How Does the Package Tracking System Work?

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Providing seamless shopping for online customers would be a great advantage in eCommerce. One way to do this is by delivering orders promptly to customers which is possible through the assistance of a reliable professional courier company. Today, you can even track the whereabouts of both the parcel and the couriers themselves using a package tracking system.

To better understand the process and ensure that the products are delivered within the target time and date, being aware of it and how the process goes is necessary. It is for the aim of providing important details on the parcel’s route, the status of delivery, as well as the estimated time and date of delivery that a parcel tracking system is created.

Package Tracking System Defined

The first step to having a clear understanding of this system is to learn about its definition. In simple words, a package tracking system works to help customers and merchants track a particular product ordered online. Through this system, it’s easier to verify the movement and source of the product together with the final estimate of its possible date of arrival.

How it Works

It’s not important whether you have only one package to deliver in a day or hundreds and thousands every day. Your customers do not know that. What matters to them is if they have a way to check the exact location and status of their package. Likewise, having an overseas or a local package to deliver makes no difference. You still need to provide your customers with a tracking service for their peace of mind while it hasn’t arrived.

So, here’s a brief description of each stage in the package tracking service to let you see how it works.

Step 1: Generating a Bar Code

As soon as the parcel arrives at the courier company an online business is associated with, a bar code is created to serve as an ID for the business. This barcode is attached to the package as well which includes necessary details like the buyer’s contact information as well as the destination address.

Step 2: Scanning the Bar Code

Scan barcode

The bar code of the package to be delivered should now be scanned before it’s loaded on by the courier’s company. The data gathered is then recorded and stored in the tracking system of that particular courier’s site.

Step 3: Documenting the details of the Bar Code

The main purpose of scanning the barcode is, of course, to gather important details and keep them in the record. It includes the information on the remaining time that the courier agency has for the delivery of the product, where it was taken from, and also where it will be going to.

Step 4: Package received by the courier

The package will then be sent from the courier company near the seller’s are going to the branch of the courier company that is near the buyer’s location.  

Step 5: Scanning the bar code again

Since the package is now in another location, it is necessary for the other branch of the courier company to keep a record of it. They will scan the bar code again to get a copy of all the important details about it, this time, with the time the package was received.

Step 6: Sending the product out for delivery

Mobile phone tracking package location

Once again, the item will be scanned before it will be sent out for delivery. The scanned bar code means the information about the package will be stored in the tracking system of that courier company’s branch for reference later on.

Step 7: Item is successfully delivered

The status of the package will then change to “Delivered” or “Completed” once it finally arrives at the buyer’s address. The tracking system will be updated as well, indicating also the name of the receiver, time delivered, and others.

And that was for the merchant’s use of the tracking system. As for the customers, using a tracking system, they can monitor the movement of their package. Customers must go to the courier’s website and input manually the barcode number of their package. Being able to track your orders lessens the chance of them being lost or misplaced.

There are billions of orders and packages sent each day around the globe. If you know how to use global express tracking systems, you’ll have peace of mind every time you order from anywhere outside your country. Despite the bulk of packages to be delivered, customers can easily track their orders without having to rely on the response from customer service.

delivery tracking

The Solution to Your Package Tracking Needs

Making your business grow faster requires partnering with the best courier agency. In eCommerce, it is your great advantage if you can find a reliable courier that provides an effective package tracking service for your business. They can add to your customer’s trust and loyalty to your brand as well as make you worry-free even during times of delay because you’re well aware of what will be happening.

Parcelpanel is an order tracking system that creates ease for both the seller and the buyer. They make the amazing possible, according to their tagline. It provides its customers with an all-in-one tracking system for real-time monitoring of their orders. ParcelPanel gives customers a timely shipping notification for each package to keep them updated.

Final Words

Tracking systems has been one of the best innovations of this generation that made a big impact on eCommerce and the post-purchase experience it gives to customers. This is all because of the advanced technology used nowadays for various stuff including this tracking system. What else can online shoppers ask for? This package tracking system will surely amaze you; even if you’re living far, far away from your courier, your package will eventually reach you and you can track it with just a click. Answering a flood of inquiries from buyers about the status of their order will be less while customer anxiety and worry will be eliminated. Just make sure to choose the right package tracking service to use!

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