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SingPost is Singapore's national postal service provider. Use ParcelPanel, the best SingPost tracking tool for e-commerce! Offer full shipment visibility and keep customers informed of SingPost delivery progress at any time to build trust & get more sales.
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Singapore Post branded tracking experience for Shopify merchants
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About SingPost

SingPost (short for Singapore Post) is a top logistics provider with effective logistics solutions extending beyond the borders of Singapore. With a dependable warehousing network spanning over 9 countries and access to 220+ others, SingPost is determined to ensure end-to-end support for supply chain management, distribution, and delivery.

Since its establishment in 1819, SingPost has developed trusted global networks, boosting its efficiency in delivering e-commerce logistics solutions. This is evident in the company's development milestones, including:

  • 2018's achievement of 57 Post Offices, 300 SAM kiosks, 743 street posting boxes, 11,050 POPStation lockers, and 3 million mail items processing in a day
  • 2017's launch of the new SingPost GPO and initiation of SmartPost to digitize postal processes from collection to delivery
  • 2015's trial parcel delivery by an unmanned aerial vehicle
  • 2013's 24/7 automated POPStation (Pick Own Parcel Station)

SingPost continues to be a key player in Singapore's logistics industries; it formed strategic partnerships with DHL Express, SATS Ltd, and many other logistics providers. The partnerships aim to improve customers' and partners' experiences while reducing costs for the benefit of e-commerce businesses.

Although SingPost looks forward to redefining the logistics industry in Singapore, it faces competition from courier companies such as Ninja Van, Qxpress, J&T Express,  FedEx, UPS, LBC Express, DHL, DTDC.

SingPost Tracking

SingPost provides a whole pack of mail and parcel shipping services to meet specific customers' needs. Whether you are sending within Singapore or across the globe, the company offers multiple economical and express services that deliver your packages quickly.

Their services come with assured fast speed, monitored local and international deliveries with seamless returns solutions, fulfilment, and freight transportation.

Let's find out more about different SingPost shipping and tracking services.

SingPost Registered Mail Tracking

SingPost registered service accepts postcards, letters, and printed papers of up to 500g sent within Singapore. When sending with the service internationally, you can send up to 2kg as long as the registered mail service is available in the destination country.

The basic postage charges for the service may vary over time, but sending via registered service comes at a fixed registration fee of $2.27 when sending within Singapore and $3.60 when sending internationally. To ensure its customers peace of mind, SingPost Registered Mail features limited tracking capabilities for both domestic and international delivery.

But when using the company's registered service for international packages, SingPost guarantees status updates through the tracking tool from dispatch to the destination country. You must also note that the delivery tracking of international registered mail may also not be available once the mail is passed on to SingPost's delivery partner in the destination country.

SingPost Parcel Tracking

SingPost's Parcel service is a cost-effective local delivery service that gets small packages of no more than 2kg delivered within 2 working days.

The company updates the recipient when the package is ready for delivery and after its successful delivery at the designated letterbox. SingPost may attempt a doorstep delivery if the recipient's letterbox is full. If the delivery fails after 2 attempts, the parcel is held at a SingPost facility for up to 5 working days. If not collected, SingPost will return the package to the sender as long as clear details of the sender are provided. In this case, SingPost states that there won't be any redirection of the parcel to new addresses or subsequent delivery attempts to the indicated recipient.

SingPost also offers a 24/7 tracking system with which customers can inquire about the whereabouts of their tracked parcels. The tracking system is accessible in the SingPost app and on the SingPost website. If you want to automate SingPost tracking for your online store, ParcelPanel is the best SingPost parcel tracking service you should choose.

SingPost International Tracking

SingPost's international service delivers to over 220 countries worldwide via Ordinary Mail, Registered Service, or Speedpost. Although the company reassures fast delivery times for parcels sent via the service, the exact transit times may vary depending on customs inspections and the destination country.

Once the packages are booked for shipment across Singapore's borders, the company issues a copy of the shipping label or consignment notes. Except for Ordinary time, customers will be provided a SingPost tracking number so they can effortlessly track their packages.

SingPost also issues Proof of Delivery for interested customers who need it. However, this is only available 5 working days after its initial inquiry.

SingPost Smartpac Tracking

SingPost's Smartpac service is a postage-paid packaging with guaranteed tracking features. After packing their Smartpac items, customers need to post them to any street posting box or the SingPosts post office.

Posting the parcels must, however, be within SingPost's collection time, and the company will get the parcel delivered within 2 working days if it is posted before the collection time.

However, Smartpac service is limited to deliveries within Singapore's main islands, including Sentosa Island and Jurong Island. The Smartpac delivery service is not available within off-shore islands.

SingPost ensures customers can track parcels sent via the service through the SingPost Track Item tool on the official SingPost website, in the SingPost mobile app, or on professional shipment tracking websites like ParcelPanel.

SingPost EMS Tracking (SingPost Speedpost Tracking)

SingPost's EMS service is fast, with guaranteed doorstep collection and delivery across Singapore. Slightly different from other services, the EMS service delivers 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

However, the exact transit times for the service vary depending on the specific Speedpost category the customer chooses. Speedpost Standard delivers parcels sent through the EMS service in 1 working day. The parcel must, however, be at most 30 kg.

Speedpost Express service, on the other hand, delivers within 2 hours of the doorstep collection. This service, too, comes with a weight limit of up to 5kg.

In comparison, there are 3 SingPost Speedpost international services, namely, Speedpost Express, Speedpost Economy, and Speedpost Priority. They mainly differ in the delivery time.

ServiceWeight LimitDelivery TimeShipment Tracking
Speedpost ExpressUp to 20kg2 - 9 working daysYes
Speedpost PriorityUp to 20kg3 - 14 working daysYes
Speedpost EconomyUp to 20kg3 - 15 weeksYes

The service is also integrated with real-time tracking features that ensure customers can comfortably track the whereabouts of their parcels. The tracking system is embedded in SingPost's website and the Mobile app, ensuring every customer's peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

How to Track SingPost?

Learn how to track your SingPost packages with the step-by-step instructions effortlessly.

Here are reliable methods you can use:

By Using SingPost Tracking

To track with SingPost tracking, you need to:

  • Visit the SingPost tracking page on the Singapore Post official website.


  • Enter your SingPost tracking number in the search field, then click the "Search Now" tab.

The platform considers its users' time and convenience so that you can search up to 20 items simultaneously. You must separate the SingPost tracking numbers by commas to access your parcel's whereabouts.

Here is a sample result you can get after initiating the tracking process with the official SingPost tracking tool.


As we can see, the latest shipment status will be highlighted in red.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a premium third-party parcel tracking platform seamlessly integrated with over 1,100 carriers worldwide. ParcelPanel is trusted by over 45,000 businesses, and it has monitored more than 2.3 billion shipments.

This makes the platform the best tracking solution, especially for e-commerce sellers interested in elevating their customers' experience.

ParcelPanel also offers multiple significant features, including real-time tracking, branded tracking pages with smart analytics, and seamless integrations, all beneficial for e-commerce businesses.

Your business is also assured of all-in-one tracking, where you can track 1000+ other carriers in addition to SingPost packages. This saves you time as you can easily focus on other essential businesses.

Here are 2 different ways to track with ParcelPanel:

  • ParcelPanel Website

Visit the ParcelPanel website, navigate to the "Carriers" section on the top menu bar, and click to open the universal parcel tracking tool.

Scroll down a little so that you come to the carriers list, enter "Singapore Post" on the search field, and then click on the search result.

You'll then be redirected to the "Singapore Post Tracking" page, where you can enter the SingPost tracking number.


After clicking the "Track" button, you'll be able to access your SingPost parcel's whereabouts and transit history.


It's worth noticing that by using ParcelPanel, you can improve the SingPost tracking efficiency because this Singapore Post tracking tool can accommodate up to 30 tracking numbers each time. Moreover, with ParcelPanel, the SingPost tracking information can be directly exported to a spreadsheet.

The ParcelPanel order tracking app is your all-time go-to app for an enhanced customer experience. With the app, you can create branded tracking pages with real-time tracking features to increase shipment visibility and relieve customers' delivery anxiety.

As an online seller, you can enable automated shipping notifications to engage your customers and inform them about their package whereabouts at different touchpoints after purchases.

Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, ParcelPanel's order tracking app allows you to build meaningful interactions with your customers and successfully upsell with AI-powered product recommendations after bringing them back to your store.

To use the app, visit the Shopify app store and install the ParcelPanel order tracking app for Shopify.


Once you've downloaded the app and enabled easy access to it, your customers will be able to visit the order tracking page and enter the tracking number or order number in the provided field to monitor their parcels in transit. The image below is the default Track & Trace tool, which can adapt to your store theme. You may further customize it by going to the "Tracking Page" settings of the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app.

SingPost Tracking Number

A SingPost tracking number is a unique alphanumeric code issued by SingPost after customers book their parcel for shipment with SingPost. The tracking number is a unique identifier attached to your SingPost parcel and helps you keep track of its whereabouts and delivery progress.

Tracking with a SingPost tracking number will give you access to your package's current status, location, etc.

SingPost Tracking Number Format

The typical format of a SingPost tracking number is a combination of 13 characters. This is often a mixup of letters and numbers.

Common SingPost tracking number starts with two letters and ends with "SG." However, the exact number form may change depending on the shipping service. For instance, the SingPost EMS tracking numbers start with "E" and end with "SG."

SingPost Tracking Number Example

  • RT181968700SG (SingPost Registered Mail tracking number)
  • ER403513265SG (SingPost EMS tracking number)
  • NSV000000075069 (SingPost NSaver tracking number)

SingPost Tracking FAQ

How long does SingPost Normal Mail take?

SingPosts Normal Mail takes 2 working days to deliver locally. However, if your parcel is sent via Speedpost Standard, it takes 1 working day to deliver.

How long does SingPost take to deliver?

Delivery times for SingPost depend on the specific service you choose and the parcel's destination. The premium service, SingPost "Speedpost Express" delivers locally within 2 hours. With Speedpost Priority, same-day delivery is possible; with Speedpost Standard, within 1 business day. However, by choosing other services, generally, the delivery time ranges between 2 and 6 working days.

What does SingPost "Information Received" mean?

SingPost "Information Received" when tracking your status means SingPost has been notified of the shipment details but has yet to prepare for the pickup or hand it over to a carrier vehicle to send to the local SingPost facility.

SingPost lost my mail. What can I do?

If you suspect your mail sent through SingPost has been lost, it is best to wait a while before reaching out to SingPost's customer service. Firstly, you'll need to confirm the non-receipt of the item with the recipient before submitting your inquiry.

Then, here is a brief period you need to understand based on the type of service you chose to send your parcels with:

For registered service mail items, all inquiries must be within six months of posting; if the mail is sent overseas, submit the inquiry after 18 working days; if sent within Singapore, submit the inquiry after 7 working days from posting.

However, some overseas postal services do not provide delivery status updates. Therefore, you may have to wait for at least 60 days to complete the lost mail investigation. SingPost also guarantees you updates on the progress following your inquiry by the 15th, 45th, and 60th day after the day of inquiry.

You can call their local number, 1605, or their international customer service number, +65 622 5777. SingPost will then conduct their investigation and tell you their findings.

SingPost Customer Service

You can reach out to SingPost for inquiries and assistance in various ways, including:

Fill out its contact form for personal or business inquiries.

Visit the SingPost post office, SAM kiosks, posting box, and POPStation, or find agents by your nearest post office.

Contact SingPost local customer care at 1605 or SingPost international hotline at +65 6222 5777.

SingPost's operating hours are:

  • 8:30 am - 6:00 pm (GMT+8), from Mondays to Fridays
  • 8:30 am - 1:00 pm (GMT+8) Saturdays

Tip: All offices remain closed on Sundays and holidays


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