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Roadrunner is a reputable LTL carrier in the US. ParcelPanel supports real-time Roadrunner tracking, allowing you to automate Roadrunner freight tracking and update customers via email in real time.
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About Roadrunner

Roadrunner is a reputable LTL carrier in the US embracing a "Ship It Like You Own It" culture, treating each shipment with utmost care and responsibility. Roadrunner offers long-haul LTL freight, regional transportation, and next-day delivery services. Its LTL services are supported by over 900 dedicated independent contractors and an extensive service network consisting of strategic rail partnerships, over 100+ pickup and delivery partners, and 21 brick-and-mortar service centers.

Although Roadrunner's service scope is not comparable to top LTL carriers in the US, including XPO Logistics, Estes, Saia LTL Freight, R+L Carriers, and ABF Freight, the LTL carrier has still won many awards, the most recent ones include:

  • Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers (2020)
  • Journal of Commerce Top 25 LTL Providers (2020)
  • FreightCenter Most Valuable Partner (2019)
  • Inbound Logistics Top 100 Trucking Company (2019 & 2018)
  • GlobalTranz Asset-Lite Carrier of the Year (2018)

Moreover, Roadrunner is trusted by renowned online marketplaces and retailers, such as Wayfair, Chewy, DELL, and L'Oréal.

Roadrunner Tracking

With full-scale investments in cutting-edge technology, Roadrunner provides customers with full shipment visibility through the industry-leading transportation tracking tool on mobile and desktop. The Roadrunning tracking information is also used to ensure proper freight handling, on-time pickup, and delivery. Even the individual drivers are all equipped with the innovative "Haul Now" app for increased efficiency and enhanced visibility.

Roadrunner Freight Tracking

Roadrunner boasts a Smart Network that is optimized for superior LTL transportation performance, with signature Power Lanes connecting metros across the US. It ensures faster transit times and damage-free deliveries, with freight transported 100% over the road directly from origin to destination.

The official Roadrunner Freight Tracking tool allows you to track LTL shipments by using Roadrunner Pro tracking number and pickup numbers. Up to 25 Roadrunner LTL shipments can be tracked each time. If you want to search by BOL or PO number, login is required.


If you have a technical team, you may consider using the Roadrunner tracking API with the help of the "Tracking Web API Developer's Guide."

After entering a Roadrunner Pro tracking number, click "Track" to start tracking, and you'll get detailed Roadrunner tracking information as below.


The Roadrunning tracking information typically includes the origin, destination, customer number, Pro number, BOL number, PO number, freight pieces, weight, pickup number, delivery date, and detailed transit history.

As for POD (proof of delivery), just click on "POD" under the "Document Images" section, and it will appear immediately.

If your Roadrunner shipment is still in transit, you may subscribe to Roadrunner shipment updates by entering your email address on this page.

Roadrunner LTL Tracking with ParcelPanel

Apart from using the official website for Roadrunner transportation tracking, you may rely on a professional third-party universal shipment tracking website like ParcelPanel. ParcelPanel has built integrations with over 1,100 couriers worldwide via API, including Roadrunner. It allows you to track Roadrunner LTL shipments in 2 different ways - using the official website or the order tracking app. Let's dive into more details!

Roadrunner Tracking with ParcelPanel Official Website

On the ParcelPanel website are thousands of carrier tracking tools. You can go to the "Carriers" list first, enter "Roadrunner," and select the tool to fulfill your Roadrunner freight tracking needs. Compared with the official Roadrunner tracking tool, ParcelPanel allows you to track 30 Roadrunner shipments at a single time.


After you enter a Roadrunner tracking number, click "Track," and you'll be able to find the complete tracking information, which is consistent with what you can get by using the official Roadrunner shipping tracking tool.


By using the Roadrunner tracking tool on ParcelPanel, you can immediately know the transit time and the latest shipment status. If you're tracking Roadrunner LTL shipments in bulk, you may also export the tracking information to a spreadsheet.

Roadrunner Tracking with ParcelPanel App

ParcelPanel Order Tracking is trusted by numerous Shopify and WooCommerce businesses. It is rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on over 2,000 reviews. It is the go-to choice for businesses looking for cost-effective ways to automate order tracking and improve the post-purchase experience.


As soon as it is installed, the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app will automatically create a branded tracking page and synchronize orders in the past for you, which allows your customers to track their orders immediately. Through seamless integration with the Roadrunner tracking API, as soon as a customer enters the order number and email address or the Roadrunner tracking number on your tracking page, the corresponding Roadrunner tracking information can be displayed immediately.

You may enable "Product Recommendations" and "Estimated Delivery Time" on the tracking page to effectively boost the customer lifetime value with personalized product recommendations and better manage customers' expectations.

You may further enable email notifications, and your customers will be updated on the latest shipment status in real time. This can help to increase customer engagement and bring repeat purchases.

Roadrunner Tracking Number

Although Roadrunner supports 4 types of tracking numbers, namely, the Pro number, pickup number, BOL number, and PO number, like it is with other LTL carriers, a Roadrunner tracking number is often referred to as a Roadrunner Pro number.

Roadrunner Tracking Number Format

The Roadrunner Pro tracking number is typically composed of 9 digits. The pickup number consists of 8 numeric digits. However, the BOL number and PO number don't follow a specific format.

Roadrunner Tracking Number Examples



Roadrunner Customer Service

Roadrunner customer service number: (855)-776-3567

Roadrunner customer service email: [email protected]


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