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Parcel Panel Product Introduction

Lawely | Jul 18, 2022 | Product News

An Overview of the Application: ParcelPanel is an order tracking application custom-made for dropshipping stores and e-commerce platforms. The app is built and can be integrated with the Shopify store to give merchants access to top-notch after-sales shipment tracking services for their customers.

ParcelPanel is a solution-driven application with provisions for information flow, adequate feedback on orders, and efficient order processing and delivery. Excellent customer service is available to handle bad orders that may occur. We are committed to providing excellent customer service for merchants and their customers.

shopify platform parcelpanel application

Key Features of the ParcelPanel Tracking Tool.

The following key features make the parcel panel a top-notch order tracker that boosts sales and convinces customers to keep purchasing.

Full Description of Key Features :

A Complete Suite to Track Shipments All at Once:

ParcelPanel allows merchants and sellers to import their tracking numbers in real-time so they can keep all the tracking details for all shipments organized in one place.

Merchants and sellers can sort shipments by dates, shipment statuses, courier companies, and delivery destinations.

Merchants and sellers can monitor all shipments being delivered and mark out delivery delays to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Provision of a prominent and efficient tracking update.

One-click tracking of all shipments

Real-time Shipment Notifications :

– ParcelPanel allows the Klaviyo API to be integrated for easy tracking of orders.

– Merchants can embed the ParcelPanel tracking link into the order confirmation and order history pages of their stores.

– Provisions are also made to insert ParcelPanel’s tracking link to multiple parts of the dropshipping or e-commerce website, such as the header or footer.

– Merchants, as well as customers, can receive order delivery notifications through emails and SMS.

– Merchants can configure shipment alerts in multiple variations, e.g., info received; in transit; out for delivery; Ready for Pickup; Delivered; Failed Delivery, and others.

– Allowance for auto-scheduling SMS to arrive well within a customer’s timezone. Merchants can set SMS to be delivered at the time of the day that customers check their inboxes.

– The ParcelPanel tracking tool allows merchants to send shipping notifications from their custom email addresses, and it ensures that the emails do not end up in the spam folder.

– The application makes it possible to embed logos, URLs, and product recommendations into the email notification templates.

Custom-made tracking dashboard :

– The ParcelPanel tracking tool automatically generates a fully customized page for each order and shipment. The customization is set by the merchant and appears exactly like that in the customer’s browser or window.

– Merchants can customize product tracking pages by integrating logos, store addresses, and AI-generated pop-ups that serve the purpose of product recommendations.

– Parcelpanel tracking tool also provides merchants the opportunity to make use of custom domains/dedicated servers to display all tracking details. This allows the merchant addresses to be familiar to customers, and they can easily recall them from memory.

– Integration of SSL certificates with custom domains for the security of both merchants and customers. Maximum security and privacy of both users are guaranteed in this way.

Customized tracking page

Multiple Shipment Courier Integration :

– The Parcel Panel tracking tool connects both merchants and customers to renowned couriers around the world. Merchants can pick the best couriers for customers by default, while customers can also choose affordable courier services from multiple options.

– Easy access to couriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, China Post( ePacket ), and China EMS.

– Provisions customized and sophisticated layouts for tracking shipment details from multiple couriers.

Integration of various courier companies

Delivery Reporting :

– The parcelPanel tracking tool gives dropshipping merchants and e-commerce sellers a clearer picture of shipments, notifications, the courier’s shipping schedule, and complete customer feedback.

Delivery Reporting

Order Search Widgets :

The ParcelPanel tracking tool gives merchants and store owners a means to a custom search and filter data by date, shipment type, locations, devices, transit pauses, and more.

Order Search Widgets

Application General Overview

Now that how the ParcelPanel Application works and the benefits of integrating it with e-commerce stores and websites have been discussed, below are general details about the application that anyone that wishes to integrate the application will find useful.

Application General Overview.

Partner applications/Integrations :

The ParcelPanel application works well with this set of applications/software to enhance the merchant and customer experience.

Loox: This is third-party software that is integrated with ParcelPanel to help merchants and store owners get reviews and recommendations for their products and services. It helps merchants and store owners to organize reviews, incentives, and referral discounts, thereby encouraging recommendations from users.

Klaviyo: This third-party software is integrated with ParcelPanel to manage SMS marketing updates varying from early access giveaways, customer welcoming and appreciation newsletters, e.t.c. It works seamlessly with ParcelPanel software.

Judge. me: This third-party software is integrated with ParcelPanel to allow merchants to award giveaways to their customers after leaving product reviews. Customers are notified by email to leave a review after each purchase.

Pagefly: This third-party software is integrated with ParcelPanel to enable merchants to use a drag-and-drop editor to customize shipment orders and tracking pages. It comes with a free package and also paid packages.

-Weglot: ParcelPanel also works with this third-party software to process language translations. It assists merchants in setting up a multilingual website within a few minutes. It provides the option of a hundred plus languages using translation management technology.

Omnisend: This third-party software is integrated with ParcelPanel and is fully integrated with email; SMS, and even social accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, e.t.c. It is a complete marketing automation tool that works seamlessly with ParcelPanel.

Subscription Plans/Packages for ParcelPanel Application.

The ParcelPanel Application is offered in different subscription plans to suit different merchant needs and choices.

The free subscription plan allows for 20 orders a month and gives merchants access to 1000+ courier services; a customized tracking page; an order status page; a smart dashboard; and native store notifications.

The essential subscription plan is an advanced package for merchants at $9/month with more options, such as up to 200 orders per month.

The professional package charges merchants $49 per month, and the Enterprise package charges merchants $399 per month.

ParcelPanel subscription packages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ParcelPanel

How do ParcelPanel sync and track orders?

Through the Shopify API, ParcelPanel syncs the order data from your Shopify admin’s Orders area. The sync time can be modified on the Orders page; it is set to the previous 30 days by default. For new users, we have a special offer to sync and track your most recent 30 days of orders for free.

Once an order is placed, it will sync to our Orders panel under Order but without a tracking number.

It will be synchronized with our system once it has been marked as fulfilled and has been issued with a tracking number by a courier.

This order can then be traced on the tracking page with complete tracking information thanks to our Smart Courier Matching system’s automatic detection of the appropriate couriers.

Normally, our users add tracking numbers to Shopify and automatically fulfill orders via dropshipping apps or third-party mass-fulfill apps. Parcel Panel is only used to track orders, not complete them.

ParcelPanel's review page

How does Parcelpanel fetch the order’s tracking info?

Only orders from supported carriers are tracked by ParcelPanel. Please see our list in this link :

If you want to add a new courier, please don’t hesitate to contact our support for help. From numerous official courier websites, ParcelPanel retrieves tracking information. We therefore only update tracking information and order status when they are made available by the courier website. We recognize how crucial it is for you to receive an update on your packages promptly. Please feel free to contact us if there has been a prolonged lack of updates on your package.

ParcelPanel's order tracking page

What is the ParcelPanel shipment status?

There are eight typical shipping statuses: “Pending,” “Info Received,” “In Transit,” “Out for Delivery,” “Delivered,” “Failed Attempt,” “Exception,” and “Expired.”

They are all instantly identified by the ParcelPanel tracking system.

Pending: This means no tracking details are available.

Info Received: A shipping request was received, and the carrier is now getting ready to pick up the package.

In Transit: This means the delivery is on its way.

Out for delivery: This means the deliveries are ready to begin now that the shipment has arrived at the local location.

Delivered: This indicates the delivery of the shipment.

Failed Attempt: This means the carrier failed in his attempts to deliver the shipment.

Exception: It’s possible that the package was lost, damaged, or returned to the sender.

Expired: For 30 days with express service and 60 days with postal service, the tracking information is not updated.

cargo status

Why are my orders showing as “black and pending”?

Your order may occasionally be listed as Pending when you check the status of your order. This is a result of your failing to add tracking information to your orders.

black and pending state

What should I do?

All of your order-related information, such as order and tracking numbers, may be found in the “Orders” section of your Shopify admin.

Therefore, all you need to do to automatically sync and track your orders using ParcelPanel is assign tracking numbers to them in your Shopify admin.

Note :

If you need assistance adding tracking numbers quickly, contact Shopify Support directly. ParcelPanel is only for tracking, not for fulfilling your purchases.

There may not always be any tracking information displayed, even if the relevant tracking numbers have been added.

In this situation, there may be a problem with courier matching. Please contact us by online chat or at [email protected] if you have any questions.

get help page

Why does it say “Could not find my order” when tracking my order?

There are instances when tracking an order on the tracking page results in the error message “Could Not Find Order.” If this happens, follow these instructions to fix the problem.

Step 1 :

Please check to see if the difference between the order number and the tracking number is unclear.

YT2016921266082880, for instance, is the tracking number rather than the order number.

Step 2 :

Check to make sure the tracking number, order number, and email are accurate.

Step 3 :

The most common explanation for this problem is that this order has not been synced to ParcelPanel.

Utilize the ParcelPanel admin to look up this order. The “No data detected” message indicates that ParcelPanel has not synced this order.

Why has my order not been synced to the parcel panel?

Typically, there are two causes.

Reason 1: You’ve reached your quota and some of your orders can’t be synced to ParcelPanel. Upgrade your subscription now.

Reason number 2: which you should carefully examine, is that the order date is out of sync.

The last 30 days are the default sync time, but you can modify it as needed.

Please check if you have added a tracking number to your order.

Order inquiry page

How do I add the tracking page to my storefront within a minute?

A customized monitoring page that automatically matches your store’s look can be added in under a minute.

Add order tracking page

Add steps to order tracking page

These are the steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Online Store area of the Shopify admin page.

Step 2: Choose the menu you want to add your tracking page to from the options provided (Main menu, Footer menu, or Add menu).

The main menu is generally a better option.

Step 3 :

Choose the Add menu item.

Step 4 : 

Copy the code below.

Step 5 :

Add the name field and the link section’s code.

Step 6 :

Save changes.

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