming their customers' post-purchase experience.


Firstly, the app creates a branded tracking page that's customized specifically for your e-commerce store. Customers need to enter the CJ tracking numbers on your branded tracking page to track their CJ Packet packages and access their order status. ParcelPanel has made the tracking process seamless without any input from the merchant. This means that you can save time and focus on more important duties.

It is also possible for the merchant to customize shipping notification emails that guide customers back to the online store for tracking updates. This, in addition to enabling AI-powered product recommendations, assures you of a boost in sales from returning customers who enjoy the purchase experience at your store. With ParcelPanel Order Tracking, it's also possible to hide the carrier name, logo, tracking number, and even Chinese addresses.

Download the ParcelPanel app from the Shopify store and follow the installation instructions.

CJ Packet Tracking Number

A CJ Packet tracking number consists of 16, 17, or 18 alphanumeric characters that you can use to monitor the progress of your CJ Packet shipments. You can get the CJ Dropshipping tracking number by logging into your CJ Dropshipping account and going to order management, where you should access the order details for the specific shipment.

You may also get the CJ Packet tracking number from the SMS or email notification that CJ Packet sends when the goods are dispatched from their warehouse or before orders are delivered.

CJ Packet Tracking Number Format

         "CJP" + 2 ~ 3 capital letters + 9 ~ 10 digits + "YQ"

CJ Packet Tracking Number Example






CJ Packet FAQ

Is CJ Packet a real company?

Yes, CJ Packet is a real company and a distinct service provider despite being a division of CJ Dropshipping. Its services focus primarily on providing an international shipping solution for small packages, ensuring seamless business operation for CJ Dropshipping's customers.

What is CJ Packet?

CJ Packet is a shipping line formed by CJ Dropshipping to ensure all international shipping needs for e-commerce businesses are well taken care of. The service is intentionally designed to provide cost-effective and efficient shipping options businesses can rely on for shipping from China.

Where is CJ Packet located?

CJ Packet is located in the Futian market in the downtown of Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China.

CJ Packet Customer Service

CJ Packet offers various ways to contact them about their package tracking service. Firstly, you can visit their website for help and contact your CJ Dropshipping agent online.

  • Online Support

Go to their 24/7 chatroom or contact their WhatsApp support.

  • Social Media

Contact CJ Packet's Facebook page or speak in the Facebook Group between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (GMT+8).

  • Email

Send your emails to CJ Packet at [email protected]

  • CJ Packet Contact Number

1(909) 809-1104

You can also visit CJ's offices listed below:

CJ OfficeAddressEmail
Hangzhou OfficeXixi and Tian Mu Shan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Hong Kong OfficeFashion Necklace Jewelry Co., Limited, Flat/Rm 705, 7/F, Fa Yuen Commercial Building, NOS.75-77, Fa Yuen Street, HK[email protected]
Dongguan OfficeElevator No.3, F4, Building F, Fengzhimei Industrial Zone, Jinfenghuang Avenue, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, 523689, China


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