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Evri is one of the UK's largest couriers, rebranded from Hermes UK. ParcelPanel offers the best Evri tracking service for ecommerce, allowing you to embed Evri tracking features into your online store in seconds for enhanced shipment visibility, increased order lookup, and higher customer lifetime value.
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Evri(Hermes UK) branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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Evri(Hermes UK) branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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Evri(Hermes UK) branded tracking experience for WooCommerce merchants
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About Hermes/Evri

Evri is one of the UK's most competitive, convenient, and largest parcel delivery and courier service providers. It was previously known as Hermes UK. The goal of Hermes UK was to make its service readily available to everyone and everywhere in the UK.

In March 2022, Hermes UK rebranded as Evri to better reflect its vision of "every parcel, every person, every place - every delivery made for you." However, only the name has changed; the owner, delivery options, prices, and ParcelShop locations remain the same.

The headquarters of Evri is in Morley, Leeds, United Kingdom. It has more than 8,500 local ParcelShops and lockers and more than 18,000 deliverymen. Evri provides delivery services throughout the United Kingdom and over 220 international destinations.

Evri's premium quality service allows it to compete with Royal Mail, Yodel, DPD, UPS, and DHL while remaining a top and dedicated parcel delivery company. Customers can use ParcelShops, safe lockers, and door-to-door courier services to send parcels, return parcels to retailers, and track the whole delivery journey at any time from anywhere.

Hermes Tracking

Evri, formerly Hermes, provides secure parcel delivery services both within the UK and internationally. They provide a 16-digit tracking number for every parcel that travels through their network. Their tracking code is actually a barcode number that can be scanned, and you use it to track the real-time shipment's status.

Evri offers a wide range of services, including standard delivery within 2-4 working days, next-day delivery within 1 working day, and international delivery within 3-7 working days in most international destinations. Here we'll look at the parcel tracking service by service:

Hermes Return Tracking / Evri Return Tracking

Evri/Hermes Return is one of the popular and convenient services of Evri that allows customers to return their parcels to retailers. To use this service, customers must first select their retailer, have the order ID, fill in their email address, and the reason for the return.

Customers can use the following methods to return their parcels:

  • ParcelShop drop-off

Evri has over 7,000 ParcelShops in the UK for customers to print return labels and drop off their parcels there. If customers are entitled to free returns, they don't need to book online in advance.

  • Locker drop off

Evri has over 1500 lockers across the UK for all sizes of packages. These lockers are open 7 days a week for 24 hours. Customers need to book lockers online, scan the barcode of the Evri return label to keep their parcels in the locker with utmost safety before the courier collects it.

  • Courier collection

The courier collection service can be used from any location in the UK. Customers have to schedule a courier pickup for a time that suits them. However, booking should be made before 10 p.m. Then the courier will come between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. the next working day with a 1-hour time slot.

You can track every step of your parcel's journey, regardless of your method. An email with an Evri tracking URL will be sent as confirmation of your return. If you didn't receive such an email, use the 16-digit tracking number or the ParcelShop receipt number.

Hermes International Tracking / Evri International Tracking

Evri International Service can deliver to over 190 international destinations. Parcel tracking is provided along with all Evri international deliveries as standard.

You can use ParcelPanel or the Evri international tracking site. Enter your tracking number or reference number. Then, all the tracking information, including the parcel's current location, delivery date, and other related information will be shown.

Evri ParcelShop Tracking

Evri has over 7,000 ParcelShops all over the UK that work as an alternative to traditional postal services. These shops have longer opening hours and are open every day. As a result, customers can use the Evri ParcelShops at their convenience. These shops are also ideal for those customers who don't have safe delivery locations or don't stay at home all the time.

The label provided by the Print In ParcelShop devices contains the shipping details, including the tracking number and other necessary information. The tracking number can be used on Evri's tracking website to see the parcel's status.

For Evri ParcelShop deliveries, if the parcel status shows 'on its way,' it means that your Evri parcel is on its way to your local ParcelShop, and you will soon receive a text message or email to collect your parcel.

Note: Collecting a parcel from ParcelShop requires a confirmation email or text notification from the sender along with a valid ID.

Hermes Next Day Delivery Tracking / Evri Next Day Delivery Tracking

Evri/Hermes Next Day Delivery is Evri's fastest delivery service, with real-time tracking available within the UK. This service is available for parcels with a maximum weight of 15kg, a length of 120cm, and a combined length and circumference of ≤245 cm.

Customers have to book the service, pay, print the label, and drop off the parcel at a ParcelShop or a locker before 12 noon. Evri will then process the parcel and send it to the destination location within 1 business day. Customers will be notified and can expect delivery between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m (GMT+1).

The next day delivery is also provided with a 16-digit Evri tracking number. Customers can use that code to track their parcel through Evri's website, app, or third-party tracking websites like ParcelPanel.

Note: Parcels dropped off after 12 noon and before the weekend will not be delivered on the next business day.

How to Track a Hermes Package?

The Evri/Hermes official website has a tracking page that allows customers to track their packages through the tracking tool. You can also track your parcel through a third-party tracking service like ParcelPanel.

Here are other different ways to track Evri/Hermes parcels:

By using an Evri tracking number

The tracking number is the unique identifier that shipping companies assign to your parcel for shipment. So, regardless of the method you choose to track your package, you must provide your tracking number.

By using Evri official website

It is easy to track Evri parcels with the Evri official website. Click on the "Track" button shown in the top navigation menu. On the tracking page, enter your tracking number and hit the track button.


Then, Evri's tracking system will retrieve the tracking information from its database and display tracking information, including its transit points, current location, estimated delivery date, and other necessary information.

By using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel uses APIs to connect with over 1,000 shipping companies, and Evri/Hermes is one of its supported carriers. If you enter your Evri tracking number in their Evri (Hermes UK) tracking tool, you can receive all the tracking information about your Evri parcel's status.


Besides, ParcelPanel Order Tracking app allows businesses to centralize their Evri/Hermes parcel tracking.

Moreover, if you are a Shopify store owner, you can use the ParcelPanel Shopify app to track your Evri/Hermes packages. The app automatically creates a branded tracking page where customers can use their tracking number to track their packages. It also sends shipping notifications through emails that make them return to your store to track the latest updates.


By using the Evri mobile app (iOS and Android)

The Evri app is a secure and convenient way for Evri package tracking. The Evri app is available for both iOS and Android users. After you install the app, create an account, and you'll be able to see your parcel at every stage of the delivery progress.

With it, you can see a photo of the parcel as proof of successful delivery, and delivery signature requested by the sender.

By using an Evri business account

The Evri makes B2B and B2C deliveries quick, easy, and cost-effective. If you have to send bulk orders every week, open a business account to enjoy premium business delivery service features and keep track of every parcel.

First, you need to set up your Evri business account. To do that, go to Evri's official website and click on Business.

On the business page, you will be given a form. Fill out the form with your name, business name, email address, telephone number, and postcode. Select the option for how often you send parcels on a regular basis and the amount of your parcel, and click the Enquire Now button.

You will be assigned by the system an account manager who will assist you in setting everything up so that you can ship and track all your packages easily.

Hermes/Evri Tracking Number

The Evri/Hermes tracking number or the Hermes tracking barcode is usually written on the receipt, shipping label, or package. However, recipients should look for the Hermes tracking number in their email.

Evri also provides an 8-digit calling card number, which can serve as a perfect alternative to the tracking code for tracking your parcel. This unique calling number is provided when your package is attempted to be delivered but, due to your absence, the delivery is unsuccessful or is left at a safe place or with a neighbor.

Evri/Hermes tracking number format

The Evri/Hermes tracking number is a 16-character alphanumeric number. There are two different formats. The first format is that all are digits. As for the other, the Evri tracking number starts with a letter, then a pair of numbers, and the remaining 13 characters can include both letters and numbers.

Evri/Hermes tracking number example

Here is an example of how your tracking number might appear on the email or receipt: T00D7A9104600744.

Note: They have an international website for tracking international parcels. Use that website if your international parcel tracking numbers begin with "H0011C."

Evri Tracking FAQ

Why is Evri tracking not updating?

Many consumers are concerned about why Evri (Hermes) tracking is not working. Here are a few possible causes behind the "Evri tracking not updating" issue:

  • Weather & uncertain situations: Due to bad weather or uncertain situation, parcels may get stuck in a specific stage of the delivery process. As a result, tracking is not updated until the package moves on to the next phase.
  • Delayed scan: Packages are scanned when they pass through the different delivery phases. Until they are scanned, their tracking data remain un-updated.
  • Peak shipping time: The holiday seasons are usually the peak shipping time with a huge volume of parcels. Such a heavy workload can sometimes cause delays in tracking updates.
  • Technical issues: The tracking system may face technical difficulties, causing tracking updating issues for a brief period of time.

If your Evri tracking isn't updating, first have patience and check Evri's website and social media to see if they've posted anything about their tracking system experiencing technical issues. If not, you should wait for a few hours and keep checking. You can also contact your seller or call customer service for assistance.

Why is my Evri parcel delivered but I haven't received it?

Sometimes the tracking status may be marked delivered when the customer has not actually received the package. Some of the possible reasons for this problem are as follows:

  • Wrong address: If Evri's parcel says delivered but not received, the most likely reason is that your parcel was delivered to a wrong address.
  • Picked up by a neighbor: Sometimes neighbors receive packages on your behalf.
  • Stolen: Parcel theft is a common issue if the delivery location is not properly secured.
  • Mistake: Due to technical difficulties in the tracking system, packages may be mistakenly marked as delivered.

If you haven't received your package but the status reads "delivered," check with your neighbors to see if they've picked it up or witnessed someone else doing so. You can also contact Evri customer service and ask about the status of your package to see if this was a technical issue.

However, if you are certain that your parcel has been stolen, you should contact Evri customer service to report a lost parcel and file a claim. Evri will look into the matter and compensate you for the value of your package (if the service purchased includes parcel protection for loss or damage).

Note: Always provide a secure delivery location to prevent your package from being stolen.

My Evri next day delivery has not arrived. What should I do?

Evri's next-day delivery is its fastest delivery service. However, delivery delays can occur due to bad weather, staff shortages, or unforeseen circumstances.

If your Evri next-day delivery has not arrived, you can do the following:

  • Track your package: You should check your tracking information on Evri's website or in their app to know the current status of your Evri package.
  • Contact sender: You can contact the sender to know if they can provide additional information from their end.
  • Contact customer service: You can also call Evri's customer service for assistance. Provide them with your tracking number, and they'll assist you in finding the package and explain why the shipment is delayed.

Note: Next-day delivery is only available on business days. If your next-day delivery time falls on a weekend or a holiday, you will receive it the following working day.

Evri Tracking Customer Service

Contact Evri (Hermes) customer service if you want to track your package, change the delivery address, request redelivery, lodge a complaint, report a lost or damaged package, or have any other concerns.

Here is a list of feasible ways to get in touch with Evri customer service:

  • Mailing address

Capitol House, 1 Capitol Blvd,

Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire

LS27 0WH, UK

  • Evri customer service number

0330 808 5456

  • Working hour

Monday to Friday: from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday: from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Social media

You can contact Evri on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Live Chat

Evri has a specialized team available for domestic orders and international orders sent from the UK for live chat from Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The customer service line is closed on the following days:

Christmas holiday: 25-27 December

New Year's Day: 1 January

Our lines are open as usual, excluding the times and dates listed below:

24 December: 8:30am-1pm

28 December: 10am-2pm

29, 30 & 31 December: 8:30am-1pm

Note: The parcel delivery contract is between the seller and Evri, so recipients can't resolve the delivery issues with Evri without the seller's help. In case you confront with the problem of a lost package or a delayed delivery, contact your seller immediately so they can find a solution.


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