How Does After-sales Services Affect Store Marketing

Liam Liu | May 16, 2022 | Ecommerce

Does your service end once the purchase is done by your customer? If you want a repeat of such a purchase and to get a loyal customer for years, the answer is a big “NO”. After purchase, your customer will try the product and see for themselves how it works. Will it be good or bad? Will they be happy with the service it provides? Or, will it be such a waste of money after some time?

Customers need to know that you are still there to answer their questions about the product even after they have paid you for the product and service. It’s like telling a friend you are always there for them no matter what happens. Sounds relieving, isn’t it? This way, you can build trust and loyalty among your customers which can eventually lead to more sales. That is after-sales service.

What is After Sales Service?

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In eCommerce, one important term to be familiar with is the “after-sales service”. It applies to both online and personal shopping. After-sales service is the process of showing support or assistance to customers after the purchase. Similar to a warranty, companies that provide after-sales service easily gain confidence from customers.

After-sales service is a strategy that creates higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. People speak only good things about your service and your product which is a big plus. Companies create a stronger bond with customers that can last even after a few years and you’ll see them coming back for more of your products.

Why Is After-Sales Service Important To Store Marketing?

There can be a lot of ways to beat the competition going on in eCommerce. It’s a big wide world where only the best companies can survive with the best products and services. Customers, in the same manner, perform research first before purchasing anything. These customers look for companies that can satisfy their needs and provide them with the best solution to their problems whatever that is.

After-sales service contributes to the desire of customers to choose your product over the others in the market. The more products that your customers need from you, the better after-sales service you should offer. It must be something that makes an impact on them. When performing an after-sales service, don’t think of it as one-way only. It is indeed a two-way deal where you and your customers benefit.

Below is a list of the most important benefits that after-sales service can give to a company or store.

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1. Showing gratitude to customers.

A simple token of appreciation to your customers can go a long way. It will deliver a message to customers that you are not just after their money, but also their trust and continuous support which is priceless. This makes such a wonderful experience for customers. Give them a contact person in your company and they will surely feel that you guarantee the quality of your work.

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2. Continuous communication with customers after a few weeks.

After some time when customers have bought from your store, your next move should be to contact your customer and ask for some feedback or comments regarding their experience using your product or with the service they received from you. If they have any question, if they have questions, then you should be there to provide the answers. Also, you may keep them connected to your company by sending regular newsletters or pop-ups about your upcoming webinars and more.

3. Recommending a new product or a second purchase.

Once a strong connection between you and your customers has been established, it is now the right time to offer a new purchase. Knowing what they were looking for based on their previous purchase would help you choose the next product or service to offer to them. Use that to encourage a second sale.

4. Asking for customers’ recommendations.

After-sales services can be beneficial also if you use them to gather recommendations for the improvement of your services and products. Listen to their opinion and use those to create better results. At the same time, satisfied customers would be more than happy to help you gain more customers around. Recommendations from previous customers who have tried and tested your service or product are more powerful than any ordinary advertisement.

5. Increase in sales.

More sales come your way with after-sale service. An effective after-sale service can result in a second sale or a rush of new customers referred to you by friends and clients.

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6. Loyalty among customers.

Keeping your lines open for customers’ inquiries and other things in connection to the product they bought will eventually develop loyalty among customers.

7. Improved company performance.

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An after-sales service that includes gathering comments and feedback makes it easier for companies to identify the weak points of their products and services. Apply those comments to your product and on how you do perform your services.

8. Having a distinction from competitors.

Depending on the kind of after-sales you provide, customers may be able to always choose your brand over all other competitors without question. Satisfied customers that already know about your after-sale service will not hesitate to pick up your goods and services each time. It’s what makes your service well-known in the world of eCommerce.

Several Best Examples of After-Sales Service

  • Technical support services and help desk

Free technical support service and access to a help desk are offered in exchange for a more comprehensive or premium service plan. This is mostly provided to customers of mobile phones, software, and machinery.

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  • Live online support

Oftentimes, this involves handling concerns from customers regarding a return or a repair of a product. Email, chat, social media interface, and forums are examples of online support.

  • Programmed chat support

An automated or programmed chat support service gives customers a fast response to queries about complex issues and offers solutions to common problems. Both online and by phone, easy access to support is provided through bots and automated responses.

  • Programmed support resources

Forums and other online solutions are made available to customers anytime they need them. They can interact with other users and share information about a certain product or service.

Ways to improve after-sales service

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Because your sales and customers matter, it’s best to make sure that you provide your customers with the best after-sales service. Keep in mind the saying, “Customer is always right.” If you want your business to survive for more successful years, take good care of your customers through the tips listed below.

  1. Personalize your after-sales service.
  2. Offer more reasonable discounts.
  3. Keep them more updated.
  4. Always be available to answer customer concerns and questions.
  5. Be prompt whenever a return or repair is needed.


Remember that anything you do for your customers affects your business. They are the center of your success so always serve them with what makes them happy. After-sales services in eCommerce today have become a lot easier. There is no reason for you not to be able to reach your customers or to learn a few things about them such as what they need, what they like, and more. Serve customers with what they want and your business is sure to progress in the next few years.


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