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Yanwen Logistics is a logistics company focused on e-commerce freight with efficient transportation solutions. ParcelPanel allows you to query Yanwen package tracking information with the Yanwen tracking number and even automate Yanwen tracking for online sellers.
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About Yanwen

Founded in 1998, Yanwen Express (short for Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co., Ltd.) is a leading 3PL service provider for cross-border e-commerce sellers in China. The logistics company used to be an international freight forwarder; now, it is dedicated to providing fast, secure, and cost-effective door-to-door shipping services by integrating global logistics resources.

Yanwen has been cooperating with the world's biggest e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Over the years, it has established a vast logistics network, with 6 distribution centers and 37 transfer hubs in China, while delivering to more than 200 countries and regions in the world. In 2020, with the popularity of online shopping, its annual shipping volume hit 717 million. As of 2021, Yanwen's package collection service covered over 50 cities in China, and it was expected to handle over 3.2 million packages per day. Since October 2022, Yanwen has been a logistics service provider of Walmart's Ship with Walmart Affiliate Program.

Like YunExpress, direct-line logistics is Yanwen Express's primary business. It partners with a variety of logistics carriers and operates over 200 door-to-door direct-lines, which covers 214 countries in the world. Among all China's cross-border e-commerce logistics service providers, Yanwen Express, ZongTeng Group, and 4PX rank in the top 3. From its prospectus for IPO, Yanwen positions itself as a competitor of China Post, SF Express, ZTO Express, STO Express, YTO Express, Yunda Express, JD Express, and more; notably, Cainiao is among the top 5 of its most valuable customers, and its delivery partners include China Post, Pitney Bowes, Pacific Air, Bpost Hong Kong Limited and USPS.

Yanwen Tracking

Yanwen's shipping services fall into 3 main categories, namely, Direct Lines, Registered, and Economic. These shipping services differ in shipping time, tracking, weight & dimension limits, deliverable countries & addresses, re-delivery service, insurance coverage, and so on. Here, we'll go into more details about Yanwen's shipping and tracking services that online business owners must know.

Yanwen Direct Lines Tracking

Yanwen has over 20 direct-line shipping services intended for shipping general and special cargo, with end-to-end tracking included as standard. As for popular destination countries, such as the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Italy, and Australia, dedicated direct-line services are available. The package tracking website depends on the last-mile delivery service providers.

Destination Country

Tracking Website

UKRoyal Mail, Hermes, Yodel
FranceLa Poste

As for other direct line services, Yanwen offers end-to-end shipment visibility.

Alternatively, you can choose ParcelPanel to centralize Yanwen package tracking because it seamlessly integrates with the couriers mentioned above.

Yanwen Registered Mail Tracking

Yanwen provides 4 registered mail shipping services in cooperation with China Post, i.e., Yanwen Registered Air Mail (General), Yanwen Registered Air Mail (Special), Ordinary Registered Mail, Yanwen Registered ePacket (Special), as you can find on its China site. Yanwen parcel tracking is available throughout the entire journey except for deliveries to a few countries. By choosing any of the registered mail services, it is estimated that the delivery takes 10 - 45 days.

Yanwen Economic Mail Tracking

There are 5 economic mail services available on Yanwen's official website:

Shipping Service


Yanwen Direct Line Ordinary Mail (General)For delivering to European countries
Yanwen Direct Line Ordinary Mail (Special)
Yanwen Economic Air Mail (General)For shipping small and light items internationally
Yanwen Economic Air Mail (Special)
KM Yanwen Economic Air Mail (General)

Compared with services in other categories, Yanwen economic shipping services only come with half-way parcel tracking, either for pickup/collection to the port of departure or to the destination country.

How to Track Yanwen Packages?

Yanwen tracking is essential for both cross-border e-commerce businesses and end customers who are expecting the delivery. Yanwen offers end-to-end package tracking except for ordinary mail services and economic air mail services.

You can track Yanwen packages by using the following ways:

By using Yanwen Tracking

There is a subdomain dedicated to Yanwen Express tracking, namely, track.yw56.com.cn. The Yanwen Express tracking website is only available in two different languages, i.e., English and Simplified Chinese. With it, you can track up to 30 packages handled by Yanwen at a single time.


Just enter your Yanwen tracking number, and click the blue arrow. You'll get all the available tracking details, including the latest shipment status, last-mile courier, last-mile tracking number, transit time (in business days), etc.


On this page, you can copy the detailed tracking information or a summary of all shipment statuses via the operation buttons under the input field for the tracking number.

Please note that if you've chosen a China Post service via Yanwen, to track such a package, you should go to China Post's official website or other professional package tracking websites that support China Post tracking. This is because Yanwen doesn't support China Post tracking anymore.

By using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a reputable order tracking solution for Shopify and WooCommerce businesses. It has built seamless integration with over 1,100 carriers worldwide for centralizing shipment tracking and improving post-purchase experience. Both the ParcelPanel official website and ParcelPanel apps can be used for tracking Yanwen packages.

ParcelPanel Official Website

After you enter the ParcelPanel website, go to the "Carriers" page and search "Yanwen" to access the dedicated Yanwen tracking service on ParcelPanel.com. Like the official Yanwen Express tracking service, ParcelPanel allows you to track up to 30 Yanwen packages each time.


The advantage of using the ParcelPanel website over Yanwen's official tracking service is that you can get the tracking information translated into your customers' mother tongues and share the updates with them. For example, for this Yanwen package destined for Mexico, you can translate the tracking information into Spanish.


Additionally, the unit of the transit time you got from ParcelPanel is natural days; in comparison, the transit time displayed on the Yanwen tracking website is 9 business days.

ParcelPanel Order Tracking App

If you run a Shopify or WooCommerce store and want to provide customers with self-serve order tracking, you can install the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app. Launched in 2019, ParcelPanel is the most popular Shopify order tracking app, rated 5 out of 5 stars based on over 1,500 reviews, while ParcelPanel WooCommerce plugin is now 100% free to use.


As soon as you finish the installation, you can find the branded order tracking page created by ParcelPanel and put it in the navigation menu for easy access. As ParcelPanel will automatically synchronize orders in the past 30 days for you for free, you can rest assured when a customer enters an order number or tracking number on the tracking page.

You can further enable product recommendations to encourage repeat purchases and let ParcelPanel send shipping notifications on your behalf after editing the provided email templates to proactively update customers on the latest shipment status. Since the majority of customers are concerned about the whereabouts of their orders, you can effectively engage with them and boost customer lifetime value with exceptional post-purchase experience.

Yanwen Tracking Number

For each package, Yanwen assigns a tracking number as the unique shipment identifier to enable scans and tracking information updates. The Yanwen tracking number is often located on the left side of a Yanwen shipping receipt, under the barcode.

A typical Yanwen tracking number comprises 13 alphanumeric characters. It starts with two letters and ends with YP, CN, or YW, with 9 digits sandwiched in between.

Yanwen Tracking Number Example

Here are a few examples of Yanwen tracking numbers:






Yanwen Tracking Status

A lot of Yanwen tracking statuses look quite confusing because of the stiff translations. If you experienced great difficulty in understanding the English version of a Yanwen tracking status, you might refer to the meaning of it by using the chart below:

Event Code

Yanwen Tracking Status


OR10Order processed by shipperYanwen has received the order.
PU10Yanwen pickup scanThe package has been successfully picked up by Yanwen.
SC10Processing information inputThe package information has entered the network successfully.
SC20Yanwen facility - OutboundThe package departed a Yanwen facility.
SC30Package return, Re-packingThe package is returned because re-packing is needed
SC36Package return, Delivered with PODThe returned package has been delivered, and proof of delivery has been obtained.
SC37Package return, Delivered failed without PODThe returned package failed to be delivered. There is no proof of delivery.
SC40Destination country carrier tracking numberThe tracking number issued by Yanwen's delivery partner in the destination country
SC45Pre-shipment info sent to carrierYanwen has been informed of the shipment.
EC10Customs declaration EDI - ExportThe electronic customs declaration document has been submitted for export.
EC20International shipment released - Export

The package has been released from customs, having completed the clearance process.
EC30Customs clearance failed - ExportThe package failed to go through the customs clearance for export.
LH10Port of departure - Received by carrierThe package has received by the carrier at the port of departure.
LH11Port of departure - ArrivalArrived at port of departure
LH20Port of departure - DepartureDeparted from port of departure
LH21In transit - ArrivalIn transit (Arrived at a transit hub)
LH22In transit - DepartureIn transit (Departed a transit hub)
LH30Port of destination - ArrivalArrived at the port of destination
LH33Arrived at international hubArrived at an international hub
LH38Pickup by local carrier at destination portThe package has been picked up by carrier at the port of destination.
LH40Batch delivery to carrierThe shipment will be sent to the carrier in a batch.
LH45Port of destination - DepartureDeparted port of destination
IC50Customs clearance in process - ImportThe package is undergoing customs clearance for import.
IC60International shipment released - ImportThe package has been released, having completed the customs clearance for import.
IC70Customs clearance failed - ImportThe package failed to go through the customs clearance for import.
LM03Package data receivedYanwen has received the package information.

LM10Destination Country - ArrivalArrived at the destination country
LM11Distribution center - OutboundDeparted from the distribution center
LM12In transit - InboundArrived at a transit hub in the destination country
LM13In transit - OutboundDeparted a transit hub in the destination country
LM15In transit to next facilityThe package is en route to the next facility in the destination country.
LM20Destination ScanThe package arrived at the final distribution center.
LM25Out for deliveryThe package is to be delivered to the recipient.
LM30Available for pickupThe package can be picked up at the service point.
LM35Attempted deliveryA delivery attempt for the package failed.
LM40DELIVEREDThe Yanwen package has been successfully delivered.
LM50UndeliveredThe Yanwen package can't be delivered.
LM60Delivery extensionThe delivery of the package is postponed.
LM70Consignee information is requiredThe package is undeliverable. Further instructions from the recipient are needed.
LM75 / LM85Consignee refused to sign for the packageThe recipient refused to accept the package.
LM90Package returnedThe package has been returned.

*A port here means an airport, railway station, or port for ships.

Yanwen Tracking FAQ

Is Yanwen tracking fake?

No, Yanwen tracking can't be fake. If you suspect that the tracking number of your Yanwen package is fake, you'd better check whether it works on Yanwen's official tracking website or a reliable third-party order tracking website like ParcelPanel. Normally, if it is consistent with the Yanwen tracking number format mentioned above and it's bound for your country at the moment, the tracking number is a valid one.

Please note that Yanwen's shipping services are not as fast as DHL, FedEx, and UPS - the package delivery takes longer. It's recommended to wait for a few hours and come back for the latest shipment update.

Who delivers Yanwen in the United Kingdom?

Searching "Yanwen tracking UK," you would like to find out what last-mile couriers Yanwen partners with for deliveries within the UK. According to information on the official website, Yanwen UK delivery partners include Royal Mail, Yodel, and Hermes.

How long does Yanwen shipping take to US?

The Yanwen shipping time largely depends on the shipping service you've chosen. As you can see from the chart below, the shipping time of a Yanwen package from China to the US varies from 5 to 45 days.


Specific Shipping Service

Shipping Time

Yanwen Direct LineYanwen Walmart Direct Line (General)6 - 11 days
Yanwen Walmart Direct Line (Special)6 - 11 days
Yanwen Direct Line Express (General)  8 - 10 days
Yanwen Direct Line Express (Special)  8 - 11 days
Yanwen Direct Line Tracked (General)10 - 15 days
Yanwen Direct Line Tracked (Special)5 - 13 days
Yanwen Direct Line Economic (General)10 - 17 days
Yanwen US Direct Line (General)7 - 10 days
Yanwen US Direct Line (Special)7 - 11 days
Yanwen Cosmetic Line9 - 20 days
Yanwen Cosmetic Express10 - 12 days
Yanwen Registered MailYanwen Registered Air Mail (General)10 - 45 days
Yanwen Registered Air Mail (Special)10 - 45 days
Ordinary Registered Mail10 - 45 days
Yanwen Registered ePacket (Special)10 - 45 days

*General and Special in the parentheses here mean the type of cargo. The classification is quite common among Chinese logistics carriers.

As for Yanwen packages bound for USA, you can find out the last-mile courier and tracking number after Yanwen finishes processing the input of the package information. After they are handed over to its last-mile delivery partner in the USA, for example, USPS, you can go to the courier's website to track Yanwen packages in USA.

Yanwen Customer Service

In case you need to get an immediate response from Yanwen, dial the toll-free number of Yanwen China customer service, 400-108-5656. If you are not in a hurry, you can email [email protected]. The service hours are between 9:00 and 18:00 GMT+8, from Monday to Saturday. Chinese logistics companies have their own holiday schedules, so you'd better pay attention to the holiday schedules published on Yanwen's China site.


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