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DPD provides package delivery services for European countries, mainly in e-commerce and B2C fields, and provides professional last-mile delivery services. Use ParcelPanel to deliver a seamless DPD tracking experience from order to door.
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About DPD

DPD is a member of the DPDgroup which is Europe's biggest parcel delivery network. DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution, a courier and parcel delivery company committed to offering a flexible and user-friendly service to customers. It is popular among e-commerce companies and online shoppers because of its efficient and hassle-free shipping services.

DPD was started in 1970 by the name Courier Express which later became Parceline. GeoPost is another international parcel delivery service provider in France that was formerly DPDgroup. In 2001, GeoPost was the main shareholder of DPD and it also acquired Parceline. In 2008, it was named DPD after La Poste's acquisition. Currently, it is owned by France’s La Poste which is the second largest courier in Europe.

Although DPD's headquarters is in France, it’s more popular in the UK. DPD ships to over 230 countries worldwide along with its partners. With over 15,000 employees working in 84 different locations, 8,000+ vehicles, the courier delivers 260 million parcels a year. DPD has a sister company in the UK that is named DPD Local. It is a franchised network dedicated to express parcel services for SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises).

DPD offers international and national parcel delivery, parcel returns, and fulfilment services. Its supplementary services include - immediate real-time tracking, signature upon delivery, product exchanges, and so on. It also offers convenient options like a DPD Pickup point / DPD drop-off location for customers to send and receive parcels.

DPD’s top competitors are - DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. However, DPD is a reputed courier that has also won many awards for its excellent services.

DPD Tracking

Tracking services play a vital role in the shipping and delivery of parcels, providing customers with timely updates on their packages' whereabouts and ensuring smooth and efficient delivery. DPD is known for its exceptional delivery and tracking services. Let's delve into the details.

DPD Local Tracking

DPD Local offers reliable delivery services to both individuals and businesses in the UK. This esteemed company provides a wide range of shipping options and tracking services. Some of the notable shipping services offered by DPD Local include Next Day Delivery, Timed Delivery, Saturday Delivery, and International Delivery. With such diverse options, DPD Local stands out as a versatile delivery solution for various needs.

Similar to any other delivery service, the delivery time for DPD Local services varies based on the destination and chosen service. For instance, Next Day Delivery guarantees delivery by the closing time the following business day, while international delivery may take anywhere between 2 to 5 working days.

Every package dispatched by DPD Local receives a unique DPD tracking number consisting of 10 ~ 14 characters. This tracking number enables customers to monitor their package's delivery status in real-time.

DPD International Tracking

As part of DPDgroup, DPD international has access to extensive ground and air networks. Therefore, you can rely on it for reliable and competitively priced deliveries to anywhere in the world. The DPD international services include –

  • DPD Classic is a high-quality service that includes estimated delivery time notifications across Europe and provides customers with in-flight delivery options. The transit times range from 2 to 5 days within Europe.
  • DPD Express is ideal for urgent and time-sensitive parcels to over 200 countries. The delivery service includes speed & real-time tracking, delivery notifications, and customs information transmission.
  • DPD Direct is an affordable and fully tracked delivery solution for parcels up to 5kg. It allows customers to monitor the progress of their parcels from collection to final delivery. In comparison, DPD Direct Lite is suitable for low-value parcels weighing no more than 2kg.
  • DPD Air Classic is great for non-time sensitive shipments that still require full tracking.

The tracking system of DPD international provides regular updates on the package's location, enabling customers to closely monitor their shipment's progress.

DPD Ireland Tracking

DPD Ireland has gained a strong reputation with over its 36 years of expertise in parcel delivery services. Established in 1986, the company initially operated with 10 depots and a central hub in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, under the name Interlink Ireland Ltd. Presently, DPD Ireland stands as the largest dedicated parcel delivery company in Ireland, operating 35 depots and handling almost 20 million parcels efficiently each year.

DPD Ireland is known for offering a wide range of fully trackable shipping solutions to destinations throughout Ireland. You will find two options - Premium (with added flexibility) and Specialist services (like Swaplt that simplify speedy exchange of items for delivery and collection) to meet your unique needs.‏‏‎ The DPD Ireland courier services are reliable, efficient, and fully trackable. Customers can track their package's status in real time, stay up-to-date about their package's delivery status and make necessary arrangements for a seamless delivery experience.

DPD’s innovative communications solutions offer interactive messaging, informing your customers when their parcels will arrive, giving them peace of mind and flexibility.

How to Track a DPD Package?

To track your package, a tracking number is a must. The moment you place an order from DPD, you'll get a unique tracking number that lets you monitor the status of the package. You can track your DPD package with the following tools:

1. DPD Tracking Page

Firstly, you can visit the official DPD tracking page. For example, go to the DPD UK site. Then, you can enter your DPD tracking number and access real-time information about your package.

Alternatively, you can go to the DPD delivery tracking page, which allows you to track up to 30 DPD parcels each time.


2. My DPD Account

Another convenient alternative is to utilize My DPD Account. Register an account beforehand, log into your account, and select the specific package you wish to monitor. This service enables you to easily track your package and receive regular updates.

3. DPD Mobile App

The DPD app (iOS & Android) by DPD group is available in the App Store or Google Play. As soon as the DPD app is installed, you can set up your delivery preferences easily. What’s more, you won’t need to wait all day for your parcels as you can receive alerts 30 minutes in advance. You can take advantage of Driver Tracking to know where you’re in the delivery queue.


4. ParcelPanel

Businesses have the opportunity to get the benefits from ParcelPanel, which seamlessly integrates the DPD tracking API. To track DPD parcels in bulk, you can use ParcelPanel’s DPD tracking tools below:


Up to 30 DPD tracking numbers are supported each time, and you can export all the tracking information into a spreadsheet, which is quite convenient.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking app enables businesses to conveniently monitor the status of all their DPD packages from a single, centralized dashboard. Additionally, with the automatically generated order tracking page, their customers will actively return to query their package status by using either their order number or the tracking number that they receive.

DPD Tracking Number

The DPD tracking number, also referred to as a parcel number, allows you to track the status of your parcel. When you send a parcel using DPD, you will receive a tracking number for that particular shipment. You can check your delivery confirmation email or examine the shipping label on your package to get the DPD tracking number.

There exist 4 common DPD tracking number formats. Usually, a DPD tracking number consists of 10 to 14 digits and a letter at the end and is the unique shipment identifier. The common DPD tracking number formats include:

● 10 digits

● 12 digits

● 14 digits

● 14 digits + 1 letter/digit

If you are still wondering what a DPD tracking number looks like, we are sharing a few DPD tracking numbers examples here:

1550 5355 8474 71V

1550 4574 1902 85I

252 1337 193

DPD Tracking FAQ

Why has my DPD parcel not been delivered?

If your DPD parcel has not been delivered on time, there can be certain reasons for this. It could be due to a failed delivery attempt, an incorrect address provided, unclear delivery instructions, or other related issues. It is probably that the delivery has been delayed. If you haven’t seen any updates in DPD Track and Trace for a few days, contact DPD customer service for further information and assistance.

Why is the DPD tracking not updating?

When the DPD tracking information is not updated, it is often because there is a delay in the delivery or because the scan still needs to be registered in the tracking system. It is highly recommended that you wait for at least a few hours to allow the system to update. If the issue persists, contacting DPD customer service will help resolve it.

What should I do if my DPD parcel is marked as delivered but I haven't received it?

Don’t panic. Start by checking with your neighbours or anyone else who might have accepted the parcel on your behalf. The deliveryman might have left the parcel in a safe place. If you still can't locate your parcel, promptly contact DPD customer service to report the issue and seek their help.

How can I change my DPD parcel delivery address?

To change the delivery address for your DPD parcel, you need to contact the sender. If you’re not at home, you may choose a DPD local pick up shop. If both solutions don’t work for you, contact DPD customer support.

My DPD parcel is lost. What should I do?

If your DPD parcel is lost, it is advisable to reach out to DPD customer service and file a claim. They will investigate the matter and assist you in locating your lost parcel to the best of their abilities.

How long does it take for a DPD parcel to be delivered?

The delivery time for a DPD parcel varies depending on the chosen shipping service and the destination of the parcel. If you’re sending a time-sensitive parcel, consider delivery options such as standard delivery, next-day delivery, and two-day delivery.

My DPD tracking number is not working. What should I do?

So sad, that your DPD tracking number is not working. Here are a few things you that can do. Above all, ensure that you have entered the tracking number correctly. Then, wait and try again later, as it may take a while for DPD's system to update. If the problem persists, contacting DPD customer service for help.

DPD Tracking Customer Service

Although DPD puts its best efforts to provide smooth services, sometimes problems can arise. In such cases, one should reach out to the DPD customer service. There are several ways to contact DPD customer service:

DPD Customer Service Number

One of the easiest ways to contact DPD customer support is by phone. The DPD customer service number in the UK is 0121 275 0500. Customers can call this number during working hours below:

● Monday to Friday: from 8 am to 6:30 pm

● Saturday: from 8 am to 4 pm

● Sunday: from 9 am to 3 pm

DPD Live Chat

DPD provides a live chat feature on their website, allowing customers to connect with customer support. This feature is extremely useful and convenient for those who prefer text-based communication. Through the live chat, customers can discuss their delivery-related inquiries or concerns with DPD's customer support team 24/7.


Customers can also use WhatsApp to communicate with DPD's customer support representatives. This channel enables users to ask questions, report issues, or raise concerns regarding the deliveries. By using WhatsApp, customers can receive assistance from a support representative.

App Chat

Customers can download the DPD app to gain access to a chat feature that facilitates real-time conversations with support representatives. This service offers a more personalized and interactive approach to customer support, ensuring quick and efficient communication between customers and the DPD support team.

Moreover, one should know that delivery times of DPD in the United Kingdom differ based on the chosen service. Generally, standard delivery takes around 1-2 working days, whereas express delivery guarantees next-day delivery. DPD also provides Saturday delivery from 8 am to 6 pm for customers in need, subject to an extra charge. You can visit DPD website for more details regarding delivery alternatives or directly reach out to their customer support team.


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