10 Best Shopify Returns Apps for Easy Management

Cheryl Song | Nov 24, 2023 | Returns


Returns and exchanges have become a crucial part of e-commerce. It can build your brand reputation by creating a sense of loyalty or destroying it immediately. 

With the best Shopify returns app, you can offer flexible returns and instant refunds while giving consumers a comfortable and trusted shopping experience. 

But the question is: how do you find the best one? In this article, we’ve highlighted expert-suggested 10 best Shopify returns apps for a seamless returns experience and easy management. So, without more talk, let’s dive into the details together!


Common Features of Shopify Returns Apps 

The U.S. National Retail Federation reports that the retail business incurs $165 million in merchandise returns for every $1 billion of sales. And the most returned online items are clothing (26%), bags, and accessories (19%). As the return ratio is high, Shopify return apps play a significant role in identifying and managing return issues smoothly.


  • Customizable branded returns portal for self-service
  • Allow you to create a return for a specific order
  • Approve/reject returns, refunds, or exchanges in one place
  • Settings for return rules, acceptable return reasons
  • Refund an order


  • Redirect to your store’s return policy
  • Functionality to exclude non-returnable items
  • Auto approval and processing features
  • Automatic notifications to update customers
  • Reverse shipping tracking
  • Refund/exchange history synchronization
  • API access and ecommerce integrations


10 Best Shopify Returns Apps 

Are you eager to explore more about the best Shopify returns apps? Here, we’ve listed every app’s customer ratings, key features, pricing plans, and other factors so that you can choose the best one for your business. 


1. Parcel Panel Returns & Exchange


Ratings: 5.0 (130+ reviews)

Suppose you want to provide the best post-purchase experience to your customers, and you’re searching for the best free Shopify return app to improve customer satisfaction. In that case, Parcel Panel is the leading post-purchase solution for e-commerce that allows you to manage your returns like a pro. Parcel Panel Returns & Exchange offers comprehensive functionality for return request submission, efficient returns management, real-time updates on return processing, reverse logistics integrations, and so on.

Key features

  • Allow end customers to submit requests for returns/exchanges and monitor processing statuses 24/7 through a self-service portal
  • Simplify returns processing with a return window, advanced return rules, return reasons, etc. 
  • Save time for product exchanges by using variant replacement settings 
  • Available integrations include Shippo, Sendcloud, and FedEx


  • Easy-to-customize return page
  • 16 languages are supported, and more will be coming soon
  • Tech-rich and quick customer support
  • Fraud prevention through eligibility rules and blocklist settings
  • Free email notifications
  • “Green Returns,” “Refund to store credits,” and “Refunds to gift cards” options are available


  • Lack of integrations with logistics service providers
  • No analytics for email notifications

Pricing plan

This Shopify return app is free to use, so you don’t need to pay to enjoy its advanced features. 



2. AfterShip Returns


Ratings: 4.7 (2,100+ reviews)

Another must-have returns management solution is AfterShip Returns. With the app, Shopify store owners easily manage their own return process and bring back lost revenue by improving customer satisfaction. Also, its customizable return portal allows customers to initiate their return requests and get updated return status automatically. You get all facilities in one platform, i.e., setting automation rules, offering flexible return options, monitoring insights, etc. 

Key features

  • Self-service returns portal, returns history display, and customized return policy
  • Allow store owners to set return rules such as returns window, non-returnable items, return item limit, blocklists, and allowlists
  • Automated email notifications with embedded shipping instructions and return labels, etc.
  • Automatically generate prepaid return labels of popular carriers (i.e., DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS, and many more)
  • Automatic rules like auto-refund and auto-restock help to boost efficiency


  • Simple return process allows customers to select their preferred return type.
  • Provide the lowest USPS rates, in-store returns, and drop-off options 
  • Helpful and quick customer support


  • Some merchants face issues integrating with carriers 
  • A steep learning curve for new users
  • Progressive pricing – the return processing cost per order goes up

Pricing plan

Both free and paid plans are available:

  • Free – 3 returns per month 
  • Essential – $35/month, 100 returns per month
  • Premium – $239/month, 200 returns per month

It’s worth noticing that to unlock features such as “Advanced eligibility rules,” “Auto-refund,” and “Exchange for other items,” you need to choose a Premium plan.


3. Order Returns by Return Prime


Ratings: 5.0 (490+ reviews)

Return Prime, developed by Appsdart Solutions Private Ltd, is an excellent app to handle all returns, refunds, and exchanges on Shopify. Shopify business owners can send return labels, create orders for exchanges, and refund through store credits/gift cards. If you want, you can connect your 3PL and other logistics for a seamless returns operation. This is a futuristic solution that allows you to migrate from other Shopify returns apps easily.

Key features

  • Customer-friendly and fully customizable return portal 
  • Automatic return label sending and order replacement creation on Shopify
  • Allows customers to choose to return or exchange from eligible products
  • Merchants can set their own return policies, offer exchanges, and store returns 
  • Flexible connection with your 3PL partner, mobile apps, and many other apps
  • Available integrations are Plobal Apps, Richpanel, Flits, Australia Post Returns, Canada Post, and Easyparcel


  • Intuitive interface and customizable rules allow merchants to manage returns with ease
  • Seamless onboarding process and integration with shipping providers
  • Responsive customer support


  • Only 2 seats for each plan – not practical for a big team
  • The features of the free plan are very limited

Pricing plan

Return Prime offers both free and paid plans. 

  • Forever free – 5 free return requests
  • Grow – $19.99/month, 60 free return requests
  • Grow – $49.99/month, 180 free return requests
  • Grow – $99.99/month, 450 free return requests


4. ReturnGo Returns & Exchanges


Ratings: 4.9 (280+ reviews)

ReturnGo’s sustainable return process helps merchants increase revenue by encouraging customers to exchange items rather than return them. With this end-to-end return management platform and AI-powered return portal, you can automate the RAM process and integrate with your existing shipping carriers. Its customizable solutions help merchants set eligibility conditions and return and exchange policy rules. Also, you can handle multiple stores at a time.

Key features

  • A comprehensive post-purchase solution (product and variant exchanges, gift returns, order cancellation, store credits, etc.)
  • Automatic rules such as auto-refund, auto-credits, auto-approve, and auto-exchange
  • Real-time tracking notifications and customized upselling opportunities
  • Provide data-driven insights like why customers return items
  • Integrates with shipping carriers, 3PL, ERPs, helpdesks, APIs, and many more


  • Easy to use and impressive UI
  • Customizable emails, automatic stock updates, returns photos, and video uploads make this return solution more effective
  • Supports multiple languages, currencies, and regions


  • High cost compared to others – expensive for multi-store/global businesses
  • Some merchants claim limited support for international returns

Pricing plan

ReturnGO app offers a 14-day free trial for paid plans.

  • Standard – $17/month, 20 returns 
  • Advanced – $97/month, 110 returns
  • Pro – $267/month, 350 returns
  • Enterprise – $850/month, 1000 returns


5. Order Returns | easyReturns


Ratings: 4.8 (40+ reviews)

Do you want to extend Shopify’s native return capabilities? With easyReturns developed by 247APPS, you can do it easily. By using this app, merchants can customize return portals to match their branding and share additional information with customers. It also provides statistics and reports showing which product items are returned, how frequently, and reasons for return. 

Key features

  • Extend Shopify’s built-in return capabilities with custom solutions (i.e., branding, automation, and reporting) with full integration
  • Intuitive selection for return items, such as quantity, return reason, and refund method
  • Easily work with 3 major shipping service providers – DHL, DPD, and GLS
  • Auto generation of return labels based on your rules like merchandise value


  • Easy to use and navigate – customers don’t need to be familiar with return policies
  • Real-time tracking and in-depth return insights
  • Save time by eliminating the need to print and mail return labels
  • Shopify merchants can switch languages (German and English)


  • Some merchants claim only one complaint can be accepted after entering a tracking number
  • Impossible to let customers pay for the shipping costs

Pricing plan

You can have a 15-day free trial, and for more advanced features, switch to a paid plan that matches your Shopify store plan:

  • Starter – $9/month
  • Shopify Basic – $19/month
  • Shopify Advanced – $39/month
  • Shopify Plus – $79/month


6. Loop Returns & Exchanges


Ratings: 4.6 (110+ reviews)

Loop Returns & Exchanges is the most popular Shopify returns app for apparel stores. It helps big brands, including Allbirds, Chubbies, Princess Polly, and so on, to make returns a breeze for their customers, improve customer retention, recover lost sales, and drive customer lifetime value. Apart from managing returns, it provides customizable solutions to meet your brand’s specific needs. Also, its return service portal allows customers to track their return status at any time. 

Key features

  • Reduce return costs with workflows, Logistics, Point of Sale, and many other solutions
  • Provide bonus credits and instant exchanges to make returns a profit center
  • Prevent fraud through custom rules, workflows, and blocklists
  • Prioritize customer experience with at-home pickup, self-service returns, etc.
  • Real-time tracking and in-depth shopper behavior insights
  • Available integrations are Shopify POS, Gorgias, Klaviyo, Yotpo, Zendesk, and ShipHero


  • User-friendly interface, Loop Returns is a great choice to streamline returns management
  • Offer insightful analytics and boost revenue by offering a “Shop Now” feature
  • Top-notch customer support


  • Easy to get stuck in a 12-month contract
  • Some customers experience issues with the “on-store” feature
  • Doesn’t work with Shopify Markets Pro

Pricing plan

If you plan to install this app, you’ll need to select any one of the paid plans below.

  • Starter – $29/month
  • Essential – $163/month
  • Advanced – $373/month


7. Narvar Returns and Exchanges


Ratings: 4.3 (18+ reviews)

Searching for the best refund solution to protect your revenue? Narvar Returns and Exchanges is an industry-leading returns management solution that helps you save lost sales and convert refunds into retained revenue with a lot of flexible exchange options. Also, your consumers can choose at-home pickup or access drop-off points across the US without any hassles. 

Key features

  • Retain revenue by incentivizing exchanges and offering store credits
  • Allow merchants to manage complexity and make informed decisions with returns analytics
  • 200,000+ nearby drop-off locations (UPS Store, FedEx, Walgreens, Nordstrom, and Simon Malls)
  • Support multiple channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Line) to send consumers refund notifications
  • Integrates with Shopify POS, Checkout, Shopify Flow, Netsuite, Klaviyo, Gorgias, ShipHero, Recharge, and Tapcart


  • Easy to customize and include promotional offers and new product launches in email notifications 
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • With complex UI, the app is difficult to set up
  • You’re bound to lose money on exchanges

Pricing plan

You can install it for free. However, the app can’t be used immediately after installation – you need to submit a form and wait for responses from Narvar’s sales team.


8. Sorted Returns Center


Ratings: 4.7 (420+ reviews)

Another effective Shopify returns app is Sorted Returns Center, developed by Clicksit App Limited. It allows you to centralize returns, exchanges, and refunds with powerful automation features. With this app, you can get prepaid Collect+ and USPS shipping labels at competitive prices and keep your consumers updated with custom messaging. Also, you get detailed insights for further improvements in reverse logistics operations. 

Key features

  • Auto-generated prepaid return labels of popular couriers, including USPS and Yodel (Collect+)
  • Branded return portal meets your store’s branding
  • One-click refund approval and auto-creation of exchange orders
  • Well-organized return management dashboard allows merchants to easily set rules and return windows
  • Custom notifications to keep consumers updated on the return progress


  • Customizable returns portal for submitting return requests and progress tracking 
  • User-friendly interface for easy setup of an efficient return process


  • The app doesn’t work on Mac and Safari
  • Some merchants face issues with return label payments and international returns

Pricing plan

Sorted Return Center offers a 14-day free trial to explore its features. Three paying options are available:

  • Silver – $20/month, 100 returns per month
  • Gold – $50/month, 300 returns per month
  • Platinum – $500/month, 3,500 returns per month

Notably, you can’t get auto-refund, auto-exchange, and email customization features if you choose the Silver plan.


9. ReturnZap – Returns Management


Ratings: 5 (50+ reviews)

Another all-in-one Shopify return and exchange solution is ReturnZap, which offers limitless return volume for all users. Shopify merchants love to use this app for its automated features, flexible return rules and policies, and embedded return portal. Also, you can process exchange orders and refunds to store credit within a few clicks. ReturnZap is great for businesses in North America, Europe, and Australia because its supported carriers include UPS, USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, and many more.

Key features

  • Offer multiple return solutions like free returns and enforce charges of return labels
  • Customize return rules with 25+ attributes
  • Offer store credits and flexible variant exchanges to reduce refunds
  • Set multiple return addresses for handling dropshipping returns
  • 50+ carrier integrations and 11 languages supported


  • A cost-effective returns management solution for reducing manual work
  • Easy to set up and manage returns to multiple warehouses – a great choice for handling international returns
  • Seamless Shopify integration and powerful translation capabilities
  • The functionality to offer extended return windows to VIP customers
  • Excellent customer service and effective onboarding process


  • It doesn’t accept in-store returns and returnless refunds 

Pricing plan

You can benefit from a 14-day free trial of these paid options that are given below:

  • Standard – $29.95/month
  • Pro – $69.95/month
  • Plus – $179.95/month


10. Redo Free Returns & Exchanges


Ratings: 4.9 (50+ reviews)

Do you want to turn your refunds into more exchanges or offer free returns options to build customer loyalty? With Redo, a Shopify returns app developed by RedoTech, you can do it easily and provide an Amazon-like post-purchase experience. Its auto-return features (generating return labels and sending refund notifications) make this app more effective among Shopify merchants. 

Key features

  • Redo pays for return expenses and gives merchants an easy customer and merchant experience
  • Simplify exchanges for all types/categories of products
  • Provide an Amazon-like return/exchange experience to enhance customer loyalty
  • Boost repeat purchases and customer lifetime value by incentivizing store credit


  • A great app with different automation and return flows for efficient management
  • User-friendly return portal
  • Live chat support is available and responsive


  • Errors occur after the installation
  • Not friendly for small business owners

Pricing plan

Redo Free Returns % Exchanges app is completely free to install.


Final Words

A Shopify returns app helps e-commerce store owners retain revenue and build customer loyalty. Its automation features and errorless analytics allow you to streamline returns processing and reduce costs. 

If you are looking for the most convenient and hassle-free solution, you’d better get started with the industry-leading e-commerce post-purchase solution, Parcel Panel Returns & Exchange app. With this app, you offer flexible product exchanges and refund options with automation and greatly simplify return management!

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