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Shiprocket is a renowned eCommerce shipping platform & courier aggregator in India. ParcelPanel supports real-time Shiprocket tracking, allowing you to automate tracking for all ShiprocketX orders and orders handled by its Indian courier partners.
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Shiprocket branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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About Shiprocket

Shiprocket is a dedicated eCommerce shipping platform and top courier aggregator in India, helping 250,000+ eCommerce businesses simplify shipping, fulfillment, and returns. With 250 million shipments delivered, its transactions have reached 200 million rupees yearly. It has achieved 5 billion annual GMV contributions, propelling e-commerce business growth in India.

After 5 years of seed funding and reformation, Shiprocket was launched to optimize e-commerce shipping in 2017. With accelerated development in 2019, Shiprocket's shipments hit more than 1 million per month. Though the transport industry was hard hit during the pandemic, Shiprocket ensured on-time delivery and successfully expanded overseas business.

Shiprocket now provides shipping services, fulfillment solutions, and business growth assistance. The ShiprocketX platform helps to simplify exports and expand your e-coommerce business to over 220 countries and territories. For B2B shipping, RocketBox can lower B2B and cargo shipping costs by up to 40%. Besides, affordable hyperlocal delivery can drive business expansion.

Shiprocket partners with 22 Indian couriers, including Delhivery, XpressBees, Bluedart, Ekart, DTDC, and so on. With Shiprocket's AI-driven courier selections, you can easily handle sales across multiple channels within India. It helps you reach not only 24,000+ pin codes in India but 220+ countries and territories. Shiprocket technological partner ensures the improvement of efficiency. The e-commerce channel integrations allow you to auto-sync the orders in the courier aggregator and track them all using a single platform.

Shiprocket Shipping & Tracking

Shiprocket offers various domestic and international shipping services. With Shiprocket Tracking, you can trace the delivery process in real time. In this section, we'll go into the details of Shiprocket courier services, Shiprocket logistics services, and Shiprocket tracking services.

Shiprocket Courier Service

Shiprocket provides a list of the most suitable courier companies based on your requirements to have the best pickup and delivery services. As one of the best courier aggregators in India, Shiprocket has an extensive network of courier partners and a wide coverage of delivery addresses in India, providing one-stop shipping solutions for e-commerce companies. You don't need to have multiple points of contact if you use Shiprocket. What's more, the post-shipping experiences can be highly improved through convenient buyer communication and return management.

In addition, ShiprocketX is the platform designed for eCommerce exports. Guaranteed with price transparency, it supports cost estimation to maximize your profits. Multiple international shipping methods are provided, including economy, express, premium, and priority, so you can easily make the best choice. Once the order is made, you will enjoy hassle-free services, covering zero paperwork, real-time shipment status updates, and insightful analytics.

Shiprocket Logistics Services

Customers can access Shiprocket logistics services through Shiprocket Fulfillment. As a platform offering comprehensive tech-enabled fulfillment solutions, it serves retail and e-commerce brands that aim to make full use of the supply chain.

Shiprocket fulfillment services boast high efficiency, large storage capacity, widespread service coverage, and customized solutions. You can thus distribute your inventory in Shiprocket warehouses across the country, manage your products and shipment processes on a single platform, and delight customers with fast same-day and next-day delivery services.

Shiprocket logistics solutions can meet D2C, B2C, and B2B businesses' needs for eCommerce fulfillment and returns management.

Shiprocket Tracking Service

By using Shiprocket's tracking service, you can save time. The tracking system provides accurate and real-time shipment statuses, preventing the package from getting lost or misplaced. After you enter your mobile number, Airway Bill Number (AWB), or order ID, the search box will show you the current order status. Once the order is confirmed, Shiprocket will send you the AWB tracking numbers via email or SMS.

Shiprocket Delivery Tracking India

In India, Shiprocket supports shipment tracking across 17+ courier partners, including XpressBees, Delhivery, Ecom Express, Blue Dart, etc. You can receive real-time updates regardless of the courier.

Shiprocket International Shipping Tracking

By choosing Shiprocket international shipping services – ShiprocketX, you can enjoy speedy deliveries and efficient customs clearance. Moreover, you can customize your tracking page to increase brand awareness, recommend products to boost sales, and gather customer feedback.

Besides, with the real-time shipment updates offered by Shiprocket, you can build meaningful interactions with buyers and keep them informed and assured throughout the long shipment process via email and WhatsApp.

Shiprocket Return Order Tracking

The Shiprocket returns service makes returns management less of a hassle. Not only can buyers easily return unwanted items through the tracking page, but you can also enable automated SMS and emails to update them on the return and refund progress.

How to Track Shiprocket Orders?

If you want to track Shiprocket orders, you can either use Shiprocket order tracking or ParcelPanel, a professional order-tracking solution provider.

By Using Shiprocket Track Order

Shiprocket tracking can be implemented through the "Shiprocket Track Order" tool.


After entering your mobile number, Shiprocket AWB (Airway Bill Number), or order ID in the search box and clicking on Track Now, it will show you the latest order status and the transit points the order has traveled through. The delivery date and destination can also be shown. You can track multiple orders in one place.

If you use your mobile number, you will be taken to myShiprocket to track all your orders. If you can't find your order details, find the AWB tracking number in the email or SMS sent by Shiprocket. Additionally, you can choose to send real-time tracking updates to your customers through email and SMS with Shiprocket.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a leading e-commerce order tracking solution for Shopify & WooCommerce merchants, aiming to help e-commerce businesses enhance post-purchase experience and increase customer retention. You can track Shiprocket orders either through the ParcelPanel website or the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

ParcelPanel Website

On the ParcelPanel official website, click on "Carriers" in the top navigation menu. Then, scroll down the page and enter "Shiprocket" in the search box. Click on the search results to start "Shiprocket Tracking" on ParcelPanel.


You can enter the Shiprocket AWB tracking number on the new page to track Shiprocket orders.

Compared with the official Shiprocket tracking tool, ParcelPanel allows you to track 30 Shiprocket shipments simultaneously. Remember, you should enter one Shiprocket tracking number per line.

Here's what we got by using the tracking number 141123858510862.


The origin, destination, and the detailed shipment process are shown. You can share the detailed tracking information and tracking link with the button at the bottom. The Shiprocket tracking tool on supports one-click translation, which removes communication barriers for international businesses.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App


The ParcelPanel order tracking app continuously gathers the most recent tracking information from its network of carriers and automatically categorizes the orders based on shipment statuses.

After you put the tracking page URL to the storefront page, your customers can easily access the order tracking information in real time.

Besides, the app provides more features. For example, it allows you to set up AI-powered product recommendations on the tracking page to increase sales.

Shiprocket Tracking Number

As for Shiprocket online tracking, you need to enter the tracking number. The Shiprocket tracking numbers are often referred to as the AWB number.

The AWB number will be issued as soon as you choose a Shiprocket courier partner and arrange a pickup. It can be found in your order confirmation email and SMS; you can also find the Shiprocket AWB number below the barcode in the top right corner of the shipping label.

Shiprocket Tracking Number Format

A Shiprocket AWB tracking number typically consists of 15 numeric digits, and it will be sent to your customer via email or SMS upon order confirmation.

Shiprocket Tracking Number Example




Shiprocket Tracking Status


Above are the common Shiprocket tracking statuses shown on the website. There are more Shiprocket order statuses that you should know. Their meanings are listed below.

Shiprocket Tracking StatusMeaning
UnprocessableUnmappedThe product of this order is not mapped or linked to the Master SKU in the Shiprocket system.
Out of StockThe product of the order is out of stock in the Shiprocket system.
ProcessingNewA new order is ready to be processed.
InvoicedAn invoice has been generated for the order.
ManifestReady to ShipAn order is assigned with an AWB number, and a shipping label is created.
Pickup ScheduledThe pickup request for the order is sent to the courier company.
Pickup QueuedThe pickup request for the order is in Shiprocket's system and will automatically be sent to the courier the next day.
Pickup ErrorAn error occurred when generating the pickup request for the order.
TrackingShippedThe order is passed on to the courier company.
DeliveredThe order is successfully delivered to the recipient.
RTO (Return to Origin)RTO InitiatedFor some reason, the courier must return the order to the sender.
RTO DeliveredThe order is delivered back to the sender by the courier company.
RTO AcknowledgedThe sender has confirmed the receipt of the returned order.

Shiprocket Customer Care

Shiprocket provides multiple ways for you to get customer support in case you have any queries or encounter problems with your parcels.

You may reach out through Shiprocket customer care number: +91-9711621040.

For written communications, you can write to [email protected].

You may also visit Shiprocket's headquarters at 416 Phase III, Udyog Vihar, Sector 19, Gurugram, Haryana 122015 in India.

For instant answers to frequently asked questions, you can visit the Shiprocket FAQ page.


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