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Shree Tirupati Courier is an Indian courier established in 2003. ParcelPanel supports real-time Shree Tirupati Courier tracking, enabling you to elevate the tracking experience and offer automatic email notifications.
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About Shree Tirupati Courier

Shree Tirupati Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. has developed rapidly since its establishment in 2003 in Rajkot, Gujarat. Owing to its developed network of 1500 delivery centers and 725 satellite points, it now provides a wide range of shipping services in India. The most popular shipping services Shree Tirupati Courier provides are same-day and overnight express, air freight, document and small parcel delivery, and retail chain distribution.

Although Shree Tirupati Courier is not well-known in the industry, unlike top players such as Delhivery, India Post, Bluedart, DTDC, etc., in its customer base, you can find a variety of banks, including Bank of India.

Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking

Shree Tirupati Courier provides Pickup and Delivery Services. Supported by its well-developed and expansive road network across India, it guarantees speedy delivery of shipments of different weights, from the lowest weight to 1000 kilograms. You can thus meet your buyers' needs for delivering any goods by relying on Shree Tirupati Courier.

Until April 2016, its network covered 22 states and successfully built 650 branches. You can access the Tirupati Network to check whether its services are available in your area.

Tirupati provides two main services: domestic express services and logistics services. The express service provides fast overnight delivery during business days in India. While logistics services mainly cater to retail businesses' needs. The goods can be delivered to the chain stores based on specified delivery dates or pre-determined dates. At the same time, Tirupati's administrative specialists will scrupulously finish your paperwork so you won't be bothered by the complicated process. Additionally, you can reach out to Tirupati for customized logistical and express services whenever you need them.

Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking allows you to monitor the progress of all packages and freight shipments in real-time using the official tracking tool and the mobile app. You can find the contact number provided each time and the detailed shipment process.

How to Track Tirupati Courier?

Suppose you want to track Tirupati Courier orders. In that case, you can use the Tirupati Courier Online Tracking tool on the official website, two Tirupati Courier Online Tracking Apps in Google Play and IOS App Store, and ParcelPanel, a professional provider of order-tracking solutions.

By Using Tirupati Courier Online Tracking

Tirupati Courier Online Tracking is the official tool for tracking Tirupati shipments. Compared with visiting the nearest delivery center and calling its customer service center at +91 79 25471036, this online tracking system is more convenient for monitoring your parcel's delivery progress. You only need to enter your Shree Tirupati Courier tracking number (AWB number). Don't forget to use commas to separate the numbers for tracking multiple shipments.


Here's what we got using the tracking number 100100503706.


The tracking details, including dates and transit routes, are shown on the page. The date and time are displayed using the checkpoint's local time. In order to improve service efficiency, Tirupati has set different contact numbers for shipments of different origins and destinations. For further information, you can read the following "Shree Tirupati Courier Customer Service" section.

Shree Tirupati Courier tracking service is also available on the Shree Tirupati Courier mobile app (iOS/Android). Both versions are free to download and provide all the necessary functions - network search, pickup request, tracking, and complaint.


After entering the AWB (Airway Bill) number in the search bar, you can access the order's detailed booking and tracking information, including the AWB number, origin, destination, signatory, current status, and delivery date.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel provides comprehensive order-tracking solutions for eCommerce merchants. Aiming to help eCommerce businesses improve customers' post-purchase experience and propel business growth, it offers hassle-free tracking services and diversified useful functions. You can track Tirupati Courier orders on the ParcelPanel website or the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

ParcelPanel Website

On ParcelPanel's official website, you can access the list of all carrier tracking tools by clicking "Carriers" in the top navigation menu. Then, to start specific Tirupati Courier online tracking on ParcelPanel, scroll down the page and enter "Shree Tirupati Courier" or "Tirupati" in the search box.


On the new page, enter the tracking number to see Shree Tirupati Courier tracking details.

Compared to the official Tirupati tracking tool, ParcelPanel allows you to enter 30 Tirupati tracking numbers in the provided field, each on its own line, which saves time.

Here's what we got by using the tracking number 141123858510862.


The detailed shipment process is shown. You can share the tracking information and tracking link with the button at the bottom of the box. supports one-click translation; if you're doing business in India with a multi-national team, this feature can remove language barriers for you.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

ParcelPanel has packed powerful features for eCommerce merchants in the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. With it, you can automate shipment tracking across its network of couriers and provide your customers with an enhanced order tracking experience.


You can enable the "Estimated Delivery Date" function and set the average transit time to relieve customers' delivery anxiety. Also, you can choose to activate the automated email notification function, keeping your customers informed throughout the shipping process. Besides, the tech-powered product recommendation function can drive more sales for your business.

Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking Number

Regardless of which tracking tool you use, you need the Tirupati Courier tracking number. The tracking number is often referred to as the Shree Tirupati Courier AWB number.

Tirupati Courier Tracking Number Format

Tirupati Courier tracking No. follows the same format, containing 12 numeric digits.

Tirupati Courier Tracking Number Example



Shree Tirupati Courier Tracking Status

Tirupati Courier tracking status is clearly shown on each platform (Tirupati Courier Online Tracking and ParcelPanel). The search results generally show a standard shipment tracking status: ordered, packed, in transit, or delivered. Each of these Shree Tirupati Courier tracking statuses and their meanings are listed below:

The "Ordered" status means the order is successfully generated in the Tirupati Courier system.

The "Packed" status suggests that the product of the order is already packed up and ready for delivery.

The "In Transit" status means that the order is on its way to the destination.

The "Delivered" status means the order is successfully sent to the recipient.

Shree Tirupati Courier Customer Service

For Tirupati Courier customer service, you can visit its head office at G/F, Orbit Plaza, Dr. Yagnik Rd, Nr. Ramkrishna Ashram, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Also, you can call the Shree Tirupati Courier customer care number or write emails. To provide an enhanced customer experience, Shree Tirupati Courier has set up service points and contact numbers in various cities. For this reason, the contact number numbers differ according to the shipments' origins and destinations. View their contact information below.

CityContact NumberEmail
Ahmedabad+91 9879204561
Baroda+91 9879204563
Chennai+91 9962589978[email protected]
Hyderabad+91 9640572572[email protected]
Indore+91 9300525460
Jaipur+91 8529570339
Mehsana+91 9879204568
Mumbai+91 9833075096[email protected]
New Delhi+91 11 23637132[email protected]
Pune+91 9850553867
Surat+91 9879204564


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