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Safexpress is India's leading logistics service provider. ParcelPanel supports real-time Safexpress tracking, which helps to offer self-serve tracking and shipping notifications to increase shipment visibility and build trust.
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Safexpress branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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About Safexpress

Safexpress Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1997, is a leading logistics & supply chain solutions provider in India. It provides various logistics solutions tailored for B2B and C2C businesses, encompassing express distribution and 3PL & Consulting.

Safexpress has 811 gateways and 2519 delivery routes across India, handling 134+ million packages annually. The company's custom solutions are popular among businesses in 9 distinct industries, including Apparel & Lifestyle, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Books, Automotive, etc.  

Safexpress won the national "Best Express Logistics Service Provider" award granted by the Indian government in 2022 and the National Logistics Excellence Award in 2021. The company operates 365 days a year, aiming to become the go-to logistics partner in Pan India.

Safexpress Tracking

Safexpress offers a wide range of express and logistics services, complemented by real-time tracking via the homepage and B2B Customer Portal.

Safexpress Courier Tracking

In the "Individual Services" category, you can find the following delivery services, each catering to specific needs:

  • Campus2Home: Tailored for college students seeking a cost-effective, stress-free solution for transporting their parcels between home and college.
  • Easy2Move: Specially designed for individuals planning to move to a different city with excess luggage within India.
  • BikeXpress: Safexpress offers a specialized bike express service to assist bike riders relocating to a different city.
  • Sainik Express: Customized to meet defense personnel's need for trouble-free freight services that transport their belongings from a confident base to anywhere in India.

All the delivery services above usually take 3-8 days, depending on the destination. The Safexpress online tracking tool offers enhanced shipment visibility throughout shipping.

Safexpress Logistics Tracking

Safexpress logistics services include 3PL services, reverse logistics, inventory management, and more.  

As for warehousing service, Safexpress uses barcode scanners to track inbound and outbound movement. Coupled with powerful integration between different warehouse control systems, it helps to maintain data integrity.

As for reverse logistics service, the Safexpress tracking tool is available for full shipment visibility to the origin. It's worth noticing that return invoice numbers can be used for return shipment tracking.

How to Track Safexpress?

Tracking Safexpress courier is quite a straightforward process. Upon submitting your package to their company for shipping, you'll be provided with a waybill with a unique shipment identification number that allows you to track the progress of your shipment easily.

To track your Safexpress package, you may use the official Safexpress tracking tool or a professional order tracking service provider like ParcelPanel. Below are steps that you can easily follow to track Safexpress Courier:

By Using Safexpress Tracking Tool

Go to Safexpress's official website and locate the Safexpress tracking tool on the hero banner. It offers you 3 options for tracking Safexpress courier - by using the waybill, e-waybill, or invoice number.


You may choose to use the waybill number. Then, enter your Safexpress tracking number in the search bar and hit the "Track" button.

Now, you can see how your Safexpress consignment travels from the origin to the destination in India on specific dates.


By Using ParcelPanel

You can use the ParcelPanel official website and the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app for Safexpress tracking. In this section, we'll go into the detail of how to use these two ways.

ParcelPanel Official Website

To track Safexpress shipments by ParcelPanel, you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to the ParcelPanel website and click "Carriers" on the navigation bar.
  • Type "Safexpress" in the carrier search bar, then you will enter the "Safexpress Tracking" page.


  • After entering your Safexpress tracking number and clicking "Track," you can view the real-time tracking status.


ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

ParcelPanel has developed a specialized order tracking application for Shopify and WooCommerce stores.


This application seamlessly integrates with your stores and ParcelPanel's extensive network of carrier partners, empowering merchants to provide branded order tracking services to their customers and greatly increasing revisits.

As most customers are eager to know the status of their orders, you can use ParcelPanel to enhance customer engagement and greatly increase customer lifetime value. For example, you can update customers on the current shipment status with real-time shipping notifications and encourage repeat purchases with exciting discounts.

Safexpress Tracking Number

The Safexpress tracking number (or Safexpress tracking ID) is often included in the shipping confirmation email from the seller. It can also be found on the waybill or e-waybill provided by Safexpress. The unique shipment identifier is often made of 8/9/12 digits. If you lost your Safexpress tracking number, you may use the invoice number to track Safexpress consignments.

If you have lost your Safexpress tracking number, reach out to the seller or the online platform where you made the purchases. Typically, they maintain records and can provide the tracking number after verifying your details. In addition, just contact the Safexpress customer care team directly.

Safexpress Tracking Number Example



Safexpress Tracking Status

Here are some common Safexpress tracking statuses that you should familiarize if you partner with Safexpress:

Safexpress Tracking StatusMeaning
In TransitThis means the Safexpress shipment has departed the initial facility and is on its way to another sorting facility.
PendingIt usually indicates that although Safexpress has been informed of the package, it hasn't been scanned into the system, or the status hasn't been updated. If you see the tracking status, please wait 24 ~ 48 hours.
Arrived at DestinationThis means your Safexpress package has already arrived at the destination hub. If everything goes well, it will be delivered soon.
Out for DeliveryThis means the Safexpress package is on the way to the designated delivery address.
DeliveredThis means the whole delivery process of your Safexpress shipment is ended.

Safexpress FAQ

What is Safexpress? Is Safexpress reliable?

Safexpress is a reputable Indian logistics company whose counterparts are R+L Carriers, XPO Logistics, Saia LTL Freight, Estes, and ABF Freight System in the United States. Compared with other logistics providers in India, Safexpress stands out and has already won 287 awards and accolades, which means high recognition for its professional services in the industry.

How long does Safexpress take to deliver?

So, for local deliveries, Safexpress usually gets your stuff to you by 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. On average, the Safexpress delivery time is within 7 to 14 days. But shipping packages to a far-off place in India or somewhere not on the mainland might take a bit longer.

Safexpress Customer Care

Safexpress Head Office: Safexpress Pvt. Ltd., 28, Sector 18, Udyog Vihar, Gurugram- 122015, India

Safexpress Contact Number: 1800 113 113 / 9311 113 113 (Toll-Free)

Safexpress Customer Service Email: [email protected]


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